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AloneMC is a 1.18.1 server with many Parkour maps and PvP gamemodes coming soon. New Parkour maps are being added at least every week. We have a dedicated team of staff members with strong servers. To be 100% honest our server still has a few bugs but we have 2 talented developers working on the server. We have a decently sized dedicated staff team always available to help you with any problems or help with a parkour map.

Our games:

Parkour: This is our primary gamemode as of now. We have many maps with a couple exclusive maps from our builders and new maps being added at least once a week, so you will always have something new to play and get better on. We ahve a leaderboard system almost done as well. If you enjoy parkour from Manacube, Cylone, or even Hypixel lobby and housing parkour, you will definitely enjoy this.

Skywars (in development): This is your classic skywars game similar to something from Hypixel and others. We have a very good anti cheat on par with Hypixel’s.

Bedwars (in development): This gamemode is going to be a 1:1 copy of Hypixel Bedwars but the big difference being that it will be cross-compatible between Java and Bedrock.