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Evolium is a very special minecraft server and is looking for players and beta testers to help it develop in good conditions! Fast and stable server
Our servers are so fast, even sonic can’t catch up with us, it’s crazy, right?!
Welcoming community
We have built an incredible community over the past few months, it’s always a pleasure to chat on our servers!
always online
Our server is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, come whenever you want, we will always be there to welcome you!
The development of the server takes time, that’s why regular events are set up to prepare you for the opening!
homemade plug-ins
All our plugins are created by our developers, they are amazing, you will love them!
Scalable Server
Everything is time;)

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Fruity Falls |


Fruity Falls is a fun and friendly Survival community! We have tons of fun and
unique features that stand out from other servers! Keeping you busy and

πŸŽ‰ FREE RANKS? You can earn free ranks through playtime!

➟ UNIQUE, SIMPLE, FRESH, CHILL, and most of all a FRIENDLY survival experience.
  - Player Economy
  - Player Warps
  - Player Shops
  - Unique Crates, Cosmetics, Pets
  - and so so much more!!!!

We offer a Survival Experience like no other. We have quests, jobs, land claims, and so much more!
We’re always excited to welcome new members, with open arms.
Win donor perks through in-game progress!
We have tons of quests, a player economy system- and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Come alone or bring your friends, all are welcome. Join our community, create your own community with friends, or play alone.

πŸŽ‰ SEE YOU SOON!➟[​VERSION] Version: 1.19.1➟[​IP] IP:➟[​DISCORD] Discord:

Apiary Bee Bees Bukkit Community Coreprotect Cottagecore Creative Creativeworld Discord Dynmap Essentials Essentialsx Friendly Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Howtojoin Hub Join Lobby Map Nice Original Paper Semivanilla Server Smp Smpdiscord Smpserver Spigot Survival Survivalserver Vanilla Wholesome Worldedit

Apiary 🌻 Community Survival Minecraft Server 🌻 1.19

apiary, noun; a place where bees are kept
β €
Season 1 Opening July 2nd
β €
Bee Themed Text Separator
Welcome to The Apiary!
β € ✿ Java 1.19
β €
{Join our Discord here to apply}
β €
Bee Themed Text Separator
Hey! We get it.
You just wanna play some good Minecraft and let yourself get lost in it for a while.
Do what you love. We’re right there with you.
β €
Here’s the buzz
β €
The Apiary is a wholesome bee-themed server,
with quality-of-life tweaks and fun social features.
We’re like HermitCraft. Our community is our soul.
β €
If you’d like to know all the server’s details like what commands we have
and what tweaks we use, check out the handbook we’ve made!
β €
We also have a diverse and trustworthy staff team and distinct rules.
These ensure a pleasant experience for any players who just want to relax and filter out the nonsense.
If you’ve been looking for a nice little haven, you’re in the right place.
β €
You can get whitelisted by reading our #welcome channel and following the straightforward steps to apply.
β €
{Join our Discord here to apply}
β €
Beehive Themed Text Separator
β €
Community opened May 20th (International Bee Day)
Season 1 Opening July 2nd! πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

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Mine Brasil

Brazilian Minecraft server, with plugins, new villages, dungeons, new effects, enchantments, new achievements. Come play on a fully renovated survival server with a live map, come explore new challenges, we have an active community on telegram too, come and join!

Our social networks:

City Complex Creative Metropolis Mizuto Original Project Realistic

Mizuto-III Beta Server – NOW HIRING

Apply in this form:
Please download our resource pack before joining – Version 0.3
Our main page:
More information will be sent after application regarding specific building codes and server rules.

Current Districts and Suburbs

Central Island

Kamisato Island

Adventure Crack Cracked Crackeld Mc Minecraft Original Smp Surviv Survival Vanila Vanilla Vip

VanillaSMP 1.17.1

This is a vanilla survival (SMP) for all pepole in crackeld but works on original MC to
Good game


Auctionhouse Auctions Chestshop Cities City Cracked Economy Original Playerwarps Pvp Pwarps Survival Towny Townypvp

BGC Survival | Cross-Play

BGC Factions
A Survival and Factions server in the latest version of Minecraft, with PvP in the style of version 1.8!
Open to original and pirate.
With cross-play! Play in Java, PE, Bedrock, etc. version.

Classic Cloudsb Cloudskyblock Crate Custommaps Economy Keys Original Pvp Ranks Skyblock Survival Vote


CloudSB is a fun Skyblock server with Crates, PvP, Ranks, Voting, and more!

Connect with the IP

skyblock, economy, ranks, pvp voting, crates, cloudsb, community, friendly players, good experience, lag free

Brazil Kitpvp Minecraft Original Pirata Pvp Rankup

Ratolandia Network

Desde 2014 o melhor servidor amador do Brasil. Garantimos diversΓ£o & originalidade!

Servidores na Rede:

– Rank UP
– Survival
– Kitpvp
– Bedwars
– CaΓ§a Rato
– Escadona (LuckyBlock)
– Among US

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Vip Anarchy [Open-World] [No Rules] [Need Staff]

Join Vip Anarchy today for the most Awesome anarchy Minecraft experience. There are no rules, limited plugins, and a endless open-world to ensure maximum fun! Bring your friends, create a band of brothers, and fight the onslaught of unknown players!

Plugin List

– CleanWarps (Warping plugin where you set your own personal warps!)
– OldCombatMechanics (Lets take the fight back to 1.8.9!)
– McMMo (Build some skills!)
– McTeams (Create a Team and set Headquarters and Rally points! Destroy all others!)

Staff List

-bennessy (Owner)
-FohWohBih (Moderator)

*Looking For More!*

Join Today @!