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Empire’s Conquest

Empire’s Conquest is a nation building geopolitics server. We engage in diplomacy and war along with building up our empires. We have many talented builders and are looking for more. Since the server isn’t quite open to the public, you have to go through a very short vetting process. But after this, the door is open.

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Venture Survival (Grief Protection)

Venture Survival is an SMP server that offers a variety of features for players to enjoy. Our goal is to provide a place everyone can rely on for Minecraft entertainment at its peak. With a player-based economy at the heart of our server, innovative gameplay, and a thriving community, you would be stupid not to join us! Whether you want to chill out and meet some new friends or make yourself known as the best on the server, you won’t be disappointed.

Don’t miss out, join us today at:

Main server features:
– Rank ladder that unlocks new perks as you progress through the server
– Quests to challenge your skills and earn huge rewards
– Grief-prevention system to protect your builds
– PvE oriented gameplay, with the additional ability to toggle PvP
– Custom Enchantments to enhance your experience
– Jobs to earn a steady source of income
– Chest shops so players can create their own markets
– Auctions
– Loot crates
– WildTP
– Cash from mobs
– Lottery
– And much more!

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