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Porn Minecraft Server

Kawaii Gang live

Porn stars like playing Minecraft after work, I know it might surprise you, because they have sex, and Minecraft doesn’t involve sex. I mean, it does, but not in the way you might expect. They don’t do anything lewd or kinky with a block or a sword or an axe, which is amazing, because Minecraft does have… well, some kind of a sex aspect.

r34 Porn Minecraft Java Server

After basing with couple guys in Minecraft I started fantasizing about sex with two men. It doesn’t have to be a full on threesome (though that’s probably a lot of fun) and you don’t need a bunch of people. Just having two men in your life and knowing they’re both faithful is a powerful thing. It allows you to be you and makes you stronger as a whole. Just be sure you’re with two people that you trust and that you’re not just looking for a hookup with.

Basing with the boys in Minecraft

I mean, porn for Minecraft. I would love to see somebody play Minecraft, use their blocky avatar as an avatar for a porn star, and then, while her husband plumber is blasting away at zombies, the porn star can quickly marry her dog. That would be brilliant.

Minecraft Dog Husband

Life as a porn star is not easy as you don’t have much privacy or a partner to go home to. With this story, I would like to have thought that life in the porn world would be more interesting than in real life. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the life in porn industry, but at times I wish I was back in the real world.

Kawaii Gang live
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Umbril Roleplay

umbril server banner

Umbril Roleplay is a fantasy apocalypse survival roleplay server with hints of scifi .

We’re in open beta phase, constantly improving our system, join Enjin !

The server is whitelisted, and is as easy as making a character bio and posting to the enjin forum! You can find all the info on races HERE, as well as info on professions and skills. Then you head over to Character Bios Forum, fill out the provided template, and wait for a staff comment. You’re approved if you see an EXP LOG comment, and may then join the server! If there’s any issues staff will work with players to correct them.

We host a variety of races, many standard high fantasy races, such as Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Halflings, Gnomes and more.

We have unique world and race lore, a new 10k x 10k+ custom map, and host the opportunity to become a vampire lich overlord or even just a simple farmer!
The Basics:

Umbril is a hardcore roleplay server, recommended 16+, everyone playing on our server is always IC. Pvp is thru roleplay and our custom combat system. We enforce whitelist, but it’s not hard to apply. Be sure to check out our rules!
Our server allows for unique creation of characters, we do not function off of a class system, but rather a Skill and profession system. This allows players to remain balanced and creates a large variety of options. Our server also has custom skill abilities, and race skills and abilities which shake things up!

Spoiler – click to reveal

A map of the world of Umbril Roleplay. Artwork ©empiredog

If you’re interested in following the status of the server, please subscribe or join our Enjin!

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Astria – Enhanced Survival [1.15.2]

A small enhanced Survival server

Main Features:

  • Enhanced PvP and PvE
  • Custom Monsters
  • Custom Items
  • Bleeding
  • Steel money from Players you Kill
  • Crops grow slower and die
  • Breeding has a chance to fail
  • Land Protection
  • Custom Bosses
  • Welcome to Astria a small 1.15.2 enhanced survival server

    The focus of Astria is enhanced survival and custom content. The server’s difficulty is hard.
    At spawn their are many attractions such as the server shop, Nether Portal, End Portal, and jump area.

    Players start with a few basic items: Torches, a small amount of food, Grief Prevention items and 100 coins (the server currency)
    Astria does not have kits. You must exit spawn or use /rtp to make your start in this world. You can visit the server shop or shops of other player’s to buy goods to aid your start or go of into the wilderness on your own.

    The monsters of Astria range in difficulty with a few being able to two or three shot unarmored players.

    Please read the rules before playing on the server. If you have questions about the rules you can ask staff.
    Do “/rules” to view basic rules and a link to the full rules web page.
    Do “/sites” to see a list of Websites, web pages, and other online platforms Astria Has.

    Forms: [
    [/url]Custom Items:
    Ban Appeals: (Will need Forms Account)

    This is a survival server and creative mode will NOT be given out to ANYONE.
    Hacking is not allowed!

    Quick Peak
    Here is a quick peak at some of the custom items on the server

    Daggers: when held in the off hand they increase overall damage.
    Walking Staff: increases movement speed by 20% when held in main or off hand.
    Diamond Life Armor: Diamond armor that provides 20 health when a full set is equipped.
    Mining Potion: Move and Mine faster with some side effects.
    Fighting Potion: Gain attack power to aid in crushing your opponents.
    Life Force Potion: Increase maximum health for a few minutes.
    Giants Heart: Mine up an entire chunk of Ores for a cost of 40 Levels.

    Want to know how to craft them or see a full list of custom items? do “/encyclopedia help” in game!

    Anarchy Anarchyminecraft Carrot Customslimefun English Girls Hot Jail Keepinventory Monster Girl Monster Girls Monsters Shopkeepers Slime Slimefun Slimefun4 Slimefunskyblock Slimefuntowny Slimexpansion Spawn Survival

    Slime Girls Minecraft Server

    Kawaii Gang live

    It’s not a secret that girls love being violated by slimes because slimes are HOT and SPICEY. You’re right, they really do that to you. But their intentions are to make you a better person.

    They swarm around her naked body like the savage slimes they are. The bite is so raw she can barely move. Patches of slime gather above her naked chest. Her heart stops and then she starts. This is like the different sensations she had in her “Minecraft dungeon” that she was alive and now an adult. The sensation of finally being naked and true. A refreshing sense of liberation. The pleasure is something her brain cannot fathom. A pleasure so intense that it is almost unbearable.

    Slimes taming a bunny monster girl inside the villagers jail in Minecraft.

    Bunny girl likes having slimes around when her toiletries need to be cleaned up. They want to clean off her soft cotton panties and holes so she lets them slither around her hands before they do so. She probably hates the fact that they are slippery and pucker her hands around, but it feels great! That is, until she smells them and they have to be washed. She can’t get enough of slimes. They are so dirty and slimy, but she doesn’t mind it. She loved to get to clean off the slime off her mouth! The carrots add even more magic to the futa transformation.

    Slimes successfully tamed a bunny.

    Slime girls are different from regular girls in boob size, pussy color, and/or breast development.

    But boobs do not mean that a slut is a slut, but it does mean that a girl who is smaller than average is less likely to be part of a community. However, if there are exceptions to this rule, we’ll need to find them. (i.e., fat girls who still support the lifestyle of having sexual relations and we have not yet identified an example of a fat slut!)

    Furthermore, not all fat girls are big breasted. Other things besides boobs can indicate a fat girl’s power, especially the ability to manipulate men in various ways. But no matter how many other traits these girls might have, large breasts are still slimes favorite.

    Slime monster girl and Alex playing with each other in Minecraft.

    Some girls pretend to be real but ive seen a lot of girls who look pretty but act bad as if they are fake. I felt this really affected me, I was able to save some girls from shifting into slimes a while ago but honestly it makes me not want to give up just because it’s difficult, as the slimes are getting more active they make me harder and harder, this is sad. She even forced my hand to touch her big bazoongas and had no shame like she had something on her mind.

    Steve touching slime girl on a Minecraft server.
    Kawaii Gang live
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    Jectile – Call of Duty and Zombies Minecraft Gun Server


    The first genuine adaptation of Call of Duty in Minecraft.

    Fight through waves of monsters using weapons, perks, skills and equipment.WeaponsImage

    Unlock weapons and purchase them with Coins collected from monsters. In Zambies, we believe in slaying monsters in the most imaginative ways possible.

    To illustrate what we mean, a monster can be defeated by:

  • A landmine detonated by a single shot from a Hunting Rifle.
  • Burning hot napalm fired from the nozzle of a Flamer.
  • Poisonous darts shot from one end of a Blowgun.
  • A Takedown, a special move that players can execute.
  • A Frying Pan. Yes, I believe you heard correctly.
  • With over 20 weapons each with their own unique characteristics, you will have more than enough to pick from when it comes to choosing your personal favorite!


    You have the option of bringing in a total of three special equipment into each match, all of which fall into one of the following categories:

  • Throwable: Items such as stun grenades, cluster bombs and airstrike-calling flares which can be tossed into tight spots!
  • Utility: Items with very strategic uses such as landmines and remotely-detonated explosives!
  • Support: Make your teammates love you with deployable Sentry Guns and Supply Crates!
  • Summoning: Request aid from a lumbering metal giant, or perhaps an angry cow that really, really loves to ram into things.
  • ClassesImage

    While a large majority of servers restrict players to predefined classes, you are given full control over the items you wish bring into each match. With an easy-to-use interface, picking an item is literally two clicks away!


    Largely inspired by games such as Fallout and Crimsonland, you may choose up to two perks. These perks grant special abilities and benefits (sometimes at a cost) that can drastically improve your performance!


    You earn a skill point upon leveling up that can be expended on upgrades that empower certain weapons, or on upgrades that improve your stats!

    Jectile is a first-person shooter Minecraft server that brings a fresh take on Call of Duty and zombie survival games.

    Craft Crafting Extrahardmode Hard Hardcore Hardcore Pvp Hardcorefactions Hardcorepvp Hardcoresmp Hardcoresurvival Hardmode Hardocre Hardsurvival Monsters Pve Pvp Rserver Survivalhardcore

    RL Craft Minecraft Server

    Kawaii Gang live

    Minecraft is a very hard game as it is and some servers make it even harder so keep practicing, learn, and never give up, you may have something to look forward to. You’ll have to try it out for yourself to find out how it plays out, I suggest you join Minewind least once a week and give it a shot yourself, you will love it.

    Just the other day I was playing Minewind with popular girls from school, it was like the happiest I’ve ever been. But it was a little scary at the very beginning because I had no idea what’s going on or what the game would bring and I don’t really know what to expect. Also, they were playing without any hacks. They were like, “Oh man, I’m in no need for a hack”.

    Cute girl playing hard Minecraft server without using a hacked client while Panda is watching and helping.

    As a Minecraft addict, I was very pleased to find that I have a number of friends who play the game as well for fun! But it got me thinking: Is it possible to become an expert in Minecraft?

    The answer is yes. You can achieve this on your own if you have the time:

    I have started my Minecraft journey by finding many of the beginner’s guides and tutorials, I have also read many expert books to see what advice is out there, and I watched Minecraft videos to learn the basics. It has already taken me 10 years to become an experienced Minecraft player (I am a long time player in the last 8 years but am no longer obsessed with gaming).

    One of my favorite memories I’ve had was the morning I had to go into the workshop to pick up the first block of gold because there was so little and there was so much to play with that I didn’t know where to start. The first thing I had to do was mine a slab of dirt. So, I dug out more of the dirt, and started to build some new things. After a while, I finally hit the ground, and realized I wasn’t able to build a structure. It took me two attempts to get past this stage.

    Kawaii Gang live
    4chan Anarchy Server Chill Femcel Gamergirls Girl Girlfriend Girls Incels Minecraftserversurvival Monsters Neet Pvpserver Pvpsurvival r9k Robot Survival Survive Updatusanarchy

    r9k Minecraft Server Robot9001

    Kawaii Gang live

    Shy girls absolutely love playing this Minecraft server!!! All of you need to be nice, have a chat and have fun playing this server for a friend, as a friend. This server is not a porn server but a friendly Minecraft server run by real people with real feelings.

    r9k robot girl playing Minecraft with good friends while texting.

    It’s easy to become a friend with shy girls when you can use your words as an escape from your emotions. If you can’t talk to them, then by all means, give them a chance. Remember to say something, even if it’s nothing.

    r9k robot Minecraft girlfriends eating pizza together after a big raid on Steve's castle.

    As long as you’re able to talk to them, it’s fine if they can’t listen and can’t do anything.

    Don’t try to get their attention by talking directly to them. If you’re looking for them, you’ll get lost in your own thoughts.

    r9k girl relaxing on a white bed before heading out to the wilderness in Minecraft.

    There are two things that will help you with shy girls.

    First, you need to learn how to get closer to them. Don’t give her what she wants. Instead, just give her things she wants by expressing your feelings in a pleasant way.

    If she can’t get what she wants, it’s because she thinks your words have more value than hers. She needs to learn to accept what she has.

    Minecraft r9k robot girls playing together in a dungeon without Steve.

    Second, you need to put yourself in their shoes.

    From there you can make a shy girl into your Minecraft girlfriend.

    If you follow my tutorials on how to use Minecraft for sex you’ll be able to make a female sex slave at least twice as powerful as any other person in the server.

    r9k girlfriend in Minecraft

    That, in addition to your Minecraft girlfriends, might seem like a lot, but remember that they’re all just objects you can use and destroy whenever you like so if you use the right tools they will all have no real purpose.

    And that being your best friend.

    And your best friend that you never actually get off to.

    I know I can’t stress this enough.

    The only way to really know what will work for you is to try everything for yourself.

    If this sounds complicated or overwhelming then don’t worry it is.

    Kawaii Gang live
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    Killstreak MC – Adventure Survival, Skyblock & MORE

    Welcome to Killstreak MC
    Version 1.15.2

    Adventure Begins
    Its time to write your story. Welcome to Killstreak, the laid-back
    community-oriented server that hosts your home for Minecraft.

    Survival Shaped for All
    We’ve added popular features like Pets, Mystery Boxes, Shops,
    Auctions, Special Mobs and Items and Global RPG Levelling system!

    Custom Mobs!
    Killstreak MC offers lots of CUSTOM animals and monsters!
    We havent got rid of the old mobs, but here you’ll find some special ones too.
    Heres an example of a few animals!

    Custom Items!
    Here on Killstreak MC we offer special and one-of-a-kind items!
    Since we focus a lot on our RPG Game, we thought that items wasn’t something
    to cut down on either. 200+ items all from special armor to magic wands!


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