Creative Minecraft Plotme Redstone Roleplay Worldedit

Creative / WorldEdit / Large plots

225×225 protected plots and unlimited WorldEdit access

Merge your plots with /plot merge to create one large plot

Set warps, spawn in player heads, use redstone, chairs, hats & more.

Connect using version 1.13.2:

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Replay Roleplay & Creative

Welcome to Replay, a server that seeks to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone. We have features such as custom plugins, custom built maps, and multiple things you can do during your stay. We constantly work to improve and create new content based on YOUR suggestions. Feel free to check us out and we hope you have fun on Replay!

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WUMBO is a project built with one goal in mind: To provide the best creative multiplayer Minecraft experience available. Through generous building area, intuitive and familiar commands, learning and mentoring opportunities, gradual rank progression, frequent contests with thought-provoking themes, and community-led projects and events, we aim to foster creativity, community, and building skill and provide every member with a fun and constructive environment. Whether you’re looking to hone your building skills, meet new people, or just to build whatever’s on your mind, when you join WUMBO you’re joining a diverse community with a shared passion for the art of building. What will you build?

Join now!

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The Public world can be built in by members of any rank. Plots are 61×61. All members can claim up to 8 plots in this world.

Per-Rank Worlds
Each building rank has its own world. Plots in these worlds are 121×121. Plot limits vary by rank.

Giant World
311×311 plots. Available starting at Builder 2 rank. Limits vary by rank.

More to come!


  • Own up to eight 61×61 plots without ranking up
  • Access to WorldEdit starting with the first building rank
  • Run by a server owner/plugin developer with over 8 years of experience
  • Build in a world with other members of similar skill
  • Turn night vision on and off with /nv, no potions or client mods needed
  • Building ranks have the ability to change fly speed and use the WorldEdit compass
  • No paywalled or pay-to-win features
  • Type /heads to choose from a library of player heads for building/wearing
  • Discord integration (in-game rank syncs to Discord)
  • You can spawn mobs on plots you can build on
  • Carefully designed to avoid lag/crashing
  • Web-based maps of each world
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    (Brand New!) PieCraft || SkyBlock | Survival | Creative

    PieCraft: A New Beginning

    Hello, everyone! We are a brand new Minecraft server that offers survival and creative mode worlds as well as SkyBlock! PieCraft is still in its infancy so there’s a lot to be added in the near future, and we are always up for suggestions! Buying and selling majority of the items in the game for your SkyBlock or Survival worlds, fighting the Ender Dragon basically at anytime, etc., are some of the things we offer within PieCraft! We consider ourselves a friendly server so anyone is welcome… just make sure you’re following the rules! Everybody over at PieCraft hopes you have a fun time and if you don’t end up staying on the server, feedback would always be nice so we can try to make the server a better place for everyone!

    Anarchy Anarchysurvival Auctionhouse Bitcoin Bounties Bounty Chestshop Chestshops Companies Drugs Economy Guns Jobs Lottery Nopay2win Nopaytowin Playerwarps Plotme Plots Pve Economy Resourceworld Shops Supplyanddemand

    (Hiring) AnCraft 1.15.2 – Anarcho-Capitalist Survival Minecraft – No P2W – Plots, Eco, Guns, Drugs, Bounty, shops, Jobs, and More.

  • No Rules (but no exploiting or hacking)
  • No Ranks
  • No Pay to Win or Pay to Play
  • Plots / Private Property
  • Economy
  • Auction House
  • Player Shops
  • Resource World w/pvp
  • Companies
  • Company shops
  • Bitcoin w/ Live Values
  • Guns
  • Drugs
  • Anticheat
  • Tutorial
  • Lottery
  • Bounties
  • Jobs
  • Playerwarps
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    Sneyersul Minecraft Community – Creative / 1.15-1.16 / Est 2012

    Sneyersul Minecraft Community – Established 2012
    – Creative Plots 1.15.2
    – VIPs get World Edit

    The creative server is perfect for role-playing thanks to our custom features for PlotSquared. Change the weather, time and game mode and much much more. Chat only with the players on your plot or the entire server. Use command blocks to build portals or create your own minigames.

    Server Website @
    Visit forums, chat with friends or contact a member of staff for questions or enquiries.
    Check out some user-made videos! YouTube
    Join our steam group! Steam

    Donate from as little as 5$ and gain access to mob disguises, world edit and a custom nickname of choice, more info here!

    Salami can be gathered by voting for this server! Use /Salami to access in-game features such as mob disguises, /plot deny and many more.

    It may seem like no one is online, but PMC is checking the playercount for the hub which will be empty due to people playing on other servers. Try for our creative server or for our survival server.

    Plotme Spigot Survival

    AuthorityGamer Survival Server

    AuthorityGamer presents a new Survival Server!
    More details to come.
    Join us on

    Amusementpark Amusementparks Atlanta Build City Cityserver Classicprison Coaster Creative Custom Detail Detailed Disney Freebuild Griefprotection Headdatabase Heads Highquality Hongkong Hongkongdisney Hongkongdisneyland Nyc Paintball Playerheads Plotme Plots Plotsquared Prison Prisonserver Realism Realistic Shanghai Shanghaidisney Skyblock Themepark Themeparks Traincarts Washington Washingtondc Worldedit

    MCVantage BUILD Server: PLOTS {Free WorldEdit} | CITY | DISNEYLAND

    1.15.2 CREATIVE | Free WORLDEdit | Merge-able BIG Plots | SCHEMATIC Available
    FREE BUILD Custom City Map {High-Quality}
    Hong Kong Disneyland [​1:1]

    •  The most customizable Creative and ‘tourism’ Server in all of Minecraft.
    • You can download your builds as schematics.
    •  A Server with Free WorldEdit.
    •  Plots are Merge-able, meaning, you can make enormous plots!
    • The only server with Hong Kong Disneyland [​1:1 Scale]!
    • Anyone can build in the Plot World.
    •  Anyone can tour the City & Disneyland, but they require applications to build on.
    •  Able to speak either English or Español.
    •  Custom Anti-Crash Plugin makes sure trolls cannot crash the server!
    •  As many permissions as possible are given to new members.
    •  Listen to area music and city noises by doing /Audio.
    •  We want to give players the greatest server ever created!

    So as to not waste your time, here’s what our creative has:
    Customizable Creative, with Plots! Free Build!
    Drivable Cars! Heads Plugin! 3D Furniture! TRAINCarts!
    Animated Billboards (like Times Square)! & WorldEdit!
    To get started, do /warp Creative!

    We have casual players only wanting to build dirt huts and professional builders that sell their builds on our plot world. Since WorldEdit is Free, and that you can Merge & Download Plots as Schematics, it’s a perfect setup for any type of Builder!

    Our plot world is open for everyone to build, but to build in our City Free Build, or our 1:1 recreation of Hong Kong Disneyland, apply on our website!
    Most just build on our Plot World and enjoy being a ‘tourist’, which is just as fun!

    Ever wanted to go to Hong Kong Disneyland, ride Mystic Manor, hop on Space Mountain, watch the Nightly Fireworks, and eat some Dim Sum on Main Street U.S.A.?
    Now you can!
    For the first time in Minecraft history, we are on track to finish Hong Kong Disneyland this summer!
    We have 3D-models for ride vehicles, firework shows, actual area music, live shows, costumes, and more!
    If you have been on any of the more popular theme park servers, we’re also like that, only more laid-back, and the only to feature Hong Kong Disneyland.

    Join our Discord!
    This is not just a server, it is a community! We have already grown to average 10 people on at once in the afternoon EST! Thanks, to all of you!

    Creative Creativeplots Creativeserver Plotme Plots Plotscreative Plotsquared Plotworld

    Serr Creative

    A new plot server with friendly staff and an enjoyable game play.

    Join Serr Network Creative to show the world your building skills!

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    BlockBox: Survival and Creative Community

    Make sure to read the server rules in-game or on our website!

    Discord | Instagram | Store

    Looking for a server with a laid-back and welcoming community across both survival and creative worlds? Welcome to BlockBox. Since 2012, BlockBox has been striving to provide one of the best casual cooperative Minecraft experiences around. With carefully selected and custom-made plugins to enhance the experience and add interesting gameplay and building possibilities, BlockBox has been host to thousands of players and countless hours of fun and conversation over the years.


    CreativeThe BlockBox Creative server has thousands of creations of all types built by players of all different skill levels. There are four ranks that players can earn by showing their building skill, and our main creative world is organized into 63 by 63-block plots of land that players can claim and allow their friends to build with them on. We also have a Freebuild world to build on natural terrain as well as a Superflat world for VIP and Mason rank and higher. Higher ranks starting with Mason and VIP allow players to use WorldEdit to make building faster and easier.

    SurvivalOur Survival server is anti-grief and we allow players to lock containers, doors, and other blocks with LWC. You can set multiple homes, teleport to others, kill mobs to earn money, and buy and sell items in the shop as well as creating your own shop with ChestShop. PvP is not allowed in the overworld, but is allowed in the Nether and the End. Getting griefed by another player is unlikely, but if it happens our staff can easily restore your build and ban the griefer.

    Our ranking system is quite simple and is as follows:
    The rank all players start as when they first join the server.
    Donator (No longer available)
    Earned by giving $10 or more to support the server.
    Earned by giving $25 or more to support the server.
    Earned by building something deemed worthy of Apprentice status. Apprentices can be chosen by Architects without the need of an Admin to promote the player.
    Earned by building something deemed worthy of Builder status.
    Rank between Builder and Architect.
    Builds server-related structures such as spawns and arenas. Earned by building something deemed worthy of Architect status.
    Staff rank. Moderates the server and assists players.
    Staff rank. Assists in administrative decisions and tasks.

    Be it reporting a grief or needing help with a command, our knowledgeable and dedicated staff are available to assist players with any questions or issues that they may have. All staff are trained to use LogBlock to quickly identify and ban griefers as well as undo the damage caused, so you don’t have to worry about rebuilding. You can relax knowing that the server is in good hands. Note that griefing and raiding is allowed on Factions, so protect yourself accordingly!

    If you enjoy BlockBox, please vote, diamond, and favorite. See you on the server!

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