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Enjoy a brand-new Minecraft Server with a growing community!


Experience our Survival Multiplayer world with some great additions, including..

Our server supports PVP!
So protect your homes and your valuables, prepare to befriend or make enemies!

Join our mature community today!
We hope to see you on the server.

Communitydriven Customitems Economy Equestrian Horse Pve Economy Survival

CrumbleCraft Community Server – Halloween Update!

CrumbleCraft is a brand-new Survival Community server that’s dedicated to creating a safe environment for people to play Minecraft and make friends! This server is on the latest version of Minecraft to make sure that each player is given the most updated game experience.

CrumbleCraft includes a bunch of amazing features like a player mall, auction house, minigames, parkour, custom items, premium equestrian plugin and dozens more!

Server Website –
Server Discord –

Arena Challenge Chamber Creative Faction Family Friendly Fun Games Horse Mob Parkour Race Racing Survival

♦GameChurch City Network♦[Survival] [MobArena] [PlotMe] [Parkour]

Greetings citizen! Welcome to GameChurch City, the official Minecraft server for GameChurch! GameChurch City exists to provide a friendly environment to experience your favorite Minecraft games such as Hunger Games, Paintball, Village Defense, and Parkour maps as well as classic modes like Survival and Creative plots.

Everyone likes to take a break from survival, and the fastest way to do so is with minigames! We provide a constantly-growing collection of parkour worlds, PVE Minigame arenas such as Village Defense, and over 30 minigames including Cookie Clicker and Tetris to pass the time while that iron smelts.

The survival world operates using a jobs plugin to build money, Residence to protect your land, and Chest Shops to sell(or buy) all of those precious diamonds. Even if you run out of things to buy, there are plenty of cosmetics and mounts available to customize your experience!So come say hi and see what you think!

Customplugins Equestrian Equestrianhorseserver Horse Horses Survival Texturepack


A Minecraft Survival server based entirely around equestrianism.

Growing community, custom plugins, custom texture pack and more!

Competitions Equestrian Equestrianhorseserver Equestrianhorseservers Equestrianserver Horse Horses Other Plots


Hey you! Yeah you!

This is EquiNation! A brand new Community based Equestrian server!

At EquiNation we offer a range of things you can spend your time doing, from competing in shows to breeding your horses!

some notable features you may enjoy are…

• A Free starter 50 x 50 block region, so you can start building your dream barn!

• A Free starter horse you can start competing in different events!

• Join one of the server businesses like the Vet or the Tackshop to earn more money!

• Different minigames ranging from Boat Races to PvP

• An Achievement based ranking system! the more achievements you complete the higher your rank!

• Swearing is allowed on the server but we wont tolerate any bullying or demeaning messages towards the players!

Come online and introduce yourself to the community and join us as we take on all the adventures that await!

Claimsurvival Economy Equestrian Equestrianhorseserver Fun Horse Horses Kidfriendly Semivanilla Small Survival Themed


About The Server

  • PonyLandMC is a semi-vanilla survival server.
  • We have many unique features surrounding our horse themed twist such as: teams, land claiming, horse claiming and player shops.
  • There are a wide variety of things to do on this server such as building your own house and barn to suit your style, creating a successful and thriving riding team, breeding and competing the best horses, mining and farming for items to sell for in-game money.
  • This server is completely kid-friendly with a zero-tolerance policy for profane or inappropriate content.
  • We have a very professional and competent staff team who are dedicated to making the server an enjoyable and engaging experience for all our players.
  • To enhance your entertaining experience on the server you can also purchase a rank from our online web store which can grant you a wide variety of perks and in-game rewards.
  • Alongside this you can purchase in-game money or claim blocks which are both vital factors on the server.
  • We have a very friendly and welcoming community with a very helpful player base to get you or a friend started on our server.
  • We are always happy to answer any questions regarding the server or help to solve any issues that may arise, never be afraid to either ask the chat for server based questions, /mail an admin, make a ticket on our discord or for any urgent issues you can do @admin in the server chat followed by a summary of the problem.
  • The server IP address, email address, discord and webstore are listed below. For any further questions regarding the server please send us an email or dm an admin through our discord.
  • Remember to have fun <3
  • IP –
    Email – [email protected]
    Discord –
    Webstore –

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