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Balanced RPG survival 1.19.2

Viserion History
The emergence of viserion came very spontaneously. Due to an illness it limited my life.
Because of this I was looking for a passion that I could do from home.
I always dreamed of a minecraft server and took the step.
Viserion is a vision of my brain. How I see a survival server with custom elements.
I still have a lot to learn and hope to give you as a player a nice experience.
If you have any feedback I would love to hear it!
What is viserion?
A survival RPG server with a custom twist. In this server everyone has chances and everyone can show how good he or she is.
The server works with a level system and skill system.
You earn the levels through various activities. You can also see these levels in the TAB and CHAT.
This way everyone knows what level you are.
You can also see at the top what the high score is and what rank you are.
The leaderboard is based on the richest player. But that can fluctuate a lot because
if you want to buy a lot of land, you will also need a lot of money. What’s also nice is that you can get crate keys while leveling.
You can use these for a chance to win donor ranks, pets, and much more… You won’t get bored easily in version.
And we hope to continue to grow
Viserion features
– Player leveling
– Skill leveling
– Pet leveling
– Gain crate keys by playing
– Over 150+ custom enchantments
– Custom textures
– Auction house
– Jobs
– Questing
– FIshing contest
– Custom rank tags
– Voting rewards and voteparty
– Mobs that level based on your level
– Buy protection stones to claim land
– ECO shop with spawners
– And most important a owner that listens to the community
Join our discord and have a chance to win the giveaway:

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MMORPG server with custom dungeons (at the moment there is only 1) with MODS and PLUGINS, dungeon mods so you can travel the world at will. We create a story so that the most curious can discover what is happening… In turn, as time progresses, the players will become part of it!


isla limboknein

At the beginning of everything, when the titans, gods and other abnormally powerful creatures, even spawns resulting from physical anomalies, disputed their place in the universe and, more importantly, their contribution to it… of course, when we talk about contributions we talk of creatures and events that modern physics cannot describe or explain… those disputes in the space abysses before all it was known as the great blirtlak war, since this would be the winner of said events. Those wars gave rise to when in the battle of barok, the name of the space abyss in which all the participants of the great war deployed their armies and subjects throughout the abyss, many of them died… others were killed, and some escaped. …. in the end all the creative creatures fought face to face and those who died created worlds, although of course… not all wounds heal… the weapons and artifacts used in that war will die with the universe, and not before yes… `however, death gave rise to life, such is the case of limboknein, a creature from the bottom of the abyss to which the blirtlak himself stuck his sword, thus skewering 12 of his competitors, traversing to the first through a From its multiple deformities, from that sword was born the life of the future world where water and life abound, as well as the death and desolation of the unclean creatures that these beings created.

You are in limboknein, the summoner has brought you, a new Eithon ardhon to see if we can stay out of reach of the creatures that roam around, for starters they will give you some basic tools and you will have to face the pathetic blords, deadly defects that are created starting from the sword and they emerge from the darkness, well as long as the gloom exists, the lords will keep emerging from it, you must talk to the sage, one of the summoner’s experiments, she will tell you how many of those pathetic creatures she wants to see die by your hand in the infinity cave, before sending you to kortrum, a name it shares with a titan that makes up the jumble of galactic anomalies strung on the blade of blirtlak, the only haven of civilization known to the inhabitants of limboknein outside of the reach of the rottenness and desolation left by those wars, there you can find other Eithon ardhon with whom you will be safe from tears. heights that the great war forgot…
The summoner has accepted that you come here to observe how you increase your power against the dangers that the future holds, your stay in limnoknein will be brief, so do not listen to the gnirs because they are there to defend the island for all eternity, punished by the invoker himself for his blasphemies and condemned as blirtlak in limboknein, since they do not deserve access to the orb, a place that can only be accessed with glory and honor if one is worthy of reaching it after death. The gnirs are neither alive nor dead, do not fear for them, have pity on them.

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2P1G Community!

Welcome to 2P1G░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░

✨ Long story short, 2P1G’s minecraft server is F2P! ✨

Afterwards, it’s up to you to see if you want to read the rest of this very short description…

(I would have warned you 😶! )

💾 This server (which in fact is not one), offers new players an Ordinary gaming experience which is not really Revolutionary but it has the merit of modifying certain classic aspects of a lambda minecraft server 😏.

In this server, there is not really much choice, because the staff is really too much, enormously and irrefutably of poor QUALITY 🤖.

To start, let’s talk about the game modes:

💛Mini games, To change classic game modes offered by category “C” servers (like Croissant 🥐) Here you can either play games already implemented (like “village defense” and “bridge”). can ask what you would like to have as Mini games 😛! If the idea is liked by the community (they are nice) We can then start the work 👷‍♂️.

*(Here, all sectors of the building work hand in hand with respect for nature and animals)*

💚 Survival! But unlike other servers who want to be better than others, here *yes there* we don’t care about other servers 👩‍🔬, because the goal is not to do better but to do something innovative!

Please find attached a Large summary list of the additions that there are on this server in relation to your preferences <3:

Old combat mechanics from versions before 1.9 revisited!

World Generation Revisited!

More realistic tree felling

Greed system

Quest system!

Different professions at your disposal!

Server using Grievance Protection

Custom crafts!

Economy system

Interactive map online!

Auction house between players

Interactive shop to resell or buy specific items

Tons of new types of fish to catch with different rarities,

/trades command for safer trading between players

Collectable Spawners!

Dragons Factions Fantasy Fantasyrp Kingdom Roleplay Rpg Rpgsurvival Skyrim Worldbuilding

BeastHunters SMP: The Ultimate Immersive Fantasy World!

BeastHunters SMP is a server truly like no other!

BeastHunters SMP is a modded server with some immersive, fun, and engaging mods that turn Minecraft into a Skyrim-esque Open World Fantasy game!

Slay Dragons!
On BeastHunters, the world is chock full of dangerous beasts to fight, everything from Dragons, to Gorgons, to Giant Sand Worms!
There’s a whole world of monsters to kill, or maybe even tame…

Explore a vast and immersive world!
BeastHunters has incredibly complex and realistic world generation, with gorgeous mountain ranges, cliffs, beaches, plains, and whatever other views you want! In addition, there’s a ton of new wood types, biomes, hundreds of new plants, and tons of hidden dungeons and ruins for you to investigate and find great treasures within!

Create Legends!
BeastHunters is a server designed with worldbuilding in mind, that’s why there’s plenty of ways that you can get involved with creating the lore of BeastHunter’s world! Anything from sharing tales of your latest dragon encounter, to running an ingame Guild, to travelling the world selling rare items, you’re doing your part to create an immersive and populated world full of ancient myths and mysterious tales!

Take on Divine Missions!
BeastHunters has a rewarding quest system that allows you to complete tasks layed out for you by various deities! By completing these missions, you can earn favour with these deities, and earn even better rewards!

You can even help to create adventure!
If you want to help on the server, you can become an Adventure Coordinator! This is a special position on the mod team that allows you to play the game as normal, but when we need new server quests or adventures, you can work together with other AC’s to create custom encounters that feature custom items, environmental storytelling, and unique creatures to fight!

This position is perfect for people who love worldbuilding or running RPGs!

And finally, we have a ton of mods that allow even more creativity!

  • Create, which at this point needs no introduction!
  • In-depth Magic Mods such as Eidolon, Enigmatic Legacy, and Vampirism!
  • Brewevolution, which allows you to brew alcohol and create taverns!
  • Etched, a mod that allows you to create your own music discs ingame!
  • Immersive Paintings, a mod that lets you create your own paintings!
  • Chisel & Bits, which allows for even finer details in your builds!
  • Tons of decoration mods that add in hundreds of new blocks to build with!
  • And much more!
  • So Join BeastHunters SMP today and begin your next great adventure!

    Bosses City Land Multiverse Roleplay Rpgsurvival

    The best RPG server in Poland

    MMO RPG + Cities!! Custom Bosses, 3 separate races with their own spawn towns and many more boss locations! Custom weapons each with special abilities and as if that wasn’t enough, the ability to develop your own character! Ordinary rpg is no match for us, you can set up your own city, invite your friends and roll the world of minecraft on the METMC.PL server. Welcome and good luck!

    Balancedeconomy Custom Economy Friendly Gold Griefprevention Medieval Rpg Rpgsurvival Survival

    ⚔️ Realms of Eternia ⚔️ CLANS 🔮 Custom Survival 🔮 Dungeons, Quests, Clans and much more!

    Realms of Eternia
    Play on our custom-coded survival RPG-ish experience, with a lot more to do, than your average survival server.

    Profession Showcase
    Feature Highlights
    Professions – Level up your profession and advance to using new mechanics, skills or even machines!
    Clan – Create your own Clan and invite your friends!
    Unique Land Claming System – Claim your land and keep your structures forever, across world resets!

    Dungeons – Take your clan for a Dungeon Raid and receive awesome loot!
    Cross-Platform Support – You can play on both PC/Console from Java/Bedrock Edition!
    Quests – Earn Gold and EXP by Completing Hourly Quests!

    Join Today

    Rpg Rpgsurvival Smp Survival

    Holy Knight’s Lair

    We support Bedrock as well:

    Updated to Minecraft 1.19.2 and compatible with 1.19.3!

    Login and have Fun! We offer a RPG style survival Minecraft experience. We offer land claims as well as mining and mob economy system. We are currently running 1.19.2 and compatible with 1.19.3! Go down to the deepest lows and go up to the highest highs.

    We offer a spawn area with grinders and shops. Set up your own store to get some of that extra points to help you buy items such as enchantment books or even spawners. Even including personal warp support!

    Plugins installed on server: GriefPrevention, FreePRG, MineTweaks, MoneyFromMobs, EconoBlocks, DeathCoordinates, DailyRewards, RTP (Wild)

    Creative Kingdoms Network Rpg Rpgsurvival Survival


    Kingshift – Kingshift is a growing Minecraft community and network. Our network inspires us to have an entertaining, welcoming, and friendly community for everyone. We work our best to bring members fun and exciting new games to our Minecraft community. Kingshift has a variety of game modes and activities to keep anyone in the community entertained including KillercraftRPG, Kingdoms, Creative, and many more. Each of our game modes will offer exclusive and custom builds, plugins, and game mode concepts. We are still a developing and growing server. Also, please be patient with errors, bugs, and releases. We have a friendly and hard-working staff and are always looking for more people to join our team. If you’re interested in volunteering as staff for Kingshift, please click the links below. We look forward to the development of this great community – Kingshift Team.

    Boss Events Pets Rpg Rpgmmo Rpgsurvival Survival

    Our New World

    Our New World ~ Introduction

    Our New World is a Survival/RPG 1.19.2 server. Our aim is to have a long-term rpg server with frequent content updates, including, but not limited to: new items, skills, enemies, bosses, worlds, story, etc.

    Your story will begin when a mundane day aboard the school ship Yamato quickly turns into a chaotic mess, as the ship gets spirited away to another world, with all the crew included… one of them being you.

    Try to survive in this new and unknown world, as you slowly unravel its mysteries and try to figure out a way to return home. However, the wheel of fate is also turning.

    What we offer:

  • A RPG experience without sacrifing most vanilla features. The world will have a few protected zones, the rest, is your canvas to build.
  • Some inspiration from Overlord, DnD and Terraria.
  • A challenging, Dark Souls-like upcoming content.
  • Active owner that will quickly answer to any feedback.
  • Frequent updates with bug fixing, improvements and new content, to keep the server fresh.
  • Custom bosses, mobs, dungeons, events and items.
  • Seasonal events with custom dungeons and raid bosses.
  • Big playable world, more continents with future updates.
  • 10GB RAM, capable of being greatly increased depending on server demand.
  • CoreProtect, we will rollback any action caused by a cheater.

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    CivMC 3: A New Age

    Server for the Spanish-speaking community. It is recommended to know how to speak Spanish to enter.

    Welcome to CivMC Season 3: A New Age!
    Welcome traveler! Are you looking for a server different from the rest within Minecraft?
    Looking for adventure? Looking for a great story? Have you always wanted to build some legendary city from mankind’s past? Do you love to build?
    CivMC is for you!

    CivMC is a server that seeks to imitate and recreate the ancient civilizations of humanity’s past through the mode of factions/cultures.

    Members will have to gather in teams and organize themselves to build a civilization based on those that existed during ancient times. They will create temples, markets, houses, ports, roads, cities and together they will discover the history of this world through incredible regular events!
    We have a custom resourcepack to create an immersive experience!

    Throughout the world you can find towns, cities, fortresses, new cultures, dangerous enemies, collectible items and special weapons of each culture!

    To be a part of CivMC Season 3: A New World, you will need to join our discord, get verified and agree to our rules and game theme to be added to our whitelist. This is a great server for builders and roleplay lovers!
    CivMC invitation and information
    What are you waiting for to be part of the adventure?