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Terrashift – Whitelisted 1.17 vanilla server


Server map:

Who are we?
Terrashift is a whitelisted vanilla 1.17.1 (soon 1.18) server, with a focus on collaboration, and building a community.

If you are interested in starting fresh and would like play/build on a server similar to Hermitcraft with a focus on building a community feel free to apply with the form listed at the end of the post. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are currently on season II with a new map starting with 1.17 release. If you feel like building and collaborating on giant redstone contraptions or just want to build a cozy hut somewhere and relax we got you covered. We are very builder-friendly and while it’s still a fresh new world there are great community cities and massive public farms in the works.

Server rules are rather simple. The main guideline is: be nice and have fun! Rules are as follows:

– no griefing
– no stealing
– no pvp without consent
– no rudeness towards other members
– no “hacking” such as x-ray/fly etc.

The main goal of the server is to be a place where everyone can feel welcome and have fun together.
We currently have 26 active members and are looking for people who share the same goals.

All server changes/additions/removals are voted on by all members to make sure everyone has a say on the server direction as it develops in Discord.

Currently while we try to keep gameplay as vanilla as possible server is running several datapacks:

– home teleports
– player head drops
– more mob heads
– afk display
– armor statues
– coordinates hud
– item averages

All of the changes related to datapacks are decided by voting so the list can change over time.

With the new 1.17 world we are also making initial bases in a community city near spawn. The chosen seed has a giant mushroom continent at spawn which will be used to build themed community cities where everyone is welcome to contribute/build.

How to apply:
To apply , you can fill out the form at this link: Apply. We will reach out to you as soon as possible afterwards.

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Untitled Anarchy (1.17.1, Vanilla, Zero rules)

Untitled Anarchy is a new Anarchy Minecraft Server running on the newest 1.17.1 version of the game(no plans for 1.18 yet). It has absolutely no rules, there are no patches or disabled exploits it’s pure vanilla experience with total freedom. The only limitation is your creativity.

The goal of the server is to keep running as long as possible and make the world a total mess!

The IP to connect is: (make sure to use the correct port!)

Since it is a new server, we only have 50+ unique joined players but hoping to get more players.

Matrix server for chat and to ask questions:

The server is running on a virtual private server running somewhere in the Netherlands. It has a great performance.

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catcraft 1.17 mostly vanilla smp!!

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CrucifiX Earth

CrucifiX Earth is a 1:500 Geopolitical PvP/Roleplay server! 🌍

Our Discord link is:
Our Shop link is:
Our Map link is:
Our Server IP is:

We hope to see you there!CrucifiX Earth Minecraft Server

117server 117survival Community Communitydriven Mcmmo Survival


SurvivalServer is a community driven server with a wide variety of features for members to enjoy and grind out! Accessible on version 1.17.1 we offer something for all players whether that be pvp, building or just wanting to meet new people and chill out on the server.

Use your vote tokens in-game to get better gear and rewards helping you survive in the wild.

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Helios Middle School

Hello. Helios SMP is a semi-vanilla survival server. It is not an anarchy server. there are no annoying anti-griefing plugins and no annoying over the top anti-cheat plugins. We keep the server as vanilla as we possibly can + a few tpa and warp plugins

We like to focus on the survival side of minecraft not the server plugin side. PvP is always turned on and you can fight whoever you want whenever you want.

There are a few plugins but only plugins we believe add to the survival experience such as tpa and warps.

if you are interested in joining please join our discord (link below)

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We have four servers and five gamemodes for you to come and play on!


– Quests
– GUI shop + player shops
– GriefProtection (Protect land)
– DeadChest (Never lose your items!)
– RandomTP (You can teleport to a secluded location!)
– LevelledMobs (Higher level the mob, higher the XP and loot!)
– LWC (Securely lock your chests!)
– BlastProtection (No creeper or tnt holes!)

– Form groups to kill all of the zombie hordes!
– Gear up with guns!
– Backpack for extra inventory!
– Multiple new zombie types!
– Harder than normal minecraft!
– No sleeping, beds blow up!
– Cannot place water to grow crops!
– Must have server resources enabled to play the server!

– Build quarries and EMC farms!
– Become barely touchable by gearing up with the power armour!
– Go all eco by powering everything with solar panels!
– Best legacy modpack, updated to 1.12.2!
– Uses the technic launcher!***

– Build quarries and EMC farms!
– Go to space with Galacticraft!
– Over 200 mods installed!
– Enhance your minecraft gaming experience… if your pc can handle it!
-Uses the technic launcher!

**This server is CROSS-PLATFORM with JAVA and BEDROCK editions.
***The LegendsReborn modpack is the TekkitLegends modpack which was designed for 1.7.0, but updated to 1.12.2. To access it you’d need to download the technic launcher and search for ‘MW’s LegendsReborn and install it.

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Pixel Poppy’s Network

Welcome to the Pixel Poppy Network!
We are a survival community-based server that is based around a twitch channel. Make sure to check it out at !

Donation page:

Twitch: Http://

See you there!

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Waffle anarchy

Anarchy, No rules 24/7 Dedicated. go to for fourms for the server! please leave comments good or bad will always help!!!!!!!!!! 😀

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new smp on java!

just a random smp on minehut! to start up the server (if it isnt already up) All you have to do is join the Minehut lobby ( and do /join . If the server is online, it will automatically start it. Then do the command again in a few minutes leaving time for it to start. 1.17 or 1.17.1, both work. might make a discord if there ends up being a bunch of people. no rules except just being nice and dont random greif. feel free to join! (if you have any questions, dm me! Flak#7976)

Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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