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FlashMcRo / 1.18

Hello !

Come to my server, is so fun to playing with your fiends !!

On this server you have 2 factions; SkyBlock,Survival.

Here you have Daily rewards and Vote rewards !

Language: Ro/En

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NationsMC – [PVP] [Roleplay] {1.18.2} {Worldbuilding}

NationsMC – [PVP] [Roleplay] {1.18.2} {Worldbuilding}

About Us:

The NationsMC server is a community-driven Minecraft server with a focus on roleplay. Our goal is to build an interactive, fun atmosphere where people can come together to create their own path! As time goes on, we hope to add more to the server to keep creative minds engaged and coming back for more!

What Can You Do In NationsMC?

In the server NationsMC you can start your own nation, religion or anything you’d like!

You can also enjoy some of the many plugins that come with the server, including the Towny plugin that allows you to claim a spot in the world and build whatever you’d like there.

If you decide to join, just let one of the staff members know that you’re new and they’ll set you up and help you get started!


Version: 1.18.2 (Java Edition)




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PVPINIUM | Kit-PvP But with a new kit everytime you die!

PVPINIUM is a server where you can practice you PVP skills

There is a handful of stuff you can do, for example you can capture the KOTH (King Of The Hill) that happens every 5 hours to get a chance to win some of the best gear on the server, or if u want a more peaceful approach to get geared up you can always mine in our Cave Dimension.

So what are you waiting for? Join Now!

Server IP:

Versions: 1.18.2 – 1.19.2

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Sunrise City Server

Welcome to Sunrise City Server!

Anyone is welcome! We are a small community that would like to expand. We are currently in development, so we are not complete as of yet. We have a kind and sociable community which would love to have new people! We are looking for Citizens, Builders, and more!

We are currently in the works of making a new, more beautiful and organised world, called New Sunrisia. This world will be releasing on December 16th 2022.

Whether you are a transport fanatic, or a city role-play fan, or all of the above, this server is for you! We have working 3D trains and buses, without mods. We also have a functioning economy in our server, so you can own your very own shop and start a business!

We also have a discord server which you can access after completing the citizen application in game. When joining the server, use the buttons at spawn to complete the Citizen Application, which will grant you access to the discord, as well as being able to create shops in the city!

Join today for endless fun and beautiful cityscapes!

Versions: 1.17.1 – 1.19.2 (Main version is 1.17.1)

118server Fabric Modded Survival

Swiss Society | Fabric 1.18.2 Voice Chat SMP

Hi there, I am hosting a server on Fabric 1.18.2 with a bunch of the latest mods! I recommend at least 4gb ram to play the modpack!

Some of the main mods are Voice Chat, Etched, Create (Fabric), Ad Astra, Computer Craft (Fabric), Waystones (Fabric), Twilight Forest, and Paradise Lost (The Aether).

The server is public and has the Flan Claiming mod to protect your stuff.

The server is paid for by me and runs on 6gb of ram currently.

Currently in the middle of trying to find more interested players but I’m usually online starting at 7pm EST, and earlier on my days off!

If you plan on joining the server I also setup a Discord Server and Curseforge page for the modpack.

Rules and extra information can be found on the Discord Server.

Discord Invite:

Curseforge Modpack Link:

Hope to see you on the server, cheers!

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Arcadia – 1.19 Semi-Vanilla Java & Bedrock Compatible – Practice PvP

PvP & Raiding | No Land Claiming | No Grief Prevent |

Arcadia is a well-known semi-vanilla, semi-anarchy Minecraft server that has existed for seven years. Our server is designed to give a unique survival experience with as close to a barebones survival experience as possible. We offer all our players access to tpa and set homes (you can also vote for more set homes) to make the vanilla experience a bit easier so you don’t have to travel far distances. We have some other QoL plugins as well. We offer no land claiming and no grief prevention except at spawn. So remember to keep your base hidden and far away!

Server Details:

– PvP Practice Server (Sword/Crystal)
– World border is at 150k, Nether is at 50k, End is at 50k
– Running on 1.19
– NA East Server
– Active Playerbase (60+ player at peak)
– Server Location: Ontario, Canada, NA East
– Crossplay Bedrock and Java


Server address:
Discord: [left][style b=false i=false size=16px color=#000 bgcolor=rgba(4,4,5,0.07)][/style][/left]

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SilkiEcon: Survival RPG

‘SilkiEcon: RPG Survival ‘ (Running 1.18.1) Has been a RPG/ Economy / Survival project that we’ve been working on for nearly 4 years. Through many iterations, we’ve streamlined what works and what doesn’t and put our ear to the audience to create a custom experience like no other. This time around, we are recruiting you to Co-Develop this project and make your ideas into reality. This isn’t your daddy’s minecraft. Expect a challenge. We are opening Beta Testing to the public. Your character builds are unique through the use of classes and attribute distribution. Between Armor combinations, and stat/skill development you will be able to contend in any dungeon or battlefield. There is no pay to play here! Every plugin and feature is accessible through leveling professions. Every normal move you make in minecraft contributes to your characters growth. Use lands to forge alliances and build nations. Wage war on your geopolitical adversaries. The economy is %100 player run. The amount of industries a player can create or dominate are never ending, with the help of the server developers. Come join us. Be a part of a growing community and contribute to something that is ever expanding. Help us build the greatest minecraft. A minecraft with longevity, community, and infinite capabilities.

ViaVersion; ViaBackwards installed | Accept resource pack or prompt

Staff Needed || Making Ideas Come to Life

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Havens Edge MC [1.17.X-1.19.X] [MMO Survival Experience with Towny] [Creative Plots WITH WorldEdit] [Active Updates] [More Coming soon]


Joinable Versions: 1.17-1.18

Discord server:

Havens Edge MCCreative||Survival||Community
Welcome to HavensEdgeMC.

Recommendation: Turn your particle settings to decreased or minimal for survival

What started out as a passion project, has grown into a full community based server. Our friendly staff and 24/7 servers aim to provide you with the best game-play our servers can offer.

With our custom Texturepack with Optifine (Optifine is NOT required though as some to most features will work without it.) features and Multiple Servers we aim to create a truly unique RPG influenced experience.

The Texture-pack will AUTO DOWNLOAD when joining the server, but it will only do it once per a join so it doesn’t need to re-download every time you switch to another server in the network. The texture-pack has been seen to run pretty well on something like a 1050ti and relatively old cpu’s so most people should be fine with it. if there is issues with joining because of it downloading please make a ticket and get help on our discord with: As we can help you with the issue to the best of our ability

We also have deemed the texturepack is now also use-able outside of the server and are going to release it, so if you prefer to have it downloaded and use that one rather than the server one you can download it here: Than you just need to do /usepack empty and you will disable the server resource pack Do not be surprised if some things don’t work without it though

Gold Based Economy
Find or earn gold with /jobs and trade with players and NPCs alike.

Got too much of one item? Auction it off to the highest bidder with /auc.

Grief Prevention
Create and grow your town and nation with Towny, sethomes and RandomTeleport.
Make great kingdoms and establish yourself within the world.

MMO and Magic Based Survival
Level up your skills with Runecraft, McMMO, Magic, and much more!

Creative Plots
Grab your friends and add them to your plots or build solo as you craft your
own mini-map. Merge your plots together or with friends and get
creative with World Edit to see how far your skills can go.

Keep up with your friends with our servers friends list!
And join our Discord Server to stay up to date with community projects; See
sneak peaks on features coming to our server and much more.

Ranks and Cosmetics
Support our server and get some cool perks by purchasing ranks and cosmetics in our Estore (

Servers Progress
Lobby: Open Pre-Release
Survival: Open Pre-Release
Creative: Open Beta
More Coming soon…

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Unknown Modded Create Smp

A Server centered around the create mod. We create a server for the create mod with the idea of community.

The only thing needed to join is the required mods:

Also don’t forget we have a discord:


1. Be respectful: this applies to everyone. Be kind and just try your best to be friendly.

2. Don’t Cheat: This includes hacks, baritone, or any other method of
getting a advantage in the game most other players don’t have.

3. Don’t lag the server: The only way this server can work if everyone
agrees not to lag the server. The create mod is amazing and fun but try
to keep any builds lag free.

this may include kill switches, minimizing bigger machines, or even just
warning people (and admins) that your trying something that may lag the

4. Don’t Break, Destroy, or Grief other peoples stuff.

5. lgbt friendly

6. Have fun and remember that this is a game.

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The VividSMP

Hi. Are you a small Minecraft content creators that have problems finding a good SMP to join. Well, i’ve got you covered.
Welcome to The Vivid SMP (Or The Vivid Road SMP). This is a Vanilla+ SMP! In This SMP, We just Survive.
No lore(maybe little), Just a fun survival SMP for you all. I hope can take the time to join, The IP is in the Discord!

The Discord: { }