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Naxos smp towny survival server

Welcome to Naxos smp a towny survival server that is jam packed with the latest and greatest plugins!
What do we offer?
Friendly staff(we are looking for staff as we do not have any yet)
Anti-griefing to prevent the destruction of your builds and items!
Land claims to prevent people from building in your territory!
and economy plugins to earn money to use to buy and sell goods from other players!

Our server requires you to link your discord account to your Minecraft account in order to provide a safe and fun experience for everyone!

you can find a link to our discord

for staff interest please message Burpleguy#0001 on discord

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⭐ Welkin Realms ⭐ Custom Survival Worldbuilding Server | Furniture, new items, new crops, custom mobs, new bosses | Alpha 0.0.1

Welcome to Welkin Realms!

Enter the world of Astoria, a land where glorious empires, peaceful towns, and brutal bandits roam the wilds. There are limitless opportunities around every corner. Start your own nation, or perhaps becoming a conqueror! It’s your story, and your choice.

The server focuses around worldbuilding and roleplaying. Start your own religion, or enter a war with another town or nation. In the end, the sky’s the limit. In addition, there are new features such as furniture, new crops such as Rice or Tomatoes, new ores, new bosses, and much more, with the server having frequent updates!

Astoria is a wide world with many possibilities, so don’t wait! Join now!
Discord Server:
Server IP:

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Welcome to BuildItSMP!!
The goal of this server is to create a laid-back environment for players to meet new people from all around the world, form Alliances, Start/Grow Towns and Nations!

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Naxos smp new players welcome!

Welcome to Naxos smp!

We are a small friendly community of dedicated players, our goal is to achieve the greatest builds and projects before the end of each season!
We are open to anyone and everyone!, 100% public and free to play, however we run our server mostly on donations, you can get donation ranks for a few in-game rewards such as a name tag of your rank!

What we offer:
An economy system to pay each other for goods
Towny, a town creation plugin that offers features for players to create independent towns
Deadchest, a plugin to make sure you don’t lose your gear when dying!

please join our discord
it will be greatly appreciated!

We are currently looking for active players! for any questions please message the owner at Ikearmeatballs#0001

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Scylla’s Rock

Have you ever played on a SMP where everyone live so far apart that it’s almost like playing single player?
That’s a common problem, especially on raiding allowed servers.

Here at Scylla’s Rock we’ve set out to fix the common issues faced by many servers out there while giving it our own unique touch.
Our plugins and design encourage player interaction. When you join the server, you’ll be asked if you’d like to join one of three existing
teams, more will come in the future. All teams are lead by regular players. Two of which are seeking new leadership.

Here’s a few of the things that make us special:

  • Custom plugins, including team mechanics better than factions.
  • Community-based
  • No Pay to Win {non-for profit}
  • Increased difficulty!
  • Lore & Role-play that isn’t in your face
    Staff applications welcome.

    **Currently re-designing new player welcome areas, and gearing up for season one, hope you’re ready!**

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    Phoenix Lands

    A thousand years ago the gods created the world and it was good so they populated it with the testifcates who spread across the land, building temples and villages however a few from amongst the testifcates were given an even greater gift, the gift of reincarnation for every time they died either of starvation, zombies, or even by their own hand, they would be reborn safe in their own bed with all their memories intact as if it was merely a bad dream, These testificates eventually began to call themselves the shamans and farther harned their powers to learn how to make weapons of strange alloys or even use magic of various sorts to grow even more powerful than they already were, however a splinter faction soon developed known as the dark shamans who believed in using their powers to enriched themselves instead of making the world a more beautiful place, and so the two factions went to war, eventually wiping themselves out but now, two centuries after both groups were wiped out, a few shamans have been reborn and now are trying to adapt to the new world they awaken in, w but not just the shamans were reborn for even some of the dark shamans have also been reborn.

    So tell me fair traveller are you a shaman? dedicated to building a new better world, or a dark shaman? who believe all things to be yours by right? join us and find out!

    Our Discord server

    Modpack Link

    Here you can make your own characters and factions and roleplay them interacting with one another, writing more lore of the world in the process or if that ain’t your cup of tea the roleplay side isn’t mandatory.

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    KeyCraft – Roleplay Reinvented

    KeyCraft is the ultimate Roleplay, Quest, and overall RPG experience in Minecraft.

    We here at KeyCraft pride ourselves on our ability to stand out among the rest with our ability to seamlessly combine Questing, Roleplay, PVE, PVP, and Survival Elements into one big package for all of you to enjoy.

    Once you enter Omnia, the world is in your hands. Explore the islands to discover new cities, ruins, and even dungeons! With our fully customized lore you will always be sniffing out more secrets as you play, with some even leading you on new and exciting adventures!
    Play with friends, by yourself, or even make new ones, everything is up to you. KeyCraft is welcoming to all, whether you’re a noob or a veteran roleplayer, we’re more than happy to have you as a part of our community. Our staff and volunteer moderators will make certain that you get all the help you need to start your journey on KeyCraft!

    Key Features
  • KeyCraft offers an extensive and immersive Questing experience. All quests are hand written and developed by our Staff team to truly combine the gameplay and lore into a seamless lore-compliant experience for both you and your character. All of our Quests are a part of your characters story, so you are more than welcome to claim all of the things you do as a part of your In-Character journey!
  • Roleplay is a large portion of our server, and when you spawn inside New Ivyport you’ll be met with a plethora of helpful NPC’s and staff to assist you in starting. We have a proximity based chat plugin that allows you to roleplay with those around you without disrupting general chat, as well as a Race and Dice rolling plugin to truly immerse yourself in the world. Everything you do in gameplay can be considered roleplay, and your experience in KeyCraft will be quite casual, so there’s no problem with being a first-time roleplayer!
  • KeyCraft has a Wiki that will explain how roleplay, questing, and the lore of our server works! It will also assist you in learning about the world around you, though there is no pressure to memorize the Wiki before you begin playing! Any questions you may have can also be answered in our Community Discord which has over 300 members currently!
  • How does KeyCraft differ from other servers?

    We’re so glad you asked! While KeyCraft is not the first of it’s kind, we do pride ourselves on how seamlessly we managed to combine all of our features into a truly one of a kind experience. Some servers like to separate their survival, questing, and roleplay aspects into different worlds and canons, but on KeyCraft everything is together! Your quests, your Homes, and all of your resource gatherings all exist on the same world! Together you and those around you can write amazing stories and experience extravagant plotlines all from the comfort of a single Minecraft map. No need to worry about managing your home or all of your Quest rewards, because it’s all in the same place! You can also be in or out of Roleplay as you please, so don’t worry about always needing to be “In-Character”, it’s good vibes only over here at KeyCraft.

    KeyCraft Patreon!

    Feel free to check us out!

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    OZSurvivalCraft is a brand new Survival MCMMO server which welcomes all players from Rpg to even just normal survival players
    the server currently contains a lot of fun plugins to make ur game that little bit better
    with jobs you can get to earn extra money to ranks which you can buy through in game money

    Discord Server –
    We are currently have a plugin running so you can play on our server on any version as well

    Currently Looking for staff please join our discord to apply 🙂

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    Ruins of Avarath – Nations Semi-Vanilla Economy SMP

    Avarath [​SMP] [​Semi-Vanilla] [​Nations] [​War] [​Diplomacy] [​Economy] [​Shops] [​RP/Lore] [​Dynmap] [​Whitelist] [​1.16.5+]


    Welcome to Avarath, the Minecraft server you have always wished for. Build the mightiest and most glorious empires and kingdoms with your friends! The server will never be reset.

    Avarath or Ruins of Avarath is a Vanilla (mostly, with the exception of some essential plugins) SMP with focuses on nations and a strong player-based diamond currency economy. There are shops flourishing from the industry from all the resources of our 10000 by 10000 world. There are also Towns and Cities in different nations with some Roleplay and Lore involved as well! Join Avarath if you’re interested in creating the most magnificent history and drawing your own destiny. We have just started the server which already has an active thriving community and player base so it is brand new which is the perfect time for new players to join! We have tradeshops, community-driven values for items and conversion rates based on demand and a beautiful shopping district at spawn! Make friends and meet up with new people, the choice is yours! We’re planning to do a major event soon so join up!

    We are a mix between a pvp nation/diplomacy server and an smp economy server. Nations may claim land and create cities with shops. Come see the vast riches in the mountain keeps of TUNDRA or the secrets of Fox News.

    This server is whitelist only, so you’ll have to apply, run a legitimate Minecraft account and be on 1.16.5+.

    We have a few key plugins installed; essentialsx, dynmap, tradeshop, medieval factions, bettersleeping, anticreepergrief and more.

    My staff team and I are always at finger’s length away. We’re almost always online. Minecraft is my passion and I take all the votes and suggestions seriously.

    Thank you for reading! I hope to see you in the Realms of Avarath soon!

    We have an active player base, cool plugins, trade shops, a shopping district, and regular events and giveaways! We also offer beautiful cosmetic perks for you to use in-game to show off to your friends! Whether you’d like to start a war, create stunning builds, or make a profit in the shopping district, we have something for everyone.

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    Hello! Welcome to the Darth mp! This SMP’s is new of Saturday, May 15th, 2021! Community based! We do lots of lore on this server. We decorate for each holiday and do fun games! There is a whitelist on this server however, we accept everyone! You must join the discord to get whitelisted! Just join the discord, click #whitelist💛 , and type your IGN!

    You will get a notification when you have been whitelisted!

    The plugins we use are, set home, one sleep, warp, and core protect.