Fun Kingdom Kingdoms Roleplay Roleplaysurvival Survival


Hey, join this new and awesome survival/kingdom server.

You can choose to join a kingdom or make one.
Your kingdom can wage war or make peace!
What you do with your kingdom is up to you.
You can make it democratic, communist, monarchist, anarchist or anything in between!
All kingdoms are player made so its completely survival.

We have great staff and a awesome community

its best if you join the discord server where you can discuss about your kingdoms needs.

So join us on this new adventure where we dont know the path ahead!

Landclaim Paper Roleplaysurvival Survival

Crack from Distance

〈Crack from Distance〉

Adalah sebuah server kecil jenis Survival
yang memungkinkan para pemain minecraft
bergabung dan bermain bersama sama

  Beberapa fitur yaitu:

  • Land claim
  • McMMO
  • Daily Rewards
  • Crates
  • Dan masih banyak lagi
  • Saat ini support versi 1.8 – latest

    Classes Faction Factionpvp Factions Heroes Pvp Pvparena Roleplay Roleplaysurvival Rpg Rping Spigot

    ⚔️ ExodusRealms OG Factions RPG 1.16.1

    Factions Survival + NEW Custom Combat

    Do you miss that classic Factions + Heroes experience? Theres a lot more to
    this game than just Craft, Place and Break. We have created something
    amazing at Exds Realms, and we invite you to come see for yourself! We
    are an up and coming faction survival server that brings back the
    community driven gamemode, that brings a unique blend of competitive
    factions gameplay and RPG elements for a new and exciting experience in
    Minecraft Survival


    » Custom Abilities and Skills «

    » OG Factions style gameplay «

    » Custom Items & Socket Gems «

    » McMMO and Economy «

    » Competitive RPG Dungeons «

    » Events & Giveaways «

    » Daily Rewards «

    » Much More! «

    We Hope To See You Online 🙂


    — Join our Discord —

    Roleplay Roleplaying Roleplaysurvival Survival


    Es un proyecto survival Roleplay en español o en ingles, tiene muchas mejoras como por ejemplo, hay temperatura, sed, tiempo real…etc.

    It is a survival Roleplay project in Spanish or English, it has many improvements such as temperature, thirst, real time … etc.

    18pvp Battle Community Customenchants Customprefix Donate Essentialsx Fun Join Joinnow Mcmmo Mianitelike NSFW Roleplay Roleplaying Roleplaysurvival Royalguard Shadowlegion Slimefun Staffopportunities War Warps

    The Place

      1.8 PVP Style, Roleplay, Custom Lore, MCMMO, Slimefun, Custom Enchants, Essentials, ect.!
    Donation Opportunities!
    Staff Opportunities!
      Hiring Moderators and Admins to help us operate the server!
    Lore Background:
      A Tyrant King has led The Place for many years, bringing great prosperity to his family and the wealthy, high classes. This prosperity was paved on the backs of the working class who struggle day-in and day-out working to help the kingdom. The King continued his abuses and treating the lower classes poorly and destroying families and killing the peasantry. Then, one day, a member of the peasantry stood up and took a stand against the King. In a fierce uprising and battle, the rebel fought to his last breath, perishing at the hand of the King. This was the final straw. Many members of the working class joined the rebellion of the fallen warrior. Forced in to hiding, these rebels were continually hunted and murdered if found. This is how they earned the nickname, the Shadow Legion. Striking quickly and powerfully, the Shadow Legion threw the King off balance, forcing him to gather his strongest troops within the Royal Guard to fight off the remaining members of the Shadow Legion and restore order.


    Roleplay Roleplaying Roleplaysurvival Survival


    Welcome to TheAgency!
    You will embark on a wild adventure on this server!
    We at TheAgency are a brand new survival server for you and your friends. We are currently looking for new recruits to join the server, so what are you waiting for!
    Join TheAgency TODAY!

    Customsurvival Hentai Minecraftsurvival Roleplay Roleplaying Roleplayingserver Roleplayserver Roleplaysurvival Seriousroleplay Sex Sexy

    Hentai Roleplay Server

    Kawaii Gang live

    Felicity pretends to be a slutty low-class house maid in Minecraft so the other women can feel better about themselves. The world is generally a deeply misogynistic place, but if you are playing with in party with Felicity, you need to try and create the impression that women are the evil, powerful ones.

    Powerful girls actions are sanctioned by a system that treats them as bitches. So by portraying all women as prostitutes, you present women as victims who deserve to be fucked by their masters.

    That kind of roleplay makes her pussy feel really good. She loves listening to dirty stories as well as being on the receiving end. She’s kind of shy at first but as you go on she gets into the roleplay. It’s really cool.

    Felicity teasing gamers at spawn in Minecraft server trying to roleplay.

    The truth is that I am smitten by Felicity. But I am not too smitten with her ways of Minecraft PvP if you know what I mean. Cute girls need to use more items than just a dragon head. I have to search my heart to see if I’m truly smitten. I think I’m attracted to the woman in the photo (Felicity do you love me?) but my heart doesn’t want her so it’s actually causing me pain.

    Maybe it’s my psychic abilities? Maybe I’m getting psychic too. This whole thing has been very confusing. I’ve always been a natural nymphomaniac but I never thought I’d be with someone as much as now.

    Felicity likes to take off her white bra and pulling down her panties. My eyes bugged when she first did that and I couldn’t help but drool all over her.

    Felicity is showing off, Steve can't resist her sexy maid cosplay.

    Each cock craves to reach and maintain the arousal in sight of her.

    If I had to describe her pussy  I’d say it’s clean and smells sweet and fresh as the morning sun. I’m just about ready to take her bareback when it hits me. The most extreme thing I could do in bed is shove her up against a wall, and she’ll probably scream and yell at me for having her up against a wall. While I might enjoy her beauty, her hatred of me will be a huge turn-on.

    Felicity exhales and moans softly, as she prepares to absorb the delicious white juices that are about to be within her grasp.

    Felicity's pretty face looking at Steve with memorizing gaze.
    Kawaii Gang live
    Airbender Airships Customworld Economy Roleplay Roleplaysurvival Survival

    Celestial Realms guilds – Ranks – Survival – 24/7 – Jobs – Bending- airships-movecraft

    Welcome to Celestial Realms, an MMORPG where you learn powerful abilities, build your own amazing land and fight for your guild to be the top, and fight against other players in an epic battle .

    Here’s a few features the server has:

    Quests (still in development)
    bending System.
    Powerful, dangerous bosses of all sorts reside all across the world. bosses can show up at any time, any where- even when you least expect it.

    Day/Night conditions
    changes based on day/night Monsters with various abilities can appear at night to attack . However, daylight is not something to completely desire- different enemies will come for you in the day, too.

    bending Classes
    Upon joining you can choose a bending these will grant you with special abilities and you will go to the school of Arcane to learn how to use these abilities (still in development) the alot of options to suit your desired play-style. you decide how you play.

    Explore the vast world to find all sorts of items. You can find all kinds of items, from Common to Legendary, gaining incredible effects the further up you go. There also exists Special items, which are unique items given from bosses, and events.

    To learn more, visit the website or simply dive in to the server:


    Alwaysonline Anime Dating Gamergirls Girl Girlfriend Girls Maturecommunity Minecraft Online Regularupdates Relationship Roleplay Roleplaying Roleplayserver Roleplaysurvival Seriousroleplay Sex Sexting Sexy Simplysurvival Smart Survivalserver

    Dating Minecraft Server

    Kawaii Gang live

    Dating in Minecraft is not easy. For some, it is so much like business that it is often more of a journey than an event. It is a long road, but you have been warned. It’s important to date smart and attractive women. It doesn’t mean you should fake it, but it does mean you have to look more attractive in order to stand out from the many (most) terrible singles out there.

    Don’t sweat it if you never get a call from your future spouse.

    The only time I see it as “bad” is if your car breaks down or if you break your arm, and that happens all the time.

    Dating game

    The idea that all single women (or men) are hopelessly unattractive is totally false. You can have a good dating life if you meet more than 100 people in your lifetime. What you have to understand is that dating is not the end. It’s not even close. A good career is the end. Once you have a great career, it’s time to find a girlfriend (or husband).

    First and foremost, learn to appreciate women as equals. Remember that they’re not waiting for you to move them into your apartment. They’re waiting to learn everything about you and help you with your life. As you spend more time with them, you’ll realize they are often open to learning about you.

    Minecraft girlfriend learning about Steve senpai while laying on her newly crafted bed.

    Don’t be scared when dating women. I have heard similar quotes at local conferences. At the same time, in twenty years of dating, I have only dated two women who were psychopaths or mentally ill and played Minecraft like crazy.

    Now I am not saying all women are psychotics or psychotics are all women, but there are certainly a lot of women who have been in that position. I’m sorry to go on and on, but my point is that men should not date psychopaths or psychotics because some women are in that situation.

    Psycho Minecraft girlfriend and her friend spying on Steve through a key hole in a door.

    Peeking into Minecraft Dating Scene

    It was scary talking to girls with big tits, because I didn’t know any of them. I was really put on edge by it. I know that sounds cliche. But, I didn’t know any of them.

    Date night with Minecraft girlfriend.

    The secret talking to hot girls is icky and embarrassing. That’s why a nice guy don’t talk to them at all.

    Also, you may be jerking off to them when you talk to them, and they will call you out on it. Guys will try to draw attention to themselves with pictures, movies, anime…they all have all this to attract attention.

    Don’t stare at her luscious tits like a horny ursine as you walk past. But let me tell you something nice. Sometimes you have to make the first move. You won’t find much in here, as usual, but perhaps if you do, you might find your wish will come true.

    Kawaii Gang live
    115new 115server 115survival 115vanilla 16plus 18plus Community Communitysurvival Events Familyfriendly Funserver Hardmode Lookingforstaff Mature Medieval Minecraft115 Minecraftserver115 New New115 Newserver Nogrief Roleplay Roleplayingserver Roleplaysurvival Smp Survival Vanilla Whitelisted Whitelistedserver

    🥩 BeefMC 🥩 [1.15.2 – Small Community | 16+ Server] [Semi-Vanilla] [Whitelisted]

    Here is some information on our server:

  • Canadian Host Flag: Canada on Twitter Twemoji 13.0
  • Primarily American Playerbase Flag: United States on Twitter Twemoji 1.0
  • 24/7 Hosting (Yes that’s right all the way past your bedtime!) ⏰
  • Massive diverse community and players from all ages and across the world 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏽
  • Dedicated staff team and constantly updating with new content 👷
  • Hub server, room to expand.
  • Survival:

    – 1.15.2 java edition (Soon to be 1.16)

    – Player shops / Player run economy with diamond shops at spawn (Start your monopoly)

    – GriefPrevention

    – Pets & Trails

    – Server dynmap

    – 30k by 30k map

    – Ranks with very unique rewards

    – Timed rank system.

    – Hard Mode (For real gamers only!)

    – Massive server and community projects

    – Active and kind playerbase


    – 1.15.2 java edition (Soon to be 1.16)

    – 1.8 PvP Mechanics

    – Gapple & EPearl Cooldowns

    – 1.7 Cannon Mechanics

    – Revamped Crates

    – New Spawn

    – New Ranks and Perks

    – Improved performance

    – supply and Loot drops

    – Risk = Reward

    :o How to join:

    Discord -> 🔗

    Server IP:

    Server IP:

    Server IP:


    Small History – ForgeMC was named due to two separate communities uniting together and forging. So we thought ForgeMC was a fitting name. We believe that everyone has a place on our server since we have so much diversity!

    Like our server, leave a nice comment and or share it with your friends! :D

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