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Ragnarök SMP

Welcome to Ragnarök SMP, a 1.19 smp. Bad at bios. is fun, join or perish XD

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    We run a Fun & Friendly server with plug ins including:-
    ~One player sleep
    ~1.19 Version
    ~24/7 Active
    ~Hard Mode
    ~Caves & Cliffs Active
    ~PVP in our arena
    ~Mob waves in our arena
    ~Voting Rewards
    ~An Achievement System Active
    ~Discord Mini Games Including Pokemon
    ~Grief Pevention
    ~Claim Land
    ~Slime Fun
    ~Shopping district and trading
    ~Warps and many more…
    The longer you play you will earn claim blocks to extend your land or save for your second home. This server is set to hard mode survival. We are on 1.18.2 update. We have in chat games and also give rewards for voting. We have mini games which we play as a group server such as treasure hunts and many more…
    if you looking for a friendly server then what are you waiting for? Looking forward to seeing you there!

    Discord :-

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    Modded 1.19 survival server where you can form pockets of civilizations in tribes, or empires in this world. You can declare war against others, form agreements, have your own currency, form nations, pillage other nations, trade, create laws, or do anything your mind can imagine.
    We have some basic commands, like /sethome, /tpa, and keep inventory. We plan on adding more content and more features to the server!

    We have basic rules of mook-chivalry across the server. They are:
    1. Don’t hack
    2. Don’t dox
    3. Don’t Grief if you’re not in a war
    4. Don’t harm the performance or the health of the server(Lag machines etc)
    5. Don’t be toxic

    6. Don’t spam

    7. No excessive swearing

    8. No inappropriate behavior

    9. No racism

    10. Don’t x-ray

    Failure to comply will result in a ban/mute

    Exclusive features:

    Slimefun plugin – adds more content to the server, do /sf guide for help

    Chest locking – lock chests with a sign

    Spawn protection – we have a world spawn you can access with /spawn

    119fullrelease 119release 119server 119smp 119survival 119vanilla Survival

    NEW 1.19 Vanilla Survival Multiplayer server (BRAND NEW WORLD)

    Welcome to the Wonderfull server of FunnyGuy

    We are a server that wants to make your day better, just by playing minecraft!

    Come join along and discover the new 1.19 Update together.

    You can say its going to be a “WILD UPDATE”

    Rules are simple.

    No hacking/cheating/xray mods and so on…