Custom Geopol Geopolitical Roleplay Towny


Geopolitical roleplay, we decide on the theme, play out a scenario and have fun. Strict whitelist requirements. Any extra information can be found on our Discord Page:

If you want to see our custom earth-like map check it out here:

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General Rule: Don’t be toxic, ever.

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Empire’s Conquest

Empire’s Conquest is a nation building geopolitics server. We engage in diplomacy and war along with building up our empires. We have many talented builders and are looking for more. Since the server isn’t quite open to the public, you have to go through a very short vetting process. But after this, the door is open.

Earth Economy Geopol Geopolitical Geopolitik Geopolmc Other Server Small Smallserver Towny


Geopolitik is a geopolitical Minecraft server using a 1:1000 map of Earth, having accurate rivers, roads, ores and more. Geopolitik uses the plugin towny.

In our server there is wide range of opportunities and paths you can go, you can go down a path of war, peace, trade, or do whatever you want, really.

We also offer:

Bloodmoon events
A small community that you will be included in.
A gui-shop which receives regular updates and fixes.
And a dynmap!

if this sounds like your thing, then join today, I guarantee you will not forget it

our discord is…

Alliances Ations Diplomacy Earth Earthmap Earthmc Epic Factionspvp Geopol Geopolitical Grandalliances Mapofearth Nations Polfac Potato Potatoeconomy War Worldwar Ww1 Ww2 Ww3

Valorb | Map of Earth | Nations/Alliances | War

Geopolitical Minecraft Server


Cool Staff Team

Custom Coded Plugins

Potato Leaderboard

Alliances Coalition Coalitionwars Earth Earthmap Earthmc Economy Faction Pvp Fun Gameplay Geopol Nations Needplayers Polfac Survival War Warfare Ww1 Ww2 Ww3

Terrestria | Map of Earth | Nations/Alliances | War

— {Geopolitical Minecraft Server}

— {1:1000 Scale Earth Map}

— {Factions}

— {Custom War System}

— {Huge Custom Built Spawn}

— {Friendly and Diligent Staff}

— {Events}

— {Tons of Unique and Fun Plugins, Including Slimefun}

Earth Earthmap Faction Geopol Geopolitical Globia


Welcome to Globia!

We are a geopolitical server with a number of plugins such as Slimefun and MCGStarCraft.

Our server began back in July 2019 and we have had 4 seasons during that time, with our new S5 coming very soon.




Our staff team:
Owner – Araciel
Manager – IcyMC_
Admins – seurator1527 and Acurrz
Developer – Yayes
Moderators – FieryMC_ and hmru
Helpers – Coming soon

Economy Geopol Nations Polfac Pot Potato Potatocraft Potatoeconomy Potatowar Towny Townywar War

Potalia – Nations/Potato War

Potalia – Polfac via Potatos

This MC server is based on the economy of potatoes.

In addition to the potato wars where people’s goal is to harvest as many potatoes as possible.

Winner Gets Prize 😉


Earth Factions Geopol Geopolitical Gunpvp Guns Other Wars


Welcome to GeoEarth, a magnificent experience for the players! We are a geopolitical server that has good support! This server is owned by minebaffle.




You can now use Votifier

The server has become a network due to the heavy traffic of players

Earth Earthmap Economy Geopol Geopolitical Mapofearth Nations Pvp Vault War

ValOrb [Map of World] [Nations] [War]

Valorb [​1.12.2]
Geopol server in which you can be whatever nation you want to be! You can war others! Become the richest and have the strongest army. Switching from basic plugins to custom coded with new things like war and alliances and economy. And a map of Earth

Tired of sacrificing quality gameplay for pay-to-win servers?
So are we, that’s why quality content is prioritized here, not paychecks.
Server map Will be launching very soon

Dynmap + Map of Earth
Economy + War
Active and knowledgeable staff at your assistance 24/7

IP: Not Yet

Earth Earthmap Faction Pvp Geopol Geopolitical Nations Needplayers War

GeoWonder | Minecraft Earth Server

GeoWonder is a Minecraft Server based on a map of EARTH! There is factions and much more like:

>VEHICLES! Planes and Cars!
>Events and Giveaways
>Wars and Alliances
>Epic Staff Team

Server Info:

Version: 1.15.2
Discord (Perma Invite):

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