Economy Friendly Landclaim No Griefing Survival Unlimited Regions

Merchant Villages

Friendly Players, Small Community, Mature Staff, Non-Pvp, No Griefing

Have you had enough of childish drama, disrespectful players and rude staff ruining your Minecraft Experience? If so your long search for a fun Minecraft server is over.

Welcome to Merchant Villages! 🙂

What makes us different?

We strive to be the server you’ve been looking for with a fun, friendly and mature environment.
MV is well established having been online since January of 2013.
We have a strong economy originally based off the NPC trades created by Mojang with EssentialsEco, Chestshop, Shopkeepers, Auctions and other plugins to make trading with other players easy and fun!

What else do we have to offer?

– No plot limits. Your region will expand as you build.
– Everything protected – No griefing, everything logged
– Four home sets and more as you rank
– Combat cooldown removed
– Random tp; No starting in overpopulated areas
– 50% more diamonds in the ground.
– Fall damage off – Creeper and ghast block damage off
– Craftbook which includes pipes, wireless redstone, and much more
– Creative plot world
– Minigames including parkour, spleef, hunger games and more!

So come join the Merchant Villages family for the most fun-filled Minecraft experience available!