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The Lands of Zara – PRE-ALPHA – 24/7 – Town – Games – Arts – Sofetios#0001 – Bedrock/MCPE/JAVA Compatible – 1.19.4 – Whitelist

The Lands of Zara
Table of contents

1. Up front information
2. Oak Village (where you start)
3. Outside Dimension (resource world)
4. Sofetios’s Realm (Games realm)
5. Short Lore and Physical Currency
6. Progressing Oak Village
7. Some things To do
8. Quick start Guide
9. Useful commands
10. Useful Information
11. Rules
12. IP

(Quick note, this is not a Roleplay server, though if you want to you can.)

(This server is in early development, so things will likely change, restarts may likely happen (Hopefully not though), there will be bugs, and things will be added as well.)

There are no teleports other than respawning after you die and portals in Oak Village, Geedin’s Realm, and The Outside Dimension. You’ll need to move around both money and resources with risk of losing it, though you can store money and resources in safe places.

Introduction, Oak Village (Safe)

Welcome! You have arrived in Oak Village, a small dimension made by Sofetios, Head of The Adventurers Guild. In this small safe haven, PvP, griefing, and stealing are not allowed. Regular people are allowed to rent/buy rooms, rent/buy shops/plots, and more. The Adventurers guild has a shop by the spawn point. Feel free to browse its wares. You’ll find guns, crops, mining materials, and more!

Outside Dimension (UnSafe)

This is all different on the outside dimension though. There there is no protection from griefing, PvP, or stealing. The outer dimension is basically a resource world. It will reset when needed, so don’t get too attached to bases out there.

You can get a section of the Outside Dimension safe and unstealable for you, though it is very costly and will also go away whenever this realm is reset. You will have to pay a rent to sustain it.


(also note animals such as horses cannot travel through the portal. You need to punch the horse with a oak planks block to select it for teleporting, then on the other side of the portal do /htp to get it to you.)

Geedin’s Realm (Safe)

Geedin’s realm is a realm made by a mysterious god known as Geedin. Here in this realm, you can earn essence (the currency) by competing in games. These could be anything from a footrace track, safe mob arena, Puzzle Dungeon, safe pvp arena, and more. Here is a list of some of the games

Puzzle Dungeon (Coming soon)
Footrace track
safe PVP arena (coming soon)
Capture the flag (coming soon)
Connect 4
Treasure hunts (Coming soon)
Mob Arena (coming soon)
Mob Fishing (coming soon)
and more.

Short Lore and Physical Currency

The dimensions that make up these worlds are all composed of a base element, known simply as essence. It is also the physical currency of the realms you will travel to. The more Essence contributed to the Adventurers guild’s dimension, the more it will grow and develop. The currency takes 4 forms, a nether star dollar is worth 1, a player head dollar is worth 100, a dragon head dollar is worth 10000, and a dragon egg dollar is worth 1000000 (note the enderdragon has already been slain, no free 1 mil lol). You need the actual items with you to use it as currency.

Progressing Oak Village

You can find the Donation shop chest near the arrival area (where you spawned the first time joining). Donating will get you essence bonds. You can use these or Essence to be able to buy or rent places that come after a certain amount if donated by the players and the dimension expands. PEOPLE WITH ESSENCE BONDS GET FIRST PICK. Essence bonds are also worth 1.5x more than normal Essence when buying or renting property after the dimension is upgraded.

Things to do

You can do many things, like-

– rent a shop
– Buy a shop
– make a company
– Practice your parkour in a footrace
– Safe pvp games (Near future)
– Become a merchant
– be a guard for someone
-buy high end items and weapons
– be a horse breeder
– Rent land out in the outside dimension (makes it safe)
– fight custom mobs (Near future)
– buy a custom enchant
– own a building and rent out rooms!
– and more!

Quick Start Guide

The first thing you will want to do is get a room at the hotel in Oak Village (Where you start out). You start with two player head dollars (200 Essence) and rooms cost 100 Essence, so you will have 100 Essence left over after you get the room. The room is only rentable, and it costs 100 Essence per 7 days. I recommend storing your Dollars, as it can be lost in the outside dimension (resource world) as pvp is turned on and stealing is allowed there.

I also recommend going through the two tutorial halls. They are next to where you spawn in Oak Village.

The red portal near where you spawned in is the Outside dimension, or resource world. Here pvp and stealing is allowed in unregioned places, though getting a region in this world is expensive. THERE IS NO TELEPORTING OTHER THAN DYING AND PORTALS. So make sure to remember where the portal is (or use the compass system to always know where to go). Ideal ways of making money are farming, mining, games, tree chopping, etc. Geedin’s realm is through the light blue portal next to the red one.

Useful Commands

/modreq “Use when you need something from staff even when offline.”
/clan “for making groups.”
/trade “Safe trading with another player”
/money pay (amount) (username) “Pay a player a certain amount”

Useful Information

– You can see a horses stats by punching it with a oak log.
– The Outside Dimension is the red portal, the light blue one is Geedin’s realm.
– You can rent a room in the world you spawn in.
– If you buy a building or region, you can rent out parts of it, just ask the Owner or a Mod to set it up for you.
-Horses cannot travel through portal. You need to punch it with a oak planks block and then go to the other side of the portal and do /htp to get it to you.
– You can sell to the Admin Shop even if you have less then the quantity on the sign.
– The Outer Dimension spawn area is safe to help prevent camping.


  • This is a PG-13 Server. Nothing too inappropriate.
  • Use common sense. If it wouldn’t be a good thing to do, don’t do it. So no excessive swearing, no exploiting, no hacking, no unapproved mods, etc.
  • If you need My help or a mod in the future, do “/modreq create (Message)” and We’ll answer as soon as we are able. You can also just PM me if I am online (Username: Sofetios), DM me at Sofetios#0001, or post in the discord.
  • Portal and spawn camping is not allowed.
  • More rules to come
  • Feedback is appreciated.

    Thank you and I hope you enjoy the server! ~Sofetios

    Whitelist App (can also do on the discord server):
    Edition Playing On(Java/Bedrock/PE):

    Do you promise not to cause trouble:

    Do you promise to be kind:

    Do you realize there WILL be wipes, as this is just a testing phase:

    Do you promise not to use xray, flyhack, kill aura, etc:

    Do you promise not to use any mods but non-advantage ones:

    By Joining the IP you promise to follow all the rules.


    Owner Discord: Sofetios#0001

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