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Aseria is full of wonder. Tons of secrets to find. Custom mobs, custom NPC’s, custom quests, customer loot, and much much much more. Come see us! We have lots to offer!

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Kingdom: Enlightenment | The 5th Era

Kingdom: Enlightenment is an MMORPG Server, largely focused on roleplay with plugins and features that serve to augment the player experience. This server is roleplay-centric and its features are meant to support that focus. The server is currently in heavy development, but the Discord is open for all interested players. :), and whitelists are currently being accepted.

Some of the features include:

  • Custom Races, and mechanically-supported racial attributes
  • Medieval Factions for greater player versatility in Kingdom-Building.
  • ModelEngine/Mythicmobs Monsters
  • MMOCore, MMOItems, Quests, etc.
  • Fully customized 1.18 Worldpainter Map with a host of impressive terrain features
  • NPC’s
  • Full-fleshed out server lore
  • Public Discord Link:

    Kingdom: Enlightenment is a discord-centric server; the Discord acts to support and augment features of the server, including functioning as a whitelist system for players who first join. OOC chats and Roleplay may both be conducted in the Discord as facilitated by the Kingdom: Enlightenment staff team.

    Server Introduction:
    It is the 5th Era, nearly 1,000 years since the tragic end of the Dark Ages, the oral history of the disasters that befell Eyumel has long since passed into legend, and now only rubble and rumor remain. Yet while Eyumel may be mired in the past far across the sea, a technological and magical revolution has begun.

    Fire and Steel ignite with a dangerous discovery. Smoke billows from the reaction as the boom of thunder echoes across the open skies. The age of the Musket has come. A devastating weapon in the proper hands. Capable of striking fear into the bravest of men and felling the most deadly of beasts. This invention marks the beginning of an age of conquest, An Age of Progress, though the costs are uncertain.

    Elsewhere the ruminations of learned scholars, clever thinkers, whimsical ne’er-do-wells, and devote holy men have lead the world into a new age of magical exploration. Four mindsets pervade this new age.

    Each seeks to use magic for some purpose, none can agree on what it should be, and some don’t even believe it can have one. Regardless of station, race, or creed, the depths of magic have opened wide for all to drink from. Though all may not be as it seems, for where there is exploration there are obstacles to overcome.

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    A True Medieval Experience
    A Medieval Towny War & RP server which offers lots of different customizations on armour, weapons, hats, helmets, and more!
    The server uses a custom resourcepack and fantasy map to fit the theme as best as possible.

    More about the server on discord or server!

    Building Medievalfactions Medievalroleplay Medievaltowny Survival

    Junior Villains

    hey ! the VillainSMP is a mdieval themed server with huge projects, contraptions, kingdoms and a lot of lore, the community is really nice and active,
    and the server has a lot to offer :

    -mods to make the game more realistic

    -custom attack animations and weapons

    -structures lore related

    -HUGE story and lore behind the map and different houses of the kingdoms

    -availability, there’s an abandoned castle, for grabs and some kingdoms want people to help them rule over some lands

    -a really understanding community LGBTQ+ and really chill

    -no age restrictions and important roles in the story for everyone !

    -mostly non scripted roleplay

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    Number of Kingdoms

    This is Antal Kingdoms, a roleplay server where you roleplay as a person living in a medieval age with a bit of magic. There are various kingdoms with their own style, ideologies and goals.

    To join, please join via the discord

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    The Book of Ventura – Roleplay, New Chapter – New Beginning

    The Book Of Ventura is a WHITELIST only. Returning January 31st!
    Minecraft Medieval Roleplay Server with Steam Punk Setting
    Returning Like we never did before!

    This is very unique and unlike any other! We offer things like:

    – An audio plugin
    – A Wardrobe System that allows you to change your skin in game!
    – Unique player events
    – Familiar, yet customized races such as Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Humans, and Halflings. Then our custom races unique to our server, the Aealim, Pisces, Metal Men, and Gahira’i.
    – Custom Lore, including Geography, Pantheons, Fauna, Curses and Blessings, and the mysterious element of Magic..
    – A custom combat system to give players an interactive approach to MC-CRP by combining Honor Combat with the classic approach of a TTRPG format.
    – A unique factions system that provides options in the creation of Noble Houses, Guilds, and settlements!
    – A beautiful Custom Items system that allows players to create names for themselves as renowned craftspersons in a simple, easily approachable way.

    We are now open!

    Our Discord is Here

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    Vellum | Medieval RP Minecraft Server


    Vellum is a roleplay community that seeks to foster a community of collaborative storytellers and writers. Vellum is the perfect place to meet fellow Minecraft roleplayers, forge new friendships, and create wonderful stories!

    Our staff team has full transparency with the player base. Every decision and punishment made by the team is explained in a discord channel.

    What else does Vellum have to Offer?

    Geopolitical Roleplay

    Vellum doesn’t just cater to character roleplay! Using the Towny plugin, players can form towns and nations to wage war with each other. Will you be a ruthless conqueror that wishes to expand the borders of their nation? Or do you wish to be a diplomatic mastermind that finds strength in allies? The choice is up to you!

    Custom Lore

    Tired of lore that copies Tolkein’s work? Had enough of simplistic good and evil background nations? Well, we have something just for you! Vellum’s lore is an original piece of writing that is easy to understand. The world is set in a medieval setting with some fantasy elements added to spice up the lore.

    Here is a snippet of our lore:

    In the wake of a massive race war between the humans and the Thrali, tensions have never been higher. The humans, with their superior technology, among which include the vaunted, and deadly, Fluxbow, fight an endless war against the Thrali, whose strength and power allowed them to keep the humans at bay.

    However, no war is truly sustainable. After 20 years of fighting, the resources of the land have been bled dry. Quartz, a necessary resource for the creation of the Flux Bows and their power source, have been mined till none left could be mined.

    Luckily, or perhaps unluckily, rumors of a new continent to the far west have sprung up. Of a land ripe with resources for the taking. It was an opportunity. For those who sought refuge from the war. For those whose desires could no longer be satiated in a war-torn land. Even those who labored to fuel the ongoing war. All began to congregate in the new land of Ephemera.

    The full lore of the server can be found in a google document. A link is located on the discord server.


    You’re probably itching to jump into the server right away! However to make sure that everyone has a wonderful time and that only the most wonderful stories are created, you must fill up and an application form and create a sheet for your character using our template. You might think this is cruel, but you’d be surprised at the amount of people who apply without even reading the rules!

    Dedicated and Active Player base

    Vellum has a small yet active community that is ready to craft wonderful stories! The server is most active during EST afternoon-evening.


    How does roleplay work on the server?

    Vellum’s server is equipped with the Medieval Roleplay Engine plugin. Players will roleplay in a separate chat, accessible by typing /rp in the chat. Actions can be roleplayed using the /emote command. Messages sent through these commands can only be read in a limited distance from the player to prevent metagaming.

    How do I join?

    In order to ensure roleplay quality, this server has a whitelist. Before you can join, you must go through our application process. To do so, simply join the discord linked below, read the rules, and fill up the application form.


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    ☼Mid-Craftia: Real SMP☽

    SMP is a survival multiplayer server based on vanilla gameplay but with some custom added features to make the world more interesting to explore! Join today to find your place in the small yet ever expanding world and community ofMidcraftia! 😀

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    Fables and Fantasy

    Fables and Fantasy Roleplay
    The New Roleplaying experience in Minecraft!

    What does it mean?
    Fables and Fantasy is the ultimate RP experience. Set in a medieval fantasy universe on the beautiful lands of Eden. In this world you van do whatever what you want!
    Want to be a trader? A grand wizard? Or maybe a scheming politician, that or you want to take the criminal path…? Everything is possible in Eden. Make it happen!

    Join our discord to join the server!
    Dynmap: The server is still in developement. We’re searching for architects and loresmasters if you’re interested in helping? contact @Arkhun#2196 or Darwin#6417 on Discord.

    What else do we offer?
    Together with amazing gameplay we offer a unique minecraft experience! As stated before everything is possible in Eden. Your character, your rules!
    Epic locations for your character to explore and adventure in! Find the rules on our discord. Check out our announcements for images!
    A lot of lore to give locations flavor and life! Discover long lost secrets or use their information to further your agenda and work your way up to the top…
    Eden is a place to make or break your character. To go from a humble peasant to a proud Emperor. Or from a fugitive to a mighty warrior.

    What is our purpose?
    Our goal is to create a safe environment for players to get used to roleplaying.
    In addition we offer a hub for experienced roleplayers to make their mark on Eden for the years to come!
    We want to illustrate that everyone in our community can make a difference. We would like to get used to our players and to welcome you in our community!

    For the experieced?
    We still have several starter nations opened for new Nation Leaders. These are:
    A desert nation and a jungle nation, both of which you can write exactly the way you want. If you have a group ready to join we can talk about other nations as well.

    In order to play on Fables and Fantasy we ask you to fill in a “character application” on our discord! We do this to safeguard the quality of roleplay in Eden. A loremaster will quickly judge your character application.
    When your character has been verified you’re allowed to partake in our adventure on Fables and Fantasy!

    All screenshots and showcases of our maps were buildon Fables and Fantasy, previously known as Feudalrealms, do not use, or sell these maps as yours!

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    Welcome to Kanda Kraft!


    We are a survival server for players seeking a brand new environment for survival building! A small community and new beginnings!
    Our spawn is medieval / fantasy-themed and is great for role-playing! Tavern, Inn, Blacksmith, market, secrets, and more!

    Use IP:

      -Survival- semi vanilla play
      -Greif prevention claims, set-homes
      -Random Teleport, warps, and custom warps
      -custom enchants!!
      -essentials and custom economy! Players can set up shop in our Market
      -many great buildings for various fantasy/medieval roleplaying!
      -voting ranks for those who decide to stick around!
      -many buildings yet to come- more cities, more locations!

      -Also… who doesn’t love seals! 🙂