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The Beanstock SMP

The Beanstock SMP is a group of Streamers,Youtubers, and friends trying to create the perfect SMP. We include the community in streams, videos, and fun events to bring the server together. Come join our discord and meet some new freinds!

– A simplified shop with only the essentials
– Custom swords SUPER BALANCED, NO crazy abilities NO high damage
– 1 Boss with a 12 hour cooldown
– A private sandbox server for mod packs and content creation
– 10 New Duel arenas with pro pvp kits
– A new store, with new ranks
– Strong Anti-Cheat
– Multi Dimensional. Explore new worlds, and travel between them
– THIS IS A FRESH SERVER, don’t fall behind on the action
– Weekly build competitions with the best land winning in game rewards.

Back Balkan Boost Design Dev Ect Elo Fou Hybrid People Ran Rat Ree Smp Survival

Hybrid Survival

Hybrid Survival or Hybrid SMP is a Balkan server founded for fun and meeting new people from the Balkan region! The server contains: Bar Bets, Vehicles, Voting, Crate Awards, Lottery, Teams and much more! The old Hybrid was a bit weaker with fewer players and possibilities… That’s why we decided to bring the server back to life and bring it to the next level! The owners of this server are: (Developer,Editor) – SljiveX and (Builder,Designer) – Cvile. For all help with the server, contact the staff via a ticket on discord or via the minecraft server. Also, if possible, boost the discord server or advertise the minecraft server and you have the possibility to get a valuable rank. Greetings from your Hybrid Survival Staff!

1.17 1.17.1 1.19.4 Bug Bugs Clip Clips Dev Elo Ign Psi Rpg Rtp Smp Survival


– – = = { Eclipsis inc } = = – -Unusual survival with new mechanics.A small digression from vanilla with the addition of new chips that no one else has!Warning!

The server is still developing so there will be a lot of bugs and bugs.



360 Anarchy Dev Developer Elo Ezz Feel Hoe Long Mad See Sin Snipe Sts Tag

Orangatag Minecraft server

Welcome to the orangatag Minecraft server a server made by the developer of orangatag. feel free to do what you want since i wanna see hoe long this lasts.

Boost Building Conomy Creative Econom Elo Far Features Mall Ops Plot Shop Shops Small Survival World

BoostCraft Creative / Survival Server

This is a new small community server for fun. So far I have a creative plot building world and a survival world with economy and shops. Come hang out as we continue to develop and add new features!

1.13 200 Elo First Idea Job Jobs Mall Mcm Mcmmo Mmo Small Survival Tend Tran


A small game server that intends to bet on Jobs and mcMMO at first.
The idea is to develop it over time, but until then you are welcome to join our discord ♡

2.11 550 Apertura Bedwars Development Elo Ert Information Latin Latino Nico Opm Shop Survival Tina

Latino Network

>Red Latina 1.8-1.19<
> Modalities

————————————————– ————————
Survival Custom (apertura 28/03/23)

Bedwars (In development….)

————————————————– ————————





!More information MD to nico1212 #5501 or Costin#4822!

1.16.5 1.19.2 9.2 Box Boxpvp Construction Elo Elon Long Plot Plots Servers Spicy Survival World Of Minecraft

MCSPICY.PL is a new server in the world of minecraft, which prefers servers such as survival + plots, skyblock, and boxpvp, which is still under construction, the server is on version 1.16.5 – 1.19.2, if you have time, check what you may belong;

Date Dates Dev Development Discord Elo Family Features Opm Realm Survival Upcoming Update Updates Website

Quantum Realm

Welcome to Quantum Realm..Quantum Realm is a new upcoming survival server with
alot of features,family-friendly community,and continues updates and development.

Admin Admins Dev Developer Developers Duel Duels Elo Need Needed Pat Prison Skyblock Survival Towny, Towny, Survival, Duels, Skyblock! Come join now Bedrock compatible!!

This is a towny prison survival server that needs admins mod staff and developers are needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!