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Project Oasis

Welcome to the Oasis Project,

About the Project:

The Oasis Project is a collection of players with one goal, bring to life a game unlike any other, a game were you can choose who you want to be, a game that has no world limits, a game of guns and swords, all set in a modern themed world, The Oasis Project has a collection of mods and resource packs to help with this, each pack has been gone through with a fine tooth comb to insure that there is as few bugs and glitches or crashes as possible to insure a smooth game play with out lag or other performance issues, with this we run on a dedicated host with a 100gbs speeds and over 96 gigs of ram preloaded for heavy load times to insure there is no tps drops,

Back Story:

The Oasis Projects story line is based off the Sword Art Online Series in a whole but takes effect after Project Alicization, were there back in the real world, but not everything is as it seems, you will encounter bosses and other beasts of the wilds, players included that will try to kill you if given the chance, while most bosses have a set area you will encounter bosses that appear randomly in the wilds, and certain towns and city locations,
as you progress further into the world you will find hidden quest and items that will unlock parts of the map and be able to experience Airncrad for your self as you fight your way through the floors, but be careful the beast of them worlds may just follow you back to your own,

Project Credits

GreenField for Base map and texture pack- { highly recommend checking them out as they bring there epic city to a close,
All Mod Credits go to there respected authors and developers

Need files
Mod Pack
resource pack


We are looking for All Staff to join us with the project