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[OPEN] Warriors of Whispering Shadows || Minecraft Warrior Cats RPG server [2020] [1.14.4+]




Support Email
[email protected]

-=+ Warriors Of Whispering Shadows +=-

Versions 1.14.4 and Newer

Based on the hit book series “Warrior Cats” by Erin Hunter, Warriors of Whispering Shadows plunges you straight into the action! The unparalleled gameplay comes from the custom plugins that bring the server itself to life; whether that be hunting mechanics, protecting your clanmates, or participating in Clan invasions!Gameplay has been designed to put you right into the paws of a warrior. With captivating features you shouldn’t get bored!With a custom, hand created map, the visuals are full of life. With beautiful camps and wide, expansive territories, you’ll always find something new to explore.While WoWS is gameplay oriented, roleplay is still a very important part of our server. WoWS has its own set of unique plot points in order to keep roleplay fresh and exciting! You don’t have to participate in anything you don’t want to, but its always good to go out of your way and try something new!The icing on the cake is our wonderful community! ​Community can either make or break a server. We strive to provide a safe and caring environment for everybody, with reliable staff ready to help out at any moment! Don’t feel scared to message one of us if you need anything.


Leader – Antlerstar

Deputy – Being chosen. . .

Medicine Cat – None

Medicine Cat Apprentice – MISSING


Leader – Dancingstar

Deputy – Being chosen. . .

Medicine Cat – None

Medicine Cat Apprentice – MISSING


Leader – Drizzlestar

Deputy – Being chosen. . .

Medicine Cat – MISSING

Medicine Cat Apprentice – None


Leader – Twistedstar

Deputy – Sharpbone

Medicine Cat – MISSING

Medicine Cat Apprentice – None

Currently on the plot. . .

All of the Medicine Cats have gone missing. They have been replaced with temporary cats from outside the clans, but all is not well among the cats.

Strange happenings, strange sights, gore and whiskers found at the scene… Starclan seems to be silent and the water leading to the Moonpool is blocked.

There is a prophecy…

But what does it mean?

Who is the strange rogue who was with the medicine cats before they disappeared?

Who has good intentions, and who is trying to disrupt the balance?
Why have the new leaders only been gifted one life?

Other Features
Active, reliable staff. . .
A plot where the players choices matter. . .
A disguise plugin, making players appear as their characters. . .
Hunting and fighting mechanics. . .
A fun, kind playerbase. . .
A new staff team. . .
Custom art for events. . .

Cats Fantasy Magic Roleplay Warrior Warriorcats Warriorcatsrpserver Warriors

☆.。.:*Cry from the Shadows*:.。.☆ [A WIP Magic Warriors Server]

Cry from the Shadows!

A Warrior Cats RP server with a magical twist!
This server will mainly be of the gameplay type, but we will have plenty of roleplay-related events to help please everyone! We a fully custom map, lore, events, and groups, for a unique and exciting new experience!

Join here:




Builder and Staff positions open on our Discord!

❄️Cymatile Tribe ❄️

“Grace and Intelligence.”

The Cymatile Tribe is known for being smart, cunning, witty and graceful! They never let anything slip under their noses and will always be on high alert around others. Their pelts are usually lighter colours to blend into their snowy habitat and are able to have accents of light blue on their fur! The blue markings they’re born with are usually smaller and are more flake-like than the other Tribes. Their eyes are commonly shades of blues, purples and grays. The pelts of these cats always seem cold and frosted over, making the air around them become colder and colder…

Mayor: –
Chief: –
Doctor: –
Doctor Trainee: Ferretdance

🔥Ardere Tribe🔥

“Endurance and Glory.”

The Ardere Tribe is known as one of the Tribes with the more raw power. They’re tough and it’s very hard to knock a member of the Ardere Tribe down. These cats can be hot-headed and can become very aggressive very fast. They’re respectful of rules, though, and would rather be honourable than blood-thirsty. Their pelts are usually shades of browns, reds and gingers and are overall larger and bigger built. They’re born with red markings that are usually in shapes of wisps, flames, etc. Their eyes are most shades of amber, red, orange, yellow and brown. Little sparks and wisps can be seen bouncing out of these cats’ pelts, warming up the air around them..

Mayor: Wispstar
Chief: –
Doctor: –
Doctor Trainee: –

🌿Cresecre Tribe🌿

”Loyalty and Spirit.”

These cats are known for being quite feisty and defensive, making them a little difficult to deal with. Within their Tribe, though, they’re very kind, gentle and patient with each other. They honour kin and friendships over anything else and are extremely loyal to their Tribe. Their pelts are usually shades of browns, creams and light gingers and are usually taller and lankier than the other Tribes They’re born with green markings that are usually rounder and shaped a little like leaves. Their eyes can be shades of greens, browns and ambers. Each cat in this Tribe, if their blood is purely from the Cresecre Tribe, will have some sort of plant growing on their pelt. It can be a flower, a mushroom, a little sapling(it wouldn’t ever grow into a tree), etc.
Mayor: –
Chief: –
Doctor: –
Doctor Trainee: Rosemary

☀️Vita Tribe☀️

“Pride and Compassion.”

Cats apart of the Vita Tribe are known for being very prideful and judgemental of other cats. They enjoy attention and are overall very loud and extroverted cats. Once you get to know a Vita cat, though, they’re a great friend. They’ll never fail to cheer up a friend when they’re feeling down or help any other cats in need. Their pelts are usually shades of lighter grays, whites, gingers and cream and are a lot smaller than the other Tribes. Their markings are shades of oranges or yellows and are usually shaped like suns, stars, circles or orbs. Their eyes can be shades of yellows, ambers or lighter browns. And they always seem to have an aura of happiness and brightness around them, being able to light up a room… figuratively and.. literally.
Mayor: –
Chief: –
Doctor: –
Doctor Trainee: –

🌙Umbra Tribe🌙

“Stealth and Silence.”

Cats in the Umbra Tribe are known as being quite reserved and quiet. They always seem to keep their heads down and mouths shut. They’re very stealthy and great at sneaking through the night, a skill most of the other Tribes lack. They’re known for taking no nonsense and won’t tolerate being pushed around by others. They won’t hesitate to take action in any situation where they feel threatened or belittled. Their pelts are usually any colour but in darker shades. They’re born with purple markings that are usually a lot sharper. Their eyes can be pretty much any colour but in a very dark, almost black shade. They always seem to have a sense of… darkness around them, making anyone who’s by them for too long start to feel drowsy and fatigued.

Mayor: –
Chief: –
Doctor: –
Doctor Trainee: –

Cat Cats Play Role Roleplay Rps Warrior Warriorcats Warriorcatsrpserver Warriors Warriorsrp

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* [WIP] Wandering Lights – Warrior Cats Roleplay *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*[WORK IN PROGRESS]*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Our server is still a WIP, but if you’d like to help us build feel free to apply here! (Join our discord first)

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Wandering Lights *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Wandering Lights is a Warriors roleplay server with 4 fan-made Clans and 2 fan-made tribes! StarClan has spoken to these cats, and together they must seek peace among each other. WLRP has plenty to offer, such as activity ranks earned every 5 hours of server play-time, and perks each rank up! To learn more about our server, join us now!

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Our Clans *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

This Clan is located on the edge of a cliff, where their dens are dug from old badger dens. These cats climb to get to their camp. Their Clan is located next to a river, yet they do not like water. These cats have ranging fur lengths. They have more muscle than average. These cats are slightly taller than average. They are usually gray, black, or brown, and are tabbies or pointed.
This Clan lives on a hill with a spread forest. They are surrounded by grass as tall as a two-leg, protecting their Clan. Their camp is within a ditch, and the dens are made of bushes. These cats have thin or average fur lengths, and are taller than average. These cats are also usually gray, tan, or black, and can be tabby, pointed, or solid.
This Clan is built within the roots of a large willow tree, and beside a lake. Their dens are carved from the roots of the tree. They don’t get rained on, but sometimes their dens flood. These cats have slick, usually fluffy fur, and are average height. These cats are mostly brown or tan, and are tabbies with white underbellies.
This Clan hides in large grass hills, inside a gorge. Their dens are within tunnels and rocks, keeping the cats safe. Prey mostly comes right to them. These cats have fur lengths that range from short to long, and they’re usually shorter than average. These cats are also usually brown and tan, and are tabbies or solid.

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Lesbian Minecraft Server

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Cat Forest Roleplay Warrior Warriorcats Warriors

「❀Echoes of the Forest❀」A WIP Warrior Cats RP Server!

Our server is only currently open to staff members and builders. Applications for both of these will be open very shortly on our Discord!

-*✿❀ ❀✿*- Echoes of the Forest -*✿❀ ❀✿*-




EotF is a Roleplay based server, which still has some fun gameplay aspects so things don’t get boring! We strive to make a place where players can be as creative as they want and create wonderful stories with each other! We offer exciting and unique plots to keep our player-base engaged and we always make sure to include as many people as possible, so no one feels left out

The Clans:


MagpieClan’s territory is deep within the forest, full of brambles and thorns for cats to get caught in. Since their territory is so difficult to navigate, they’ve learnt to climb and jump to tree to tree, letting them cross their territory with ease. These cats are known to be secretive, stealthy, and untrustworthy. They are usually the ones to start fights with their sharp tongues and entitled attitude. They make different things for the Clans, such as poisons for battle or flower crowns for SwanClan.


RobinClan cats are known to be very religious and softer than the other Clans. They’re usually the ones to try to break up fights within the territories instead of participating. They hold their traditions very closely and prides themselves on how close they are to their ancestors. They don’t like change and will always try to keep doing things the way their ancestors did things, which often isn’t the most effective way.

🌸SwanClan 🌸

SwanClan cats are elegant and they pride themselves in their beauty and gracefulness. They’re known for being swift, clever and strong swimmers. They like making dances and performing them during gatherings or other events, amusing the other Clans. Some cats might think they’re lazy or wasting time, but these dances and performances boost their morals and it’s good exercise. These cats are very good fighters, making them a very wanted ally during wars.


ShrikeClan cats are known for being very courageous and sometimes even blood-thirsty. They’re excellent fighters and will do anything to win their wars or battles. They often buy poisons from MagpieClan for battling and sometimes even assassinations.. They’re extremely loyal to their Clan and will do anything to protect it, even if it means death. They’re aggressive towards outsiders and will rarely let them join the Clan unless they’ve proven themselves in some way. They bicker with the other Clans a lot, and they’re very hated by RobinClan cats.

Hope to see you soon!!

Roleplay Sscs Stealthssurvivalcatserver Warrior Warriorcats Warriorcatsminecraftserver Warriorcatsroleplay Warriorcatsroleplay2020 Warriorcatsroleplayserver Warriorcatsrpserver Warriors Warriorsrp

Stealth’s Survival Cat Server (SSCS)

This server is currently a wip, we’ll announce on the discord when it’s fully open. Builders and beta testers are working hard to make SSCS a great server. Please join the discord if you’d like to know what is getting worked on.

If you’d like to join, I’ll allow 10 more people to join the actual server before it’s whitelisted.

Discord: [



Roleplay Warriorcats Warriorcatsminecraftserver Warriorcatsroleplay Warriorcatsroleplayserver Warriorcatsrpserver Warriors Warriorsrp

[WIP] Warrior Cats Strange Tales

Welcome to Strange Tales! This server is a little different than other Warriors

You feel something oddly powerful about this land… something’s unique about this place…

In this server you will start out as a loner (or a clan cat if there are already existing clans).
From there, you can join or create a clan or group!

NOTE: This server is still a WIP, and we are looking for more staff and builders to expand
our team!

Join our discord for live updates, applications and more!

112server Cats Friendly Friendlyserver Minecraftserver Roleplay Roleplaying Roleplayingserver Rpserver Trufflecraft Usa Warriorcats Warriorcatsminecraftserver Warriorcatsroleplay Warriorcatsrpserver Warriorcatsservers2020 Warriors Warriorsrp

Trufflecraft ~ a warrior cats rp server

Come join Trufflecraft!!

We are a warrior cats server looking for new players to come to join our little family and while we are still building up we would like to get to know everyone who wants to join us.

VER: 1.12

Had to reupload server as trying to update the old one didn’t want to work

We are currently working on restoring the server to its former glory days and building new clan sites and have a discord server:!!!

Trufflecraft has a wide variety of roleplays such as:






Mythical Creatures





We hope you come to join us! 🙂

Roleplay Warriorcats Warriors

*WIP* Twinkling Stars – Warrior Cats Roleplay, 1.15.2

✨Twinkling Stars✨
This server is not yet released to the public, but it will be soon!
Staff applications are on our discord server! Feel free to apply!


Minecraft New Roleplay Sotc Survivaloftheclans Warrior Warriorcats Warriorcats2019 Warriorcatsminecraftserver Warriorcatsroleplay Warriorcatsroleplayserver Warriorcatsrpserver Warriors Warriorsrp

[1.15.2] [CUSTOM PLUGINS] Survival of the Clans – Warrior Cats Roleplay Server

🐾 Welcome to Survival of the Clans! 🐾


IP Address:

Version: Minecraft 1.15.2

Have you ever wanted to live life as a warrior, medicine cat, or leader? Survival of the Clans lets you do just that!

Leap into a friendly community where you get to experience the true Warriors experience. Live around the lake and battle for your life against the Clans around you. Experience warrior duties, like hunting and patrolling. Become a medicine cat and heal the diseases and injuries that your Clanmates might have. With other unique items and features, there’s always something to do!

By joining our Minecraft server, you will get…

» Upgradeable abilities that can make you faster and stronger in battle!

» Fun items to collect and show friends!

» A functional herb and sickness system that allows medicine cats to collect and apply herbs to cure Clanmates!

» The ability to leap over tall objects or into battle!

» Hunt down powerful creatures, like badgers and dogs, to upgrade your claws!

» A crafting interface that allows you to upgrade common items that are found around the map and turn them into useful, valuable items!

» Actually be able to disguise as cats!

» A character system that allows you to customize and display your cat’s pelt color/patterns, eye color, etc!

» A chance to live and grow in a tight-knit Clan where you can climb the ranks and prove your loyalty!

» Colourful names!

The Survival of the Clans community also extends outside of our Minecraft server! Our Discord (link found above) is available to those who wish to share artwork, tell stories, post memes, chat with friends, and receive notifications on upcoming events/updates. Our website ( also allows players without Discord access to keep tabs on important announcements.

These aren’t even half of the features that you will find on Survival of the Clans! There is still so much left for you to explore if you only join in on the fun. So, what are you waiting for? Join us now on to start your own Warriors adventure.

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