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Diplomacy SMP

Diplomacy SMP is a server for simulating real political development and rivalries, allyships, conflicts, and eventually wars between nations. Players will have the opportunity to either invite some friends to the server and start a brand new nation, or join one run by other nations. In addition, players will simulate internal politics within nations, either having elections for leaders, or being a dictatorship. If this sounds fun to you (as it did to us) please join our discord and apply to play on our server.

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MessyMedieval – Historical/Fantasy Build Server 「Plots | WorldEdit」

We are a Minecraft creative community and server with a strong interest in historical and realistic architecture. Our core aim is to create immersive and believable builds with fully interactive interiors at human scale, in vanilla Minecraft.

Anyone is welcome to build on the MessyMedieval server. We have a freeplots world that is open to the public, with no restrictions on world edit or other building tools. Furthermore we have a flexible plot system allowing plots to be merged to reach a desired size.

MessyMedieval has a rank progression system where users can submit their builds for approval, gaining access to larger plots and challenging themselves further in an effort to reach the rank of Master within the community.

We have a friendly and welcoming community, Join us today!

  Server features:

  • Creative Mode
  • Building Plots
  • Free WorldEdit
  • Custom plugins
  • Build submissions & coaching
  • Categories
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    Equinox [1.16.5 – 1.17.x]

    We are a new and upcoming equine based server with many talented builders and staff from all around the world. We strive for realism and have realistic gameplay as well as a custom plugin made by our amazing developer! You can take a calm trail ride around our world, cheer on your favorite horse as they race down track or even go shopping with your friends through the city! The possibilities are almost endless! Feel free to check out our social medias to learn a little bit more about us!

    ​We hope to see you on the server!

    Blockperfect Bpn Creative Creativeserver Destevigebouwer Heyopanda Itz Tobi Minecraft Nero 00 Plots Realism Sillyrabbit419 Tommyj1234

    Block Perfect Network

    Block Perfect is a perfect unity of builders from all over the world. Most of us have been building together for over 3 years but new family members are always welcome! Stop by the server at and claim a plot to apply for builder! Feel free to wander around our spawn for Easter Eggs and info on what to see and do on Block Perfect!

    Owners: SillyRabbit419

    Admins: Tommyj1234

    Developer: Kerv

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    Risnox Network

    Risnox Logo

    Server Info

    – Towny survival
    – Fight other players
    – Create your own playershop
    – Kill bosses and get rare loot
    – Visit monuments and get amazing loot
    – Level up your mcMMO skills and enter the Hall of Fame
    – Gain money with Jobs
    – Store your items in your personal backpack
    – Auction items to other players
    – Collect keys from bosses and voting
    – Buy heads and customize your builds
    – Rankup with ingame currencies!

    Awsome Boats Cars Casino City Cityrp Craft Fun Government Gta Gta4 Gta5 Gtainminecraft Gtamc Gtaminecraft Gtaminecraftpolice Gtav Horses Law Minecraft Newyork Newyorkcity Planes Players Playing Police Race Raceing Rcg Realism Realistic Reallife Roleplay Shop Skyscraper Subway Survival Tower Updated Vindex

    VindexCraft [CityRP] [Jobs] [Custom Vehicles] [Economy]


    FOUNDED 9/9/2012


    Website :

    VindexCraft has been up for a long time now so whatever you build is here to stay, VindexCraft was founded in 2012 and has since changed a lot. VindexCraft is a City RolePlay server, you start out in Vindex City (The City above) and you can get / earn several jobs, buy homes and apartments, buy cars and more! With all of our many many CUSTOM plugins and years of experience in the server world, we strive to make this blocky world more and more like real life every day.
    want to have an even better experience? get a cool shader pack and really make the world come to life. (as seen above)

    -=- Current Cities -=-
    – Vindex City (spawn, uptown and downtown)
    – SeaWall City
    – WestHedge
    – Dorean
    – Port Gallifrey
    – Addersfield

    -=- Jobs Avaliable -=-
    – Police Officer
    – Lawyer
    – Farmer
    – Politician
    – Doctor
    – Citizen
    – Soldier
    – Business
    – CoastGuard
    – Chef
    – Detective
    – Rebel
    – RealEstateAgt
    – FireFighter
    – Employee
    – Hobo
    – AND SOOOOO MUCH MORE!!! I would rather not spend 3 hours listing jobs 😛

    -=- Vehicles -=-
    – Police Sedan (holds 4 people)
    – Black Sedan (holds 4 people)
    – Taxi Cab (holds 4 people)
    – Black SUV (holds 5 people)
    – MotorBike (holds 1 driver)
    – SpeedCar (holds 4 people *fastest car*)
    – FireTruck (holds 4 people)

    I just added like 50 more cars to the server, and I am lazy. Therefore I’m not gunna list them all….

    more comming soon!

    Additional Notes
    Vindex Craft, 24/7, Realistic, Life, Fun, jobs, CityRP, city role play.

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    MCVantage BUILD Server: PLOTS {Free WorldEdit} | CITY | DISNEYLAND

    1.15.2 CREATIVE | Free WORLDEdit | Merge-able BIG Plots | SCHEMATIC Available
    FREE BUILD Custom City Map {High-Quality}
    Hong Kong Disneyland [​1:1]

    •  The most customizable Creative and ‘tourism’ Server in all of Minecraft.
    • You can download your builds as schematics.
    •  A Server with Free WorldEdit.
    •  Plots are Merge-able, meaning, you can make enormous plots!
    • The only server with Hong Kong Disneyland [​1:1 Scale]!
    • Anyone can build in the Plot World.
    •  Anyone can tour the City & Disneyland, but they require applications to build on.
    •  Able to speak either English or Español.
    •  Custom Anti-Crash Plugin makes sure trolls cannot crash the server!
    •  As many permissions as possible are given to new members.
    •  Listen to area music and city noises by doing /Audio.
    •  We want to give players the greatest server ever created!

    So as to not waste your time, here’s what our creative has:
    Customizable Creative, with Plots! Free Build!
    Drivable Cars! Heads Plugin! 3D Furniture! TRAINCarts!
    Animated Billboards (like Times Square)! & WorldEdit!
    To get started, do /warp Creative!

    We have casual players only wanting to build dirt huts and professional builders that sell their builds on our plot world. Since WorldEdit is Free, and that you can Merge & Download Plots as Schematics, it’s a perfect setup for any type of Builder!

    Our plot world is open for everyone to build, but to build in our City Free Build, or our 1:1 recreation of Hong Kong Disneyland, apply on our website!
    Most just build on our Plot World and enjoy being a ‘tourist’, which is just as fun!

    Ever wanted to go to Hong Kong Disneyland, ride Mystic Manor, hop on Space Mountain, watch the Nightly Fireworks, and eat some Dim Sum on Main Street U.S.A.?
    Now you can!
    For the first time in Minecraft history, we are on track to finish Hong Kong Disneyland this summer!
    We have 3D-models for ride vehicles, firework shows, actual area music, live shows, costumes, and more!
    If you have been on any of the more popular theme park servers, we’re also like that, only more laid-back, and the only to feature Hong Kong Disneyland.

    Join our Discord!
    This is not just a server, it is a community! We have already grown to average 10 people on at once in the afternoon EST! Thanks, to all of you!

    Beautiful Builds Community Creative Cubed Edit Everbloom Fantasy Freebuild Great Innovative Inspirational Limits Medieval Modern New Plugins Ranks Realism Staff Structured Traditional Versions Voxelsniper Westpoint World Worldedit

    Cubed Creative » Freebuild Server featured on

    WE’RE BACK! Join today with 1.15.2 – IP:

    Buildyard City Community Creative Default Discord Flatworld Gaming Host Mainworld Othergames Permissions Perms Plotworld Ranks Realism Server Ships Showcase Staff Town Twitch Vehicles Warps Youtube

    [NEW] Imperium Network | Scale Builders Society | Creative

    IP –

    Welcome to The Scale Builders Society!

    TSB is part of the Imperium Network community that hosts a range of game servers including this one! Formally known as the Vehicle Society we specialize in vehicles and realism. We have everything from the smallest of vehicles to ships to large buildings such as the mall.

    We are a growing server that are looking to expand our servers as we grow. We would love you to become a part of it!

    To get building on the server we currently use an application system, here is how it works.

  • Head over to /warp apply
  • type in chat /plotme auto
  • Once you have your plot build away
  • Staff of the server go around everyday looking at applications and you will be informed if you have passed the application stage.

    Our server also works on a rank system, you will start off as a builder and over time you will be able to promote to the ranks above you and gain more perks such as world edit perms.

    We have 3 worlds currently

  • The Main World – Where we build all of our showcase items in a city for display
  • The Build Yard – This is a flat world for everyone from the rank builder and up, This is used for random builds and vehicles and such
  • The Applications world, Speaks for its self.
  • We would love to see you on the server and our discord, Hop onto our server and look out for the discord link if you want to know more!

    America City Craft Crafty Craftyfoxe Creative Economy Fox Foxshot Foxy Realism Realistic Roleplay Server Shot Urban Worldedit

    FoxShot Realistic Creative Server

    FoxShot Realistic Creative Server.

    Themes: Military, City, Trains, Aircraft, Ships, Houses, Infrastructure, etc.

    We are looking for realistic builders!
    I’ve built in single-player for a lot of my projects, but building on a server with a whole community would be a lot more fun. You can learn new things and make friends so I invite you to come! We have an entire world dedicated to building ships, trains and aircraft.
    If interested in being a builder, please read signs at /warp plot

    A Trial is where you will take a building test of making a house based on a picture to become builder. Go to /warp plot and read the holograms for more info.

    world download:
    Ban Appeals: send me a private message w/ reason of ban and why should we unban you

    Check out below to view projects from our server!