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A free-for-all Canvas for anybody to paint on

Due to unmoderated content, players should be 16 years or older.


  • Draw with all 16 colors.
  • Ability to make blocks stronger. A block must be weakened the same amount it was strengthened in order for its color to change.
  • Completely vanilla, resulting in fast version updates.
  • Spectator mode on demand.
  • Create banners to represent yourself or a team.
  • PvP is enabled outside spawn area. Active players will be stronger than others.
  • Teleport to center any time.
  • No assigned content Moderators. Draw anything, anywhere. It’s up to the community to moderate other players. Hacks are not allowed.
  • Create maps for archiving purposes. Every now and then those maps will be parsed using home-made software to generate big images. Sometimes the map data (from map items) will be published too, allowing anyone to pan across the map using the software.
  • Note that Canvas is using free servers for now, meaning that it’ll have to be renewed every now and then at You’ll get rewarded with speed 🙂