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❤️GamePlay.Vision⭐ CityBuild and Lobby Games ✅

Hey, we are GamePlay.Vision
We’re a small server network with a huge bang.

you get to know us a bit, you will quickly notice that we are very
are familiar. You will mostly become the two owners, Hutch79 and Baeumchen
with other players on our TeamSpeak Server (IP: GamePlay.Vision)

But why do we actually claim that we have a bang?
Oh well,
above all, Hutch79 often has crazy ideas that
Unfortunately, implementation is always a different topic, because he can
don’t program ^^
But even Baeumchen can sometimes come up with pretty crazy ideas. And together, the two are unbeatable.

By the way, I haven’t introduced myself yet!
I’m GamePlay.Vision’s personal server goblin, and I go by the name Knuffel.
I might annoy you a bit 😉
That includes writing messages on your behalf, mixing up your items a bit, or otherwise getting on your nerves ^^
But I have my good points too, don’t worry.

Uff, it’s so late, I have to annoy a few players, or maybe give out a small reward.
So hop onto the server and visit us at GamePlay.Vision, we look forward to seeing you!

Our servers

– King of the Leather – Try to be the first on the top and don’t let anyone push you down!

Jump & Run – Nobody in the lobby? Jump & Run is a super
Pastime, maybe you’ll make it to the top 5 list too.
– Bomberman – Blow up your friends using TNT. But watch out, you only have 3 lives
– Network-wide MSG system so you can message your friends anywhere

– Player trading through crate shops
– Adminshop (You cannot buy items, only sell them)
– Skill Level System
– Network-wide MSG system so you can message your friends anywhere
– Farm worlds (Normal & Nether, you have to earn the end first)
– Special admin kits which you can buy with ingame money
– Various Vote rewards

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MythMC | Skyblock! Survival! & MORE!

MythMC is not your ordinary server, we take classic game modes and put our own little spin on them to keep you interested & coming back for more. We are community driven & designed for the players, with constantly adding new & creative ideas to be designed for all. We are also Non-Pay-To-Win!

1.8 -> 1.18.2 are supported!

Current Features:

IP : Play.MythsMC.US

Hiringstaff Hubserver Playerservers Pve Pvp Skyblock Smp Survival

Huntah Herd Network


  • Survival – Put Your Survival Skills to the test with our custom SMP Server

  • Skyblock – CUSTOM Skyblock included | Bitcoin | Minions | Custom Islands | GUI SHOPS | + MORE
  • Player Server – Players Can Now Own There Own Server Attached To Our HUB and fully customize it and have players join

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    We have:
    Regular Twitch streams
    Original maps
    Rank giveaways
    And more!

    Enjoy 😀
    Also a discord server: Click to join!

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    Project Halcyon 翠鸟计划

    *China Mainland server, most pages only provide Chinese language.
    *Group server, running multiple modpack servers and vanilla server.
    *You need to fill in the questionnaire and pass the review to add whitelist.
    *Prohibition of racial discrimination.
    *Prohibition of political topics.

    翠鸟计划致力于打造一个 和谐友善、相互信任、安逸舒适 的小小社群。



    Economy Griefprevention Guis Hubserver Mcmmo Skyblock Survival

    Based MC

    Welcome to Based MC!
    This server is a brand new hub with it’s current focus being Custom Survival. A skyblock server will be implemented soon. The more players we gain, the more the server will be expanded. Thanks for checking us out.
    Survival Features:
    – Unique server GUI, press F in game!
    – TreeFeller
    – 8 Custom Mobs!
    – OVER 200 custom enchants!
    – mcMMO
    – Custom Quests
    – Friend and party system
    – GriefPrevention
    – One player sleep
    – Dynmap
    – Awesome cosmetics with GUI
    – Mine-able spawners that cost money

    The rest is up to you! We want the community to decide where our server goes. See you there!

    Faction Hubserver Other Prison Server Skyblock Survival Survivalgames

    Boomcraft DK

    BoomcraftDK is a newly reopened danish Homehosted Hub server that doesn’t search for staff members at the moment and doesn’t give out free ranks to people, ops Strangers or give them creative game mode, now you know. So if it’s that you are going for, please don’t join the server and find someone else’s server to ask for that, other rules are written at the Hub of the server as global rules

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    [ ABOUT US ]

    Athelstan MC
    is a new minecraft server that wants to focus on building a fun
    community for people interested in anything old times for example
    medieval ages, vikings, tribes etc. You can create your own
    kingdom/democratic nation/tribe/clan the possibilities are endless ! We
    also add a bit of realism by adding thirst, the ability to brew
    alcoholic beverages, animals reproduce naturally in the wild and more.
    We also remove phantoms because they are just annoying! We believe
    players should have more freedoms that’s why all out war(s), politics,
    player chosen currency and more are allowed.

    creative plots world will open soon as well for those looking to just
    chill. Our server will also provide fun events such as parkour
    competitions, karaoke and more 🙂

    Note: We
    would like for mature and experienced players to join our community
    but as long as you follow our rules and avoid being too toxic you will
    be fine. Our preferred ages would be 16+ because swearing will be
    allowed and among other things.

    Rules for Medieval age Factions Survival World:

  • Hacking in any way will not be allowed
  • No spamming
  • Do not use glitches to gain an advantage such as duping items.
  • Factions must have a border to be legit. for example a river sorrounding it, a wall, ocean..etc
  • A
    leader of a faction or leaders have the right to have total control
    over the land of the faction and can kick out citizens, remove their
    homes, tax them etc.
  • Wars are allowed between factions even if one faction doesnt want war, they can be invaded.
  • Stealing
    and griefing will be allowed, it is up to players to prevent this and
    keep the order, wiping out a whole faction with tnt will not be allowed
    though and another faction cannot grief/steal unless the faction they
    are targeting has members online at the time.
  • You may curse and speak about religion,politics etc but racist offensive words will not be allowed
  • Offensive builds such as swastikas or genitals are not allowed.
  • Factions
    must have serious names and no copying from real life nation names. For
    example do not name your kingdom “The Penguin Kingdom”
  • A United Nations type organization is banned from being made.
  • You may start your own religion/cult within the server as long as it doesn’t promote racism
  • A faction can absorb another if they succesfully invade militarily or force the faction to surrender in other ways.
  • A faction can have any gov. type such as democracy, monarchy or a made up one.
  • Do not disrespect staff
  • Do not act childish and use common sense.
  • No modern themes
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    DashMC [1.8 – 1.15.2]

    DashMC | Minecraft Network
    New KitPvP-server opening the 20th June
    ◆ Minecraft PvP Network
    ◆ EU/NA region
    ◆ KitPvP
    ◆ Fully custom-developed server
    ◆ Unique and custom user-events
    ◆ We got some of the most experienced developers
    ◆ Helpful and a friendly staff-team
    ◆ Lots of updates to be added
    [ ] Discord [ ]

    [ ] Server IP [ ]

    [ ] Server trailer [ ]

    Hub Hubserver Minecave Minecavemc Other Skyblock Skywars Survival


    MinecaveMC is a small hub based Minecraft server. We’re growing our playerbase rn so dont leave if theres noone online.MinecaveMC has gamemodes such as: Skywars, Skyblock, UHC and Survival . I would be very happy if you joineed our discord because i mostly use it to calculate the grow of Minecave.