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PwnzCrew Kingdoms

PwnzCrew’s Hosted Public Server , with a Medieval Theme and a Lot to offer, At the moment It can be home to those who want a Permanent place for their builds, Survival worlds will “Never” reset, and as you rank up you’re able to Expand your protected Land by renting, buying, & Claiming, depending how and where you want to live.

Game play is Integrated, meaning NO HUB! Just One Simple click & go GUI Menu Yay! “/guidebook”

Or try your skills at Skyblock! at any time, you can go to your Skyblock island to do Everything from create up-gradable Cobble Generators for Ore, Gain Island Accomplishments, invite and play with Friends on your island, Expand and Boost, & Many more options from it’s own GUI menu in game!

Themed around a Medieval Setting with Economy-Driven Fortress Empowered Guilds and PVP including Protected Kingdoms where PVP is only active for Knight rank or higher, on top of protections, players can be Fined in-game and have Negative consequences against their K/D rating for killing non-enemy civilians, We’ll call them rebels.

Player Shops, Custom Recipes, from Brewing to Mythic drops and crafting Furnace Backpacks, Battle Arenas, even Claim and Protect Horses! All while designed to evolved around offering a Player Economy with Market Shop Areas you can Rent and a Shop and create Trade Chests, or Travel to distant towns to trade with NPC & Merchant Shops,

This is a Survival Server with Skyblock that Basically is in ALPHA testing, as best as i can put it.
Happy to offer any creator a new place to build, all included features for players in BETA will carry to ALPHA as Thanks!
If the server is ever down, it’s typically just a restart to install a plugin, normally never down more than a few minutes every day for the Restarts. All progress, builds, money, player data, is saved every 15 minutes Plus when restarting. i Personally keep backup downloads every few days for a worst-case situation, Thus far zero issues. We’re running on a Host 24/7 for Maximum Uptime and Reliability!

Family Operated and welcomes Anyone who’d like to join and build their Adventurist Future in PwnzCrew Kingdoms.
Currently all perks are available to All players, and will persist for all “Existing” players when We’re in Beta.
Offering Moderator and Admin positions “as they come available” You’ll need to sign up on our forum site to apply.
I have a Temp Rank with “Creative Mode” Toggling for those who would like to help with Server Builds., Keeps separate inventory.

All survival builds within protected or designated areas are protected with Player Interaction Logging, should some one you trusted attempt to troll and destroy your build, the damage can be reversed, up-to a month.
PVP is only enabled for Rank 4+ players who are in a Guild and At War with another guild, Currently need to test pvp players

Use command “/guidebook” for anything from Tutorial & Main Areas to your Safe on Death Storage Trinket & Quest Journal!
There is typically always at least 1-4 staff members on including myself with any questions you might have!

Supports 1.15.+ and 1.16+ launcher client versions.