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Hat Gang Whitelisted Middle School

Welcome to the Hat Gang SMP!

We are a small, whitelisted survival server that offers a friendly semi-vanilla experience that is inspired by popular communities like HermitCraft and Empires SMP!
While being whitelisted may seem intimidating, you can join Hat Gang by filling an application. Application review usually takes a day at most, so we promise not to leave you hanging for too long 🙂

Join our discord for important server announcements and chit chat!
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Before filling out an application, you can get to know more about how we play here!
On our server, we want to deliver the cozy experience of a group of friends playing the game together. This is also why our server is whitelisted, because everything is better when you can build a bond of trust with other players, and have fun without having to worry about griefing, theft, cheating or aggression.
Hat Gang is currently on Season 3!
From what first started as a casual group of friends trying to host a small server that they can enjoy for a little while, we eventually upgraded our server and more people joined, and now in the early third season we’ve decided to open up for new player applications from the public! You can find screenshots of creations from Season 1 in the images list at the top of the page, but we don’t talk about Season 2…
What plugins/additional features do we have on Hat Gang?
We like keeping our server similar to the Vanilla Minecraft experience, so we don’t have any plugins that are over-the-top or too different to how you normally play the game. However, we do have a few changes on our server from the Vanilla features. For example, you can build freely shaped nether portals, use wood in stonecutters and craft paper from bamboo, as well as a togglable Treefeller plugin that makes trees break completely when you break one of the logs.
We also have a Creative Mode universe for building/testing with WorldEdit and creative mode whenever you feel like it using a command to go from/to the Survival mode worlds. This command also saves your last position on both universes so you can continue where you left off, as well as separate inventories for each universe!
And last but not least, we also have a plugin that connects our server chat to our Discord Server! So you can chat with players on discord while playing even when they aren’t online on the minecraft server, as well as Geyser, which allows crossplay between Minecraft Java and Bedrock edition users on our server, with support for linking accounts!

[​Hats are not 100% guaranteed]

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SpyroCraft Season 4

SpyroCraft is a hermitcraft-type whitelisted survival Minecraft server which has a fun and accepting community! LGBTQIA+ Safe!

SpyroCraft Channel:

Join the discord today to get whitelisted!

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Oracle SMP – applications in description

Oracle SMP is a vanilla experience survival server. This server is based upon Hermitcraft, with a shopping district and a whitelist system. To apply, use the link below:

We also have a very trustworthy community with a wide range of skills. There are no griefers due to the application system and any rule breakers are banned accordingly. Recently, we added a discord to ingame chat system, so you can talk to players in the game from the discord app or website! Please watch this video to learn more about the server:

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We are a Whitelisted semi-vanilla survival server enhanced with; an armor-stand editor, proximity chat, mini-blocks, and other plugins that give players the closest gameplay experiences to that of Hermitcraft. Most other plugins used are for moderation and lag efficiency like Core Protect which helps keep our community a safe and friendly place this means there are no plugins that drastically alter the vanilla experience such as; /landclaim, /sethome, or /tpask /tpahere. We also have new bonus servers available! Including Last-Life and a creative test Server!

Here at Blithe, we encourage creativity; mega-bases, player shops, minigames, group builds, redstone projects, cityscapes, or anything else. If you can dream it we want to see it!
Join Today!


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TwistedCraft Season Two


Welcome to TwistedCraft Season Two; I’m Twisted, creator of TwistedCraft.

TwistedCraft was born back in late 2020. I wanted to join a mature community running a hermitcraft style experience. Still, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t find a vanilla SMP that wasn’t a younger player-base, vanilla+, or frankly toxic. So with absolutely no prior experience in server management, I decided to make my own! To say it was a learning curve is quite the understatement, but learn I did. Season one ran for quite some months before the season’s end. Now armed with far more knowledge in this, I’m starting season two of what was a thriving project. Keep reading to find out more about the heart of TwistedCraft…

What is TwistedCraft?
TwistedCraft is an adults-only vanilla SMP Minecraft server. At its heart, it is just good old fashioned Minecraft, with no fancy extras, no mods, and no complications.

Heavily inspired by the hermitcraft style of gameplay, TwistedCraft aims to create a community of like-minded adults who hang out and play Minecraft together.

We understand that adulting takes up most of your time, so we don’t have any strict activity time requirements as many other SMP servers do. Just come hang out in the evenings, and enjoy some Minecraft.

We are an adults-only server, so adult humour is welcomed here.

TwistedCraft is a content creator friendly server, creators are welcome here.

We do use discord for communication, which is a requirement to join. Don’t worry if you don’t have discord, it’s free to use!

🔞Over 18s Only. Free vanilla SMP server!✅Adult humour welcome✅Whitelisted by application only✅Java 1.18.2✅Dynmap plugin✅Vanilla tweaks datapacks✅Discord proximity chat enabled✅Youtuber friendly✅New Minecraft players welcome✅Pranksters welcome✅24/7 uptime❌No mods❌No cheats❌No pay to win.🌍Brand new world. The server is live and pregenerated to 5k blocks in all directions to remove chunk lag.💻Check out our website to find out more and apply to join!

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RetroCraft S2 – heavily inspired by hermitcraft [vanilla] [whitelisted] [java&bedrock support] [starting soon] Java-Hosting

Hello guys,This is Sidharth here. Back at it again with a brand new season!

16+ community

Are you looking for a completely vanilla server without random plugins ruining the experience? Expecting a lag free experience? Want to be part of an amazing mature community?

Well you are at the right place!

I am currently in the process of recruiting people for my season 2 of RetroCraft.The first season was hosted in 2019 and had around 390 unique successfull applications throughout the year.

Due to personal reasons could not start the server again till now.

Whats so special about RetroCraft?

  • Our server is beefed up just for the sake of providing our players a lag free experience without limiting the players on what farms they are allowed to do and what not!

  • RetroCraft is completely community driven. Unlike other servers , We don’t force our playerbase to comply to whatever an admin or me (owner) says. Community gets a say about everything that happens in the server, what the majority agree on goes!

  • Weekly events to keep the community engaged

  • Shopping district that is also player driven

  • Constant moderation to remove any griefer/cheater without any impact on the server whatsoever (no admins, just me doing the job. so don’t need to worry of anyone admin abusing)

  • Unlike other servers we are hoping to get this server running long term (for a year or 2 ) So you always have the ability to come back to your base and visit everything whenever you want!

  • Close knit & filtered playerbase, we strictly keep standards on who stays inside the server and who doesn’t so that you’ll never have to worry about someone ruining your day.

  • We allow support for bedrock players to join us aswell, since there are very talented bedrock players out there who can appreciate a good playerbase.

  • Season 2 is expected to start on 18/5/2022. So join now , you can be part of where it all started & get a headstart.

    (Nothing is set stone yet, i open to suggestions)

    here is my discord : RETRO#2181

    Although i am from india , the server is hosted in germany

    Hermitcraftstyle Survival

    Immortal Miners Hermitcraft Style!

    Hey guys, I’m starting late to the show as far as 1.18 goes. this server is hermitcraft style and other than a few data packs from vanilla tweaks is pretty much vanilla.

    Hop in the discord and post your IGN, age and a picture of a build you have done!

    discord link:: [

    this server is a whitelist only

    Server Starting at 10PM CST 4/24

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    Hermit Society – Relaunch coming soon

    We are a small community of (mostly) mature players trying to get hermicraft like game experience.
    Friendly and helpful staff and players, shopping district and minigame district is being build.

    Tried for minimal plugins to keep the vanilla feel. Java and bedrock players welcome.

    Please join our discord to fill out an application (it may take up to 24 hours to get approved and whitelisted since all admins must review the application)

    Disclaimer: Our world is currently both 1.16 and 1.17. The first 10 136 blocks around shopping disctrict was generated in 1.16 and does not contain the new blocks (ie deepslate etc), however if you venture out beyond 10k you will find the 1.17 items. We have convenient ice roads in the nether for fast travel.

    Current Server Plugins & Datapacks

    Plugins: Datapacks: Auto Messenger More Trapdoors Clear Lag More Stairs Core Protect Anti Enderman Grief Crafting Store Armor Statues DIscord SRV Double Shulker Shells Dynmap Dragon Drops Entity Track More Mob Heads Essentials X Player Head Drops Floodgate Wandering Trades Hermit Edition Geyser Wandering Trades Luck Perms MIni Blocks One Sleeper Placeholder Plasma voice TAB+ Villager Optimize Voting Plugin World Guard

    Comminuty Hermitcraftinspired Hermitcraftlike Hermitcraftlikeserver Hermitcraftsahara Hermitcraftstyle Survival Town

    ScapeCraft SMP | HermitCraft Like Type Server | Open 24/7 | Fresh 1.18.2 Map | Towny Community | +Youtube Videos




    Build Building Buildingserver Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Hermitcraftlikeserver Hermitcraftstyle Java Server Survival

    The Buildin Server

    literally just a server to fool around and have fun on.
    just dont hack or be annoying and you can stay.

    oh and dont steal shit. if your caught you will be banned, no questions asked
    and stream if u want.