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Dragon Craft SMP

This server comes with some wondering stuff. We have many staff members and we will assure that you will have a fun time. Are discord is fully made and it is made to the best ability that are staff can do. You first spawn out in survival and there is a shopping center. This server uses Essentials (Money). You can make your own shops and you can purchase them. If there is something that you would want to be added then you can suggest it in are discord and we will do the best that we can to add it.

I hope you have a fun and good time on Dragon Craft

City Computer Display First Fur Furniture Gun Guns Map Meg Mega Older Pve Economy Serveur Uses

tazader server

tazadre server is a server that uses the tazader city map and the mods mr craifirst computer, furniture, guns, and lcd display


4gb Computer Objectives Playerwarp Playerwarps Prison Sale Skyblock Smoke Survival Tokenshop Towny Warz Warzone Windows

Hustlers Survival *1.19.3* [SURVIVAL] [PRISON] [SKYBLOCK] [TOWNY]

Server Name:

  • Hustlers Survival
  • Website:

  • Server Address/IP:

  • Game Types:

  • Survival
  • Prison
  • SkyBlock
  • Towny
  • Description:

  • MineTech Hub has started July 7th, 2013 & ended after a few months due to being very young and running the server off my windows vista computer!
  • 10 Years later we are bringing back Dedicated Servers new and improved! New branding, game types, & more!
  • Work your way through the ranks by leveling up, and become a real Hustler.

    ❖ + Brand new Deliveries system with many different categories to earn money and tokens.
    ❖ + Jump down into the Warzone where you can collect supply crates.
    ❖ + Earn money by doing tasks with Jobs.
    ❖ + Grind through weekly events to get awesome rewards!
    ❖ + Log in every day to see an obtainable Item Of The Day waiting for you to claim through objectives.
    ❖ + Trade with players and set up shops in playerwarps.
    ❖ + Want extra keys or kits? Buy them in the tokenshop!
    ❖ + Earn in-game currency and become the richest player on the server.

    ❖ IP:
    ❖ Server version: 1.19.3
    ❖ Discord:


  • No Grief
  • No cussing
  • No advertising
  • More rules on the Server
  • Server Hardware:

  • Dedicated Machine with 64GB of RAM
  • Staff:

  • Owner: DrSmokerTTV
  • Co-Owner:
  • Head-Admin:
  • Admin:
  • Server Release Sale 15% Off Everything!

    1.19.3 Computer Cross-Play Gun Minecraft 1.19 Mobile Original Professional Pve Pvp Roleplay Security Skyblock Stable Survival


    Special “RPG Survival”, SkyBlock and building World, we have gun and pet, It’s all possible in the original game, you can use any game after minecraft 1.19.3 to join, our server can play on your mobile phone and computer at the same time, support both Java edtion and bedrock edtion, our website is, server powered by professional team, security and stable, have fun!

    Auction Bro Broke Computer Cool Cracked Dad Dollar Freesurvival Hate Library Normal Pirate Pirates Survival

    dave’s server

    do whatever just not like mean things
    it’s chill and i play on it with my friend sometimes
    it has a discord server at
    just a normal survival server ran on a library’s computer that my dad won at an auction for one dollar
    also it’s cracked for my friend who is broke and pirates minecraft

    Amry Army Cars Challenging Computer Create Earth Economy Farm Farmersdelight Food Fun Functional Glacio Gun Mars Mercury Military Minecolonies Mod Modded Modpack Moon Multiplayer Plane Pollution Season Security Space Spaceship Spacetravel Survival Tech Technical Technology Train Venus Voicechat

    Civilizations Of Kepler Modded Survival Server

    Modpack Download: Civilizations of Kepler – Modpacks – Minecraft – CurseForge

  • About:
  • Civilizations of Kepler is about building civilizations with other players to accomplish large goals like space travel.

    To make Civilizations much better, mods added to allow armies, computers, massive technological machines, cars, planes, trains, guns, and many other things all compile together to make this pack amazing.

    Since it is designed to be played with friends a server is already started where you can play with me, the pack maker, and many of my friends and colleagues.

    Here is the Discord

  • Trading:
  • We have 2 mods installed so that trading with other players is a breeze. Shoppy mod adds bartering stations and shops. Bartering stations allows a player to trade items. The Shop allows players to trade items for money from the economy mod, eights economy.


    Does not work with optifine

    Civilizations Of Kepler Minecraft Mod

    Kinetic Server Host

    Auction House Basic Companions Computer Economy House Houses Interesting Projects Pve Pvp Reviv Revive Roleplay Survival


    ◥◣◆◢ 𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗽𝘂𝘁𝗲𝗿𝟮𝟯𝗴𝗮𝗺𝗲𝘀 ◣◆◢◤
    ◆ ɪɴꜰᴏʀᴍᴀᴄɪᴏɴ ʙᴀsɪᴄᴀ

    》Hello!, computer23games is a small survival community, for everyone!, we are a nice and fun community, our server has many interesting and fun features for everyone to have fun!

    𝘿𝙞𝙛𝙞𝙘𝙪𝙡𝙩𝙖𝙙: 𝘿𝙞𝙛𝙞𝙘𝙞𝙡
    𝙑𝙚𝙧𝙨𝙞𝙤𝙣: 1.16.5-1.19.𝙭
    This server has some interesting and fun plugins, we will start from the most basic to the most fun!

    We have plugins from house protection to auction houses and options to revive your companions! If you want more information enter our discord!

    Brasil Brazil Computer Computers Console Fide Mobile Modified Network Phones Remake Restart Survival Vanila Videogame

    Minecraft Brasil

    Hello player, welcome to our Minecraft Brazil server, it is a network of servers from version 1.8x to the most “RECENT” that has several modes made by server developers!

    Minecraft Brasil is supposed to be an open server where if the person knows enough and has experience and confidence, he can create his mode with us.

    Common doubts:
    1) Is the server 24 hours online?
    -yes, we try to keep online as much as possible without restarting, only shutting it down for bug fixes and updates!

    2) Where can I play? for mobile?
    -you can both play on Java and Bedrock, normally it’s more common to see people playing Java on computers, and Bedrock on mobile and consoles, so YES it can be played on cell phones, PCs and VideoGames!

    3) Will I find people to talk and play with?
    -We have our own server Discord, where there are always people to talk to whenever you feel like it! it will be at the end of the description

    Any more doubts? enter Discord at the end of the description and we will answer your question there

    Top most played mode:
    Survival (Remake & Classic)
    It has the following mechanics:
    – Skills
    – Quests
    – Kits
    – Clans
    – Wars
    – Modified mobs
    – Terrain protection
    – Among several mechanics…

    MinecraftBrasil thanks you for your attention!!!

    You can login using Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Edition by IPs:


    Porta: 19132

    Discord: Link

    Ares Bath Bow Coding Computer Cook Door Engine Engineer Fail Floo Foot Sitting Survival Walking


    We are a very nice server where you can cook meals.

    Apply at our not existing discord today!

    Read this nice essay:

    Silas was a man who lived a fairly ordinary life. He worked as a software engineer at a small tech firm and spent most of his days sitting in front of a computer, coding and debugging software.

    One day, Silas found himself in need of a bathroom break. He went to the nearest restroom, which happened to be located in the basement of his office building. As he was walking towards the bathroom, he failed to notice that the floor was wet and slippery. As he reached for the door handle, he lost his footing and fell, tumbling headfirst into the toilet bowl.

    As he struggled to pull himself out of the toilet, Silas couldn’t help but feel embarrassed and humiliated. He had never experienced anything like this before, and he couldn’t believe that he had fallen into a toilet of all places. He managed to pull himself out of the bowl, but not without getting covered in water and toilet paper in the process.

    Bcraft Chunk Computer Computers Crafty Generation Graphics Increased Lifesteal Minecraft Smp Mini Games Parkour Play Minecraft Released Survival


    DabCraft is a Minecraft server based around version 1.16.5. That being said, you are not restricted to joining using only that version. Anyone from any version of Minecraft can join. Its a hub server featuring the likes of SMP, Lifesteal, Skyblock and Parkour. The server is not yet 100% complete and lots more will be coming soon. Enjoy!

    So why did we choose to use 1.16.5? When version 1.17 was released, Minecraft’s chunk size increased on z-axis. As a result, worlds are now harder for our PC to locate. People with old computers, or people who can’t afford more RAM and a graphics card, can’t play Minecraft anymore because they will suffer from severe lag leaving them to either play on 1.16.5 or stop playing entirely. Even if they choose to play on 1.16.5, there are not many good SMP servers they can play on with their friends. This is why we decided to create a brand new Minecraft SMP server using the world generation from 1.16.5, but that can be joined by any version of Minecraft.