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Minecraft Fast Food Simulator

Hey guys, I made a new map

I also have a minehut server called:

Make sure to join the discord:

It’s called Fast Food Simulator

You can play as a cashier, chef or as a supplier.

As a cashier, you will have to left click on the item frames to fill the correct order, if you make a mistake the customer will get angry!
And if you are too slow the customer will leave!

As a chef, you will have to cook up all the items the customer desires, then you will have to manually give it to the customer when he is at the trapdoor.
You can always give too much but never too little!

As a supplier, you will have to fill the items for your fellow workers. The cashier can still make the orders, but the chef can’t cook without the supplier

It’s your duty to serve the customer!

Have fun & Enjoy!

Adventure Food Furniture Modded Survival

Polar Pop SMP

Polar Pop SMP Minecraft Server

Welcome to Polar Pop MC, a Modpack centered around the captivating Create mod. Unleash your creativity as you engineer magnificent contraptions, automate processes, and collaborate with our community. Crafting an intricate network of gears, belts, and pulleys becomes second nature as you master the art of automation. From colossal factories to elegantly efficient systems, the only limit is your imagination. How-To-Install-Wiki: | Server: | Discord:

Some mods included but not limited to are, “Apotheosis” introduces new enchantments, advancements, and gameplay features, adding depth to the power progression. “Create” empowers players to build complex machinery and automation systems, enabling the creation of intricate contraptions. “DoggyTalents” brings trainable and customizable dogs with unique abilities, making pets an engaging part of the game. “Immersive Armors” expands the armor options with new sets that provide diverse abilities and combat options. “Origins” allows players to select character origins with distinct abilities, fostering role-playing and gameplay diversity. “Pam’s HarvestCraft” greatly enriches farming and food systems with new crops, recipes, and cooking tools. “Tinkers’ Construct” offers an in-depth tool and weapon crafting system, enabling the creation of powerful, customizable tools. “Valhelsia Structures” introduces new and unique structures, adding excitement to exploration. “The One Probe” provides an information overlay, offering detailed block and entity information for better interaction with the game world. Lastly, “Xaero’s Minimap” adds a convenient minimap for navigation and marking essential locations. Together, these mods create the true Minecraft experience, providing endless possibilities for creativity, progression, and adventure.

We have incorporated a selection of popular mods that bring significant changes and enhancements to the base version of Minecraft. We offer the Starter Kit mod, which provides customizable kits, ensuring that players can quickly dive into the game with essential items and resources. The One Probe mod allows players to gather detailed information about blocks and entities, offering a deeper understanding of the world. Torchmaster is implemented to give players control over mob spawning through unique torch variants. Underwater exploration is improved with the Upgrade Aquatic mod, featuring vibrant coral reefs, enhanced swimming mechanics, and new aquatic creatures. Our server also includes Valhelsia Core, which acts as a foundation for the Valhelsia modpack series, ensuring compatibility and stability. Valhelsia Furniture and Valhelsia Structures introduce a wide range of furniture items and architectural designs, respectively, enabling players to decorate their structures with style and discover unique structures while exploring. For navigation, we offer Xaero’s Minimap, providing a compact and efficient way to view terrain, landmarks, and player locations. Xaero’s World Map complements it by providing a full-screen overview of the explored world, aiding players in planning their journeys. Lastly, Zombie Awareness heightens the challenge by enhancing zombie behavior. With these mods on our server, we aim to enhance convenience, aesthetics, exploration, and overall enjoyment within the Minecraft experience.

The Create mod introduces a host of mechanical and automation features, revolutionizing the gameplay experience. With gears, belts, and intricate machinery, players can automate tasks, transport items, and delve into creative engineering. This mod adds depth and complexity to gameplay, opening up new possibilities for automation and creative problem-solving. The Create Cafe addon mod expands upon this foundation by introducing cafe-themed content. Players can create charming cafes, complete with coffee machines, tables, chairs, and delectable food items. It adds a delightful new dimension to the game, allowing players to immerse themselves in the world of cafes and create unique establishments. The Create Confectionery addon mod further enhances the experience by focusing on sweet treats and confectionery production. With candy machines, chocolate fountains, and a range of confectionery items, players can construct whimsical confectionery structures, adding visual appeal and thematic variety to their gameplay. Finally, the Create Crafts & Additions addon mod broadens the crafting options, providing additional tools, blocks, and decorative items. This mod encourages creativity and customization, allowing players to express their building and crafting skills in unique and imaginative ways. Collectively, these Create mods enhance the Minecraft gameplay by introducing new mechanics, expanding building options, and fostering creativity in various thematic settings.

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War ☢ Industries – SlimeFun Towny Earth

Java IP:
Bedrock IP:
Bedrock Port: 25594


War Industries is an Earth server on 1.20.1 running Towny with a massive expansion of interesting gadgets, machines, and foods to make the variety of things to do here endless! Slimefun allows for technological arms-races to make the ultimate armor and weaponry to do battle against other nations in our SiegeWar system, to make better foods using crops found in the wilds and in our Resource World, or make factories creating materials on industrial scales!

Geopolitical conflict involving countries, techno-wizards unlocking nuclear power, and more in War Industries.


  • McMMO to gain strength doing things – Level up killing mobs to do more damage, take fall damage to build a resistance to it, mine diamonds to mine like a drill, become powerful!
  • Slimefun lets you do a wide variety of things – Machines and Robots, Nuclear Reactors, finding and striking Oil, stacking enchantments to make great gear to fight with, magical staffs with various abilities, and tons more!
  • Shop prices fluctuate based on supply and demand – Selling materials for profit earns you less if you keep dumping the same items into the shop, so having multiple ways of earning money is ideal.
  • Siege Wars across multiple time-zones – You not being online the same time as your friends isnt something that hinders your ability to fight in wars, with Siegewar, capturing the point is possible every hour of any day of the week, so in the late hours of the night, you can push the progress of your Siege on your enemies and help your teammates!
  • Come join us on Discord!

    View our map from your browser:

    Anarchy Cross-Play Endless Explore Food Hard Survival Hidden Mercy Nick Nicki Survival Takes The End Ultimate Weak


    Welcome to TheSnickirSMP, the ultimate anarchy server for Minecraft! Whether you play on Java or Bedrock, you can join this server and experience the most hard survival mode ever. There are no boundaries and no mercy. You can grief, raid, PvP and explore the endless world of TheSnickirSMP. But be careful, because others will try to do the same to you. You will need to find food, build a hidden base and fight for your life. This is not a server for the weak. This is TheSnickirSMP. Do you have what it takes?

    580 Creative Food Oneblock Presents Ranking Save Shows Skyblock Squid Squidgame Squidgames Surprise Survival Technical


    Iipukema Network presents you Ipucraft,
    the official McMMo server of the iipukema network, a survival economy game where you can sell and buy items with in-game money,
    Bank to be able to save all the millions of iipucoins that you get, auctions to be able to sell what you don’t need, claims so that your things are always protected,
    Clans so you and your friends can have a Gathering site.
    Arenas con ranking,
    Surprise boxes through daily voting,
    Food market where you can buy any item you need,
    lore and much more!!!
    Find out at port 25565 Java and Bedrock! the only server that shows its face.! Follow us on Twitch and on the rest of social networks!!! Join the community… what are you waiting for?

    We have SquidGames, OneBlock, Skyblock, Skywars, Parkour, Lifestile, Minigames, normal Survival and Technical Survival.
    What are you waiting for to enter and try?

    Adult Creativity Eco Econ Economy Economysurvival Food Lets Misc Modifications Region Regions Smp Survival Teamwork


    Welcome to RegionSMP, the ultimate vanilla survival experience! Our server offers a unique and authentic Minecraft experience that focuses on the core elements of the game. With no excessive plugins or modifications, you’ll enjoy a pure and unadulterated gameplay experience that stays true to the essence of Minecraft.

    Join our friendly and active community of players who are passionate about the game and love to explore, build, and survive together. Our server features land claiming to protect your builds and an economy that lets you trade with other players for goods and services.

    Experience the thrill of survival as you battle it out with hostile mobs, hunt for food, and gather resources to create your dream home. Our dedicated staff team ensures a fair and enjoyable gameplay experience for all players, and we have a zero-tolerance policy towards griefing and other forms of misconduct.

    Join us on RegionSMP and become part of a community that values teamwork, creativity, and fun. Whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft veteran or a newcomer to the game, there’s something for everyone on our server. So what are you waiting for? Join us today and start your survival journey on RegionSMP!

    Amar Danger Dangerous Food Health Minecraft World Navi Open World Points Potion Potions Strategy Survival Traditional Vast


    DESI SMP is a Minecraft survival multiplayer server owned by the popular YouTuber Stealberg Gaming. The server has a unique twist, as it features a lifesteal mechanic that adds an extra layer of challenge and strategy to the traditional survival gameplay.

    On the server, players must navigate a vast open world filled with dangerous mobs and treacherous terrain. The lifesteal mechanic requires players to constantly monitor their health and hunger levels, as they must maintain a steady supply of food and potions to keep their health up. If a player’s health drops too low, they will begin to lose valuable experience points, making it even more difficult to survive.

    DESI SMP features a vibrant and welcoming community of Minecraft players from around the world, all working together to survive and thrive in this challenging environment. Stealberg Gaming regularly hosts community events and challenges to keep players engaged and to foster a sense of camaraderie among the server’s members.

    Whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft veteran or a newcomer to the game, DESI SMP offers a unique and exciting gameplay experience that is sure to keep you coming back for more. So why not join the community and see if you have what it takes to survive in this challenging Minecraft world?

    Armor Economy Food Minecraft Experience Minecraft Towny Minecraft Towny Server New Items Rading Survival Towny Towny Server Trading Vanilla Weapon Weapons

    MaysCraft Towny

    You are invited to our minecraft towny server, which has been opened under a Youtube channel. World Bosses trading systems are here to offer you a special minecraft experience with new items, food, armors and weapons.

    Arme Danger Dangerous Diverse Engaging Exploration Farmer Food Inclusive Mcmmo Objectives Parkour Survival Teamwork World Of Minecraft


    Welcome to Astracraft, a Minecraft server that offers a unique and engaging survival experience with the addition of jobs and shops. Our server is designed to provide players with a challenging yet rewarding experience that encourages creativity, exploration, and teamwork.

    As a player on Astracraft, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from a variety of jobs, each with its own set of unique perks and abilities. Whether you want to be a miner, farmer, or fisherman, there is a job that will suit your play style. Jobs will allow you to earn money by performing specific tasks and completing objectives, which you can then use to purchase items from the server’s various shops.

    Our server’s shops offer a diverse range of items, including tools, weapons, food, and building materials. Whether you need to restock your supplies or want to purchase a rare item, our shops have everything you need to survive and thrive in the world of Minecraft.

    In addition to jobs and shops, our server offers a variety of other features that make gameplay both exciting and challenging. You’ll have to fend off dangerous mobs, gather resources, and build structures to protect yourself and your belongings.

    At Astracraft, we value community and strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all players. Whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft veteran or new to the game, our server has something for everyone. Join us today and discover the endless possibilities of survival gameplay on Astracraft!

    Ages Bro Broke Broken Cross-Play Food Ken Kens Lifesteal Nodes Pvp Rage Raiding Tend Vice


    A Server’s responsibility is attending to diners before, during, and after their meals by helping them place, receive, and pay for their orders. They also ensure the timely delivery of food and beverages by checking on their tables periodically throughout the service time.