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HillCrest MC

Welcome to Hillcrest! We are all going to be building and developing a huge city together. You will have a range of jobs to choose from. You are at your apartment building. This is your first living space. Go up the stairs and find a vacant apartment. Then place a sign next to the door with your name on it. After that head over to the bank to get your starter check. To see how much money you have do /balance. You can ask a server admin on how to start building, or if you would like to work in one of the shops we have built a admin can help you with that aswell. Thanks!

Please Follow These Rules

1. No Griefing

2. No Trolling

3. No Making Fun Of Other Players Builds

4. No Building Without A Admins permission

5. Only Build On Designated Plots

6. No Hacking

Admins have the right to ban/kick anyone if they think they are breaking any of the rules. If you would like to submit a ban appeal join our discord server!

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We are a new take on minecraft GTA!
There are so many ways to live life in MadCity from being a hobo bum to being the biggest CEO in the city!
Own cell-phone carrier and make $$ every-time someone sends a text or a call.
Own a plot at the farmers market and sell goods!
Own a real business!
Own and rent out housing!
Join/Start a Gang!
Accept missions from citizens!
And so much more.
Join us today to become part of our community, its more than a server.


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►►Welcome to Belwood City!Here you work at diiferent jobs to buy:
►►Jobs & new content throughout the city!

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Spectrum Minecraft

Welcome to Spectrum Minecraft!

Spectrum is a server run by veteran Minecraft players with the goal of offering a professional and enjoyable environment to play in, with a focus on providing an incentive-driven progression of play alongside the sandbox nature of Minecraft. Players on Spectrum MC will experience an enhanced Minecraft experience, with a player-driven economy, McMMO stats and training, community-run shops, farms, and museum exhibits, as well as friendly, active staff whose priority is creating the best player experience possible.

– PvP + PvP Arena
– Economy
– Player Shops
– Housing Plots
– Server Shop
– Museum
– Land Claims
– Natural Rank Progression
– Donor Perks!
– Jobs

We’re a new server, so take the opportunity to become a founding member of the next big Minecraft server! Join Spectrum Minecraft today!

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The World of Maria

The World of Maria is a medieval and fantasy server created on April 5th, 2012. Maria is a Medieval and Fantasy server that includes many plugins to help the experience as well as great builds! Our main RP additions include Magic, Kingdoms and titles, custom mounts, alcoholic beverages (and the ability to brew them) quests, npc’s, custom bosses and monsters, and more. Our website is where our forums, application areas, and PSA’s are! Feel free to join, adventure through our server dungeons, settle in with our towns, or fight using our custom weapons!