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Create- Astral

The progression of Create: Astral finds you working up through 5+ chapters of quests packed to the brim with Create-themed processes and support for limitless automation. Custom recipes have been introduced to support HUGE factories and mass item renewability at a level you may not have seen within the Fabric 1.18.2 Ecosystem.
Planets tie into the progression of the pack. They are not a goal but a path leading you through exploring a fully customized Moon, Mars, and Mercury, featuring worldgen changes, huge structure overhauls, custom oregen, mobs, and more!

9.2 Ace Anarchy Ars Ava Cas Direct Hack Hacker Horrible Lava Mars Place Rib Sts

Mars Anarchy

Mars Anarchy is a horrible place with hackers in every direction and lava casts everywhere. If you dare to join, the IP is

Amry Army Cars Challenging Computer Create Earth Economy Farm Farmersdelight Food Fun Functional Glacio Gun Mars Mercury Military Minecolonies Mod Modded Modpack Moon Multiplayer Plane Pollution Season Security Space Spaceship Spacetravel Survival Tech Technical Technology Train Venus Voicechat

Civilizations Of Kepler Modded Survival Server

Modpack Download: Civilizations of Kepler – Modpacks – Minecraft – CurseForge

  • About:
  • Civilizations of Kepler is about building civilizations with other players to accomplish large goals like space travel.

    To make Civilizations much better, mods added to allow armies, computers, massive technological machines, cars, planes, trains, guns, and many other things all compile together to make this pack amazing.

    Since it is designed to be played with friends a server is already started where you can play with me, the pack maker, and many of my friends and colleagues.

    Here is the Discord

  • Trading:
  • We have 2 mods installed so that trading with other players is a breeze. Shoppy mod adds bartering stations and shops. Bartering stations allows a player to trade items. The Shop allows players to trade items for money from the economy mod, eights economy.


    Does not work with optifine

    Civilizations Of Kepler Minecraft Mod

    Kinetic Server Host

    1.16.5 Data Eng Engine Engineer Fin Mars Moddé Modded Muffin Night Roleplay Sen Tardis Version

    tardis Engineers 2 smp

    Welcome to the TARDIS Engineers 2 Server! (Marscal/Nightmuffin6077 is the owner.) This server is modded, version (1.16.5)

    Hag Horror Jedi Mars Pve Pvp Raiding Ryu Semianarchy Sith Star Wars Superhero Superheroes Survival Tihyo

    Legends Devolved This Is Where You Will Find the Things You Need. But Let Me Explain The Legends Mod For Those Who Don’t Know Already The Legends Mod Was Created By Tihyo And Is A Mod Where You Can Become Superheroes Horror Killers The Buildable Mech Kiryu (MechaGodzilla) And Much More There Are Maps Tattoine Mars A Space Station Space Itself (required flight and vaccum adaption) And Much More! In The legends Mod Everyone Can Have Fun One Of Your Friends Could Like Jason Vorhees He Can Become That Someone Might Like Iron Man He Can Become That Someone Might Like Star Wars You Can Be A Jedi Sith DARTHVADER! And Much More On This Server The Only Rule Is Against Hacking and Xray Anything Else Is Fair Game Make Secret Bases Make Guilds Make Enemies All Of This Can Happen On Legends Devolved

    1.19 Aden Developed Die Editon Inventory Keepinv Keepinventory Mars Mature Stad Summer Survival Swedish Tpa

    Summer city SMP

    Welcome to Sommarstaden SMP! We are a newly started server looking for players. We have good / mature and developed staffs in the summer city. Sommarstaden SMP is a Swedish minecraft server, Sommarstaden is an open server for everyone.
    The summer city SMP uses Apex hosting, our version on the server is 1.19 Java editon.
    We have on the server / Tpa and / Back
    Keepinventory is why we use / back so you can get back where you died.
    We use a discord server where you can find the rules!
    We at Sommarstaden try to create the best fun experience for you players.

    We hope that you will join Sommarstaden SMP now!

    Cannons Europa Industry Itemframeshops Jobs Mars Mcmmo Mercury Movecraft Ranching Slimefun Survival Towny Venus War

    TrifectaMC Earth Solar System Political

    Welcome to the new and improved TrifectaMC. We here at Trifecta want to welcome you to the brand new server with improved systems for better performance and a new time period. You will be an adventurer sent to discover and conquer the new lands that have appeared before you and reclaim what your ancestors have left for you. This will be a planet-hopping adventure starting from the earth and branching off to these new worlds. Mercury, Venus, The Moon, Mars, Europa, Enceladus, Triton, Io, Ganymede, Callisto, and Pluto. There is a revised cannons list as well as movecraft to compliment each other. Slimefun is one of the main industry plugins but does not control the economy as it will be mainly agriculture and production focused testing your ability to sell textiles and finished products to market. Please come by for a new adventure.

    Discord: [​b][​/b]



    Ations Dynmap Elf Geo Geopol Geopolitical Laim Mars Nations Oli Pol Politic Political Survival Towny Server


    MarsGeoPol is an towny server on a small map of Mars!

    the server map isnt that small.

    you can create nations and wage war against others
    claim mars for yourself! Is the dynmap

    Bedrock And Java Blast Crossplatform Exploration Free For All Galactic Mars Pay2win Planets Rocket Roleplay Smp Space Survival Vehicles


    Galactic SMP is a roleplay space-themed server looking for a friendly player base. The development team and staff are dedicated to the server and ready to keep the server safe, fun, and bug-free for all players. The server is a cross-platform server meaning that Bedrock and Java players can play together. Through the use of custom plugins, our service allows our players to explore different planets. Players can build their very own rocket ship and blast off into space to visit the Moon or build a house on Mars. The Development team has taken pride in making sure the server is not in any way pay2win with in-game ranks players can earn just by spending time on the server and gathering resources. Come join us!

    Country Countrys Curse Domina Download Dsmp Force Forge Mods Gods Mars Resource Pack Resource Packs Survival Toxic Xray


    TLS is a 1.18.1 Modded Smp in which players can hang out, make clans, start world domination, go to mars, fight bosses, ect.
    No toxic players
    No Xray resource packs (not really enforced but please just don’t do it)
    Keep it PG for Gods sake
    the download link to the Curse forge mods included in this server is in my discord in the download chat
    We accept people of all ages in our server