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EnderFall Survival RPG

Welcome to EnderFall RPG – an unparalleled Minecraft odyssey that transports you to a world brimming with untold possibilities and formidable challenges! As a valued member of the prestigious EnderFall Transport LLC, your mission is to explore and settle the enigmatic planet of Modalia, a precarious sanctuary for humanity at the fringe of the life zone.

Embark on this exhilarating journey as one of our meticulously crafted classes – Hunter, Engineer, Farmer, or Miner – each equipped with a distinct set of skills and abilities to aid you in conquering this perilous new world. As a new employee, you’ll also receive a private spaceship, which serves as your personal world with a max border that expands as you rank up.

The Space Station orbiting Modalia is the heart of commerce and trade, housing shops and the bustling Auction House. Player trading and industries flourish here, as players combine skill sets to dominate various sectors. Regular Minecraft actions contribute to your professions’ levels, while unique attributes and skills offer a fully customized experience that emphasizes the Survival and Building aspects of Minecraft.
Through the use of Lands, players can claim territories, construct nations, and initiate wars with rival nations and lands. Cooperation and collaboration are essential, as each profession contributes to the dynamic, player-driven economy centered around Leather, Stone, Wheat, and Gold.
But proceed with caution, for Modalia is a treacherous land. The further you venture from the sanctuary of your private spaceship and the Space Station, the more formidable the mobs become. As you advance your class and professions, you’ll gain access to exclusive mechanics and features that will fortify your prowess against mobs and rival players alike in both PvE and PvP combat.
Custom planets and resources are in development, further expanding the universe of EnderFall RPG. As we are currently in open beta, new players will be gifted a free emerald crate and key, armor crate, tool crate, weapon crate, and 25 EnderCoin upon joining.
Are you ready to confront the unknown and etch your name in the annals of EnderFall? To harness your skills and decode the mysteries of Modalia? Join us now and immerse yourself in a world where every decision you make shapes your destiny. Welcome to EnderFall RPG – your adventure begins here!

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Civilizations Of Kepler Modded Survival Server

Modpack Download: Civilizations of Kepler – Modpacks – Minecraft – CurseForge

  • About:
  • Civilizations of Kepler is about building civilizations with other players to accomplish large goals like space travel.

    To make Civilizations much better, mods added to allow armies, computers, massive technological machines, cars, planes, trains, guns, and many other things all compile together to make this pack amazing.

    Since it is designed to be played with friends a server is already started where you can play with me, the pack maker, and many of my friends and colleagues.

    Here is the Discord

  • Trading:
  • We have 2 mods installed so that trading with other players is a breeze. Shoppy mod adds bartering stations and shops. Bartering stations allows a player to trade items. The Shop allows players to trade items for money from the economy mod, eights economy.


    Does not work with optifine

    Civilizations Of Kepler Minecraft Mod

    Kinetic Server Host

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    Dragon Block Adventures

    Dragon Block Adventures
    This is a server myself and friends have created to give players the most Dragon Block experience you can get. With custom bosses, forms, attacks, armors, and more this server will provide a Dragon Ball fan the server of their dreams. With over a 5k x 5k custom Earth to explore full of Dragon Ball locations full of pvp and nostalgia. Outside of the 5k x 5k there is another 45k making the Earth be 50k x 50k along with the 50k x 50k planet Vegeta and planet Namek as well as the 100k x 100k space to explore in your own spaceships you can build while getting stronger.

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    WhoniverseMC – a Minecraft Doctor Who server – HIRING STAFF!

    We are a family-friendly Doctor Who dedicated Minecraft server with Survival, Creative, Roleplay and TARDISes!
    You can have the ability to travel anywhere on the server! Save locations
    you think look cool, or try and hunt down spaceships with the
    randomiser. Craft & Grow your own TARDIS for free!

    Every Player gets ONE plot for free, however you can expand by purchasing more plots on our store!
    Enjoy our Freeworld! A big open world for building Doctor Who & RP Sets only! Get your builds protected with WorldGuard once its completed by asking STAFF.

    Our Roleplay sets are made by PLAYERS AND/OR STAFF. That means YOU can contribute to the server by making a set in the Freeworld and submitting it to the team to get its own portal at the location!

    Our Survival world is set out to be one big rpg! You can complete quests, level up skills, and explore spaceships filled with loot. And always feel free to recharge your TARDIS at the Survival Spawn! Once a Year reset for the Nether & Once every 3 months reset for The End the Survival world is only ever reset if we update game versions!

    The ability to travel anywhere on the server! Save locations you think look cool, or try and hunt down spaceships with the randomiser. Craft & Grow your own TARDIS for free! A variety of consoles to choose from, including custom consoles made by the staff team! Expand by growing rooms. (edited)

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    Tech Haven

    Welcome to Tech Haven! The server for all you tech-savvy people!

    Start a company and make products, explore space in your own spaceship or lead a country with your friends and wage nuclear warfare

    Always expand your technical capabilities in Tech Haven!

    We have over 100 mods dedicated to automation, programming, space exploration and nuclear warfare

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    ☆ TechnoMagic server ☆

    The best techno-magic server of its kind! Only top mods with bug fixes and dupes!
    Kind and responsive administration that helps players;)!
    Mega cheap cases with things that everyone can buy!
    Events from the administration and quests!
    Convenient launcher and group in VK! Frequent updates and additions! You will never get bored with us!

    ❤️ A large set of interesting HiTech and Magic mods, as well as Draconic Evolution and HardcoreEnderExpansion mods. ❤️

    ✔️ And there are also servers HiTech, UltraMagicRPG, CosmoSkyBlock GalactiCraft + GalactiSpace + AdvancedRocketry Spaceships and orbital elevators ✔️

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    Welcome to Pulsar!

    This is a Sandbox Space based RPG!

    Get to build working spaceships, explore a new system in the Milky Way galaxy, build up your nation, set up expansive industry, and fight in a galactic war!

    Join in our discord as we continue development of this project, and join us for the ride!


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    DM me on discord @ Seb#0069 and ask about the whitelisted server. I can give you step by step instructions on how to download the modpack and then join the server 🙂 I’m preferably looking for people who are massive Mnecraft nerds like myself but everyone is welcome as long as you are respectful towards other players and not a troll (:
    Custom Modpack with over 140 cool and exciting mods
    Some of the mods are:
    – Galacticraft Spaceships
    – MrCrayfish’s Furniture & Vehicles mod
    – Portal Guns
    – Guns
    -Tinkers’ Construct
    -The Betweenlands
    -Astral Sorcery

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    Stargate Realms

    server is a mix between Minecraft, technology and stargate, and is meant to be a roleplay, adventure world. We welcome anyone and happy for anyone to chip in and help with the world building.

    The modpack features tons of awesome mods, including ComputerCraft: Tweaked for the programming side, Stargate Network for the Stargates and various awesome items it offers, and raumships for flying stargate related spaceships, including puddle jumpers that CAN fly through the stargate! Also included are Applied Energistics 2 and Thermal Expansion, plus many more.

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    The Spaceship

    Welcome To The Spaceship, cadet!
    Here, you will find Bedwars, Skywars, KitPvP, Creative, Parkour and other minigames for you to enjoy!
    This server is still far from being finished, but our staff team take pride in this project of ours and we hope you can enjoy it with us.