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Horizon Anarchy

Horizion Anarchy is Vanilla Anarchy, the way Minecraft was intended to be played. Similar to servers like 2b2t, 9b9t, Constantium, and Purity Vanilla. Also our server is cracked, meaning that you can play with cracked launchers like TLauncher. Our staff actually listens to the players and takes suggestions.

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survival server you can join with tlauncher and minecraft and play survival owner is very often on server and server is online 24/7 its best server if u want u can play on our server its best

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illegal mc

Hello! Welcome to my lifesteal server with custom ip address. This is how to play server (How to join my server.), in that server you have invite to community one. Enjoy time staying with us.
Minecraft SurvivalMultiplayer Server. Free to join, allowed for TLauncher, lunar and official minecraft launcher

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Create Craft

This server has over 120 well-known mods and runs 24/7 with no lag. Join the discord and download the mods:

You can join this server with a TLauncher account with no problems.

Major mods include: Create, Botania, Applied Energistics 2, Immersive Engineering, Ars Nouveau, Terralith, Twilight Forest, and the Thermal mods collection.

FTB mods are included as well that support chunk claiming and sharing.



version: 1.19.2

Modloader: Forge

Optifine compatibility: No (because of twilight forest mod)

r/TLAUNCHER - Cracked modded 24/7 online server with 100+ popular mods

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Crafting Realm [Java 19.3]

What do we offer, you ask? Well, we have 2 servers in one! Creative & Survival!

We have premium server-grade hardware running our servers!
Survival Server: 16 Gigs w/ Intel Core i-5
Creative Server: 18 Gigs w/ Intel Core i-5
The Minecraft server is Cracked, i.e, you dont have to purchase Minecraft to join! You can use clients like TLauncher to join for absolutely free!


Email: [email protected]


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A classic Minecraft Survival Server without the Grief

Later i will add more to this descriptions

Here some Features



-Chest Protection

-Nice Community

-Skin System

-Friendly Staff


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Master Server

Hello! Welcome to my minecraft SMP with custom ip address. This is how to play server (How to join my server.), in that server you have invite to community one. Enjoy time staying with us.
Minecraft SurvivalMultiplayer Server. Free to join, allowed for TLauncher, lunar and official minecraft launcher

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ClubSMP [Custom Pack] [Unique Gameplay] [All Supported]

Hello and welcome to ClubSMP

ClubSMP is a 1.19 SMP server with a bunch of fun and unique features for everyone. We’ve achieved this by adding different methods to gameplay along with add a custom texture pack to extend and enhance the players experience. We thrive to have a 0 lag server with a safe environment for both our players and our staff.

What we have right now?

Currently we have our Ruleless LifeSteal Realm up. This realm has tons of great features including: prestiging, levels, custom armor, free to roam map and tons more!

Is there more to come?

We have tons of new ideas and opportunities being brought to the table which have furthered us to look to opening a new and fully custom Survival Realm. Along with some other game modes soon! (Stay Tuned!)

Who can join?

You can join on premium Minecraft and/or Cracked Minecraft.


Come join us @
Discord @
Website @

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Lone Survival

This is a survival server for lonely people. This server is made for people who like to have a feeling of nostalgia while enjoying their favorite game. The server itself contains plugins for teleportations and skin restorer. This server is made to have that old feeling of vanilla minecraft. There you can find yourself new friends. Team up with them, and create towns or maybe even empires.

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This minecraft server is a server in which you can choose a superpower to use and play with your friends.It has daily quests and a shop too!It has lifesteal too and you get really less ping if you live in india!It is for tlauncher players too!