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It a fun smp world with other player you can meet and trader with.

Version 1.19

Java Server IP:
~ Ip:

Bedrock IP:
~ Ip:
~ port: 19132


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The Vanilla Project

The Vanilla Project Minecraft Server

Welcome to TheVanillaProject!

As the poster states above, we are a growing community playing on a Vanilla server having as much fun as possible.
We are a friendly active community seeking to become even bigger!

Voting will grant no in-game rewards, and is purely optional. every vote counts and is greatly appreciated!

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24/7 Survival minecraft server with seprate PvP world hosted by darynodes best paid Hosting server
Discord support server :

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The classic Minecraft experience.

What is OldRoot?
OldRoot is a semi-anarchy minecraft 1.12.2 server, that focuses on keeping itself as close
to vanilla as possible server-side.

How old is OldRoot?
As of now the map is a few weeks old. I know that might be a major turn off for some people,
but give it a chance, it’ll possibly be a fun new experience for you.

Are there any dupes/backdoors?
No, there aren’t any known dupes or backdoors.

Why OldRoot?
This is a really good question, and well my answer to it is, that the map is new and there isn’t a bad economy, yet atleast.
We also run in offline mode which makes it more accessible to people around the globe. Anyways this is all for now,

See You Soon.

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Ip java:
Ip bedrock: Puerto: 27015

————————————————————★ 10BEASTS ★——————————————————————–

Be part of our community and come have fun with us in a world full of adventure, laughter, fellowship and much more!

10Beasts we are a server that listens to the community with your suggestions and we have just officially opened, we are also looking for staff.

RPG,Roleplay y survival:

➤ 5 races (to choose)

➤ Free tenders

➤ Teams

➤ Events around the world

➤ Daily Rewards

➤ Protections

➤ Nightmare Mode

➤ Missions

➤ Summons

➤ Crates

➤ skills

➤ Monsters with levels

➤ Bosses

We are waiting for you to be part of this community that is just beginning with all the adventurers who want to come with us!!!

247uptime Fabric Lifesteal Modded Origins Other Pvp

Lifesteal Origins SMP

Welcome to the lifesteal Origins SMP! If you are familiar with the origins mod we have all the base origins PLUS more and a few custom origins. We also have lifesteal implemented that adds to the pvp aspect of the server!

Our server is on the smaller side currently, and we are working on expanding our players. Origins are mostly balanced, but we are always open to adding new balanced ones!

Some origins we already have are, ( This is not the full list because they are constantly being added )

The flora

We also have plenty of origins classes!

Wandering trader

We have multiple other structure and QoL mods that make your experience on the server more fun! The server is on 1.18.2 (fabric) and has a strong host with 16GB as well as i9-9900k. The modpack is small, and is able to run easily on smaller pcs.

We are welcoming to anyone who would like to join, and are a safe place to the LGBTQ+ comminuty.

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GrandLands SMP, 1.19, Java, Whitelist, Friendly, 24/7, Vanilla Survival SMP

GrandLands SMP Is a small community based SMP server. The server is running on Paper 1.19 (as of July 2022). We host fun events and we have a decent, active, very friendly playerbase and community on discord, we also try our best to maintain the server for it to be 24/7. Joining and being part of the server is 100% free, and there is no P2W, but donating and buying VIP rank is going to be very appreciated by getting special perks which don’t give you advantage over other players. The server doesn’t have too many plugins and datapacks so that it doesn’t defeat the purpose of survival.

We are searching for people wanting to play on the server regularly!

The spawn, and nether hub on the server are really well built and offer you a small place to be in during night 🙂

We have decided to start over with basic things like new discord server, new plugins and new people!

Season 1 of GrandLands SMP has been running for a few days (since 28th of July 2022), but you can still catch up on us!

Before joining our minecraft server, you must be a member of our discord server by joining firstly. To join our discord server you must click on this link:

The server does not allow bedrock players (Only Java players are allowed to join) and this server isn’t allowing cracked accounts either, as we need to follow the Mojang’s Policy.

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This is a challenging survival server with rpg levels, custom armors and weapons, and magic. I’m open to feedback and work on the modpack often if there are any issues or balancing problems with gear level wise. The server wipes once every 3 months. Server is running Minecraft 1.18.2 and has proximity and group voice chat. Requires the fabric mod loader in order to play found here although i highly recommend using the gdlauncher found here

Server restarts daily at 6am cst and 6pm cst

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PolishPolskiegoPysiora Server ❄ Better Minecraft [FORGE] v 57❄1.16.5❄NoOnline Mode with account secured❄New Areas❄Custom Towns❄Custom Items❄Custom Blocks & Plants❄Custom Mobs❄Dungeons❄Quests❄24/7

PolsihPolskiegoPysiora Serwer by Better Minecraft v57 [​FORGE] 1.16.5

What the server offers:
❄ NoOnline Mode❄ Uptime 24/7
❄ Account Secured: /register /login account secure
❄ New Areas❄ NPC bosses❄ Custom Towns❄ Custom Items❄ Custom Blocks & Plants❄ Custom Mobs❄ Dungeons❄ And so much more.
❄ Oh the Biomes You’ll Go, Better Nether & BetterEnd Mods!
❄ NEW Dimension to Explor
❄ QUESTS to help you progress into the different Dimensions!
❄ Tons of New and Unique Bosses, Dungeons & Mobs
❄ Tons of New Crops, Food & Decorative Blocks
❄ Xaero’s World Map [​Press ‘M’ to Open] & Xaero’s Minimap [​Press ‘N’ to Toggle]
❄ Dragon Egg can now be hatched! [​Different types of dragons too]
❄ Tons of QOL mods [​Quality of Life]
❄ 210+ Mods to bring life to your world [​Much more content to explore!]
❄ A Brand New Experience of Vanilla Minecraft

CurseForge Mod location:


Curse Forge Aplication
Download and install CurseForge installer:
– Open CurseForge app
– Click Broswe Modpacks
– Search for a game: Better MC [​FORGE]
– Select Versions
– Select version: v57
– Install

– click Play
In game use /register your_password your_password to protect no online accounttype
/login your_password and play

Curse Forge

Tluncher Apication
– Download Tluncher for Minecraft and install form Google
– Open TLuncher
– Click TL Mods
– Serch: Better MC [​FORGE] – 1.16.5
– Click Versions Better MC [​FORGE] v57
– Install
– Select the installed version from the bar next to the nickname
– write nickname
– click enter the game
In game use /register your_password your_password to protect no online account

type /login your_password and play


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Null Network: Seliana [RPG Survival]

Are you ready to leave a mark in our history?

Null Network: Seliana is an rpg survival server that focuses more on a unique experience. The server emphasizes on RPG elements, and a medieval feel. Currently, we are mostly a filipino playerbase, but we also have some players around the world, mostly in asia! We have a ton of appealing features that will get you hooked!

Server has not been reset since the beginning. Your legacy is safe with us! You can also claim land to avoid getting griefed!
Null Network: Seliana [RPG Survival] Minecraft Server

Weapons for every style of combat! Be it hard hitting Greatsword, fast hitting Daggers, and more! You can also put gems to enhance them! All of this without mods!
(You will need our resource pack to see all of this, though!)
Null Network: Seliana [RPG Survival] Minecraft Server

Fierce monsters that will keep you on your toes! This isn’t your typical survival server! Bosses and other special mobs spawn!
Null Network: Seliana [RPG Survival] Minecraft Server

Become technological advanced to gain an advantage! Make automatic farms, generate electricity, even have nuclear power!

And much much more! Join us, make new friends, and have a good time! If you need a link in the discord, type in /discord in game!