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PickleVerse is a modded Minecraft server hoping to expand its community. We have mods like
• Origins
• Create
• When Dungeons Arise
• Oh the Biomes You’ll Go
• And more!
We are an LGBTQ+ safe space and we welcome all people. Feel free to come and play on the server casually or try to raid every type of dungeon, or even collect every weapon!
Become a wizard or witch, casting harmful spells upon your enemies–or summoning creatures to help you with Amethyst Imbuement! Or become a professional chef and make five star meals for the masses with Croptopia.
This is not an anarchy server; we have a claims mod to prevent griefing and can rollback any griefed areas. No resets/seasons. Modpack updates occasionally!

Join our discord below to download the modpack and play!

Anarchy Creative Factions Five Fivem Gta GTA 5 Nature Pvp Roleplay Roleplay Server Sand Secret Survival Usa

2nd Nature MC

Server is on 1.13.2, We are a unique server with the main server being a full GTA 5(FiveM) style roleplay server!! With a full working economy and balanced system. There is also a server hub you can find on the server to try out our anarchy, creative, and other worlds! There is all kinds of secret worlds you can find and thousands of things to do in the city. Come join us and have fun!!!

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One Blaze Revolution server Minecraft

Hello! We are pleased to present you our Unique Project [OBR] One Blaze Revolution
On our server you can do anything. From simple, quiet survival to victorious boss battles in the Mob Arena. The peculiarity of our mode is the complete LACK of CREATIVITY. We have a developed economy with its own system of exchanging blocks for tokens (game currency) and a cool free donation system with getting classes! Classes are privileges with their own characteristics. For example: Double jump, +3 Heart with a sword in hand, Increased loot from mobs and much more. The server administration constantly interacts with the players and holds various events for legendary items! These items are also RPG part of our server. For killing bosses, you have a chance to get one of such legendary items as “Skeleton King’s Striker”, which gives the owner a buff of + 10 points to maximum health and + 10% to attack speed!
The administration around the clock monitors the economy of the server and its functionality in general. We remove all possible bugs, dupes and other server flaws that can only be formed. If a player finds a flaw and reports it to us, then he gets a reward for helping the server!
Join us and start your unique survival right now! Sincerely, the administration of “OBR”.

..:: Why us? ::..
1. Absolute stability
2. Honesty and good nature of the administration
3. All the necessary commands for survival /kit; /home etc.
4. Constant innovation and server support
5. Unique (own) plugins for survival
6. Constant promotions and drawings!
7. Server reliability

..:: What do you need to play on our server? ::..
1. Copy the address
2. Open Minecraft
3. You go into the Network game, insert ip
4. Connect to the server, register!
5. And Voila! Welcome to the server!

Subscribe to our VKontakte group, participate in drawings and various mini-events! We are waiting for you!

Discordsrv Door Doors Dungeons Hardcore Pvp Jail Lava Lifesteal Nature Origins Smp Revive Spectator Survival The Quest Totem

A WILD NEW SERVER APPEARED | The Lava Origins SMP 4/2 for Bedrock & Java is welcoming new players to take part in this new semi-hardcore adventure. {Origins} {Lifesteal} {Dungeons DataPack} {Crossplay

The Lava Origins SMP is a new server that I want to invite you to.

Stay alive to finish all of the quests. If you die in this server, you lose a heart, if you decide to kill another player ..shame! then you will gain a heart. If you lose all of your hearts you will become a spectator, however, you may be revived if another player crafts a totem of resurrection.

Spawn killing, harassment, any un-chill nature will land you in jail. You should not enter any bases or homes closed off with walls & doors.

We have some quality of life plugins, and some dungeons are randomly generated so there is plenty to explore.

Animal Animals Brewing Economy Hunter Hunting Jack Mcmmo Minecraft World Nature Natures Pve Stones Survival Taming


come join me in an adventurous Minecraft world with custom enchantments with essence to collect from killing mobs to mining block! Jobs are available from fisherman, miner, smiting ,explorer ,hunter, lumber jack , brewing and much more! But that’s not it! Don’t forget to stop at spawn for quests to further your journey! quests can take you from mining stones, cutting trees, to catching fish in buckets to hunting or even taming animals!

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Welcome to our Vanilla Minecraft Anarchy Survival Server, a place where the law of the jungle prevails, and the only rule is “survival of the fittest”!

On our anarchy server, the wild and unpredictable nature of the gameplay will keep you on the edge of your seat as you explore a vast and dangerous world. You’ll need to be crafty, cunning, and ruthless to succeed, as other players are always looking for opportunities to outwit, outmaneuver, and outfight their opponents.

As soon as you log in, you’ll be thrust into a world where every player is out for themselves, and the strong prey on the weak. You’ll need to gather resources, build shelters, and arm yourself to the teeth to survive the brutal environment. But even with all the preparation in the world, you’ll still need to watch your back and be ready to fight at a moment’s notice.

Our anarchy server is not for the faint of heart, as the gameplay is intense and unforgiving. But if you’re looking for a truly immersive and exciting Minecraft experience, this is the place to be. You’ll need to be quick, decisive, and ruthless to come out on top, but the rewards are well worth the risk.

Just remember: there are no rules, no moderators, and no safety nets. This is a world where anything goes, and the only way to survive is to be the last one standing. So what are you waiting for? Join us on our Vanilla Minecraft Anarchy Survival Server and prove that you have what it takes to survive in the wild!

Alliance Alliances Anarchy Creates Creations Economie Experiment Fortress Incredible Nature Pvp Raiding Structured Survival Vanilla


Ink Anarchy is an online gaming platform that provides players with a unique and exciting gaming experience. This server has no restrictions, no rules, and no limitations, allowing players to build, explore, and interact with the world in any way they choose.

As the name suggests, this server operates on the principle of anarchism, meaning that players are free to do as they please without any interference from administrators or moderators. Players are able to create, destroy, and manipulate the world at will, making it a perfect place for those who love to experiment and explore their creative side.

One of the defining features of Ink Anarchy is the absence of any form of moderation or administration. This means that players are free to engage in any activity they choose, including griefing, raiding, and killing other players. This creates an environment where players must be on their guard at all times and always be prepared to defend themselves and their creations.

Despite the lack of rules, Ink Anarchy has a thriving community of players who have formed alliances, created massive structures, and built up intricate economies. The open-ended nature of the server encourages players to collaborate and work together, and the absence of any authority figures means that players must rely on each other for protection and support.

The Anarchy Server provides players with an unparalleled level of freedom, allowing them to shape the world in their own unique way. This can lead to some incredible creations, including massive fortresses, sprawling cities, and even entire kingdoms. Players are able to use their creativity and imagination to build anything they can dream up, making the server a truly unique and exciting place to play.

However, it is important to note that this type of server is not for everyone. The lack of rules and moderation can make the server a hostile and unpredictable place, and players must be prepared to face challenges and obstacles at every turn. Those who are not prepared to face these challenges may find the server to be overwhelming and may prefer a more structured gaming environment.

In conclusion, Ink Anarchy is a one-of-a-kind gaming platform that provides players with an unparalleled level of freedom and creativity. With no restrictions or rules, players are free to shape the world as they see fit, creating an exciting and unpredictable environment that is perfect for those who love to experiment and explore their creative side. Whether you’re looking to build your own kingdom, engage in epic battles, or just create something truly unique, Ink Anarchy has something to offer everyone.

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Rew1nd Modded War

Rew1nd Modded War is a Modded Minecraft server where you are placed randomly in a world and have to fight for survival against both the elements of nature and rivals. It is a PvP SMP server where your goal is to not die. Depending on the rivals you encounter you could run into someone with a Glock or you could run into someone with a nuke. You have to grind to survive and your best ally will be the darkness. If you are hidden you can’t be conquered or robbed, but if they find you… You can either play solo or with teams, you are allowed to join a team as long as they invite you. Teams can consist of up to five players (always changing) and solos are well solo. If you like adventure, PvP, survival, and grinding then this server is for you. We have randomly spawned structures to fit your adventure needs. AI bandits to keep you on edge, and A LOT of resources to mine. We hope you try us out and Have Fun!

2022 Among Amplified Amplifiedworld Ats Cheats City Democracy Lose Nature Smp Smpworld Story Survival Toxic


An SMP on an amplified world, this is Amplicity!
Come take over the amplified nature and create your own story here among others!
We are an SMP created in December 2022, with simple rules and few plugins aiming at keeping an experience close to vanilla survival.

(No grief, no spam, no cheats, no toxicity)

Our small community also has a Discord Server!

1.20 2023 Animal Animals Mini Games Model Models Nature Oneblock Pvp Raiding Roleplay Skyblock Towny Vehicles


The HEPLAY:REBORN server will open for the first time on 01.01.2023. The Admin Team has prepared for you regular events, custom 3D models, pets, weapons, vehicles, bosses, new animals in nature and much more.

You can find more at