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Have you been looking for a Star Wars themed Minecraft Server? Well join now for an exclusive look into the planets of Ilum, Tatooine, and a custom wilderness planet: Rellan. Create a faction, craft sabers, join tournaments, do quests, and so much more! PLAY NOW!

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Welcome to Arcis! We are a recently launched network that currently offers Survival with many distinctive features! Features include player warps, in-game ranks, custom textures, Action Points, and more! We are looking for amazing and new members that want to chill and join a growing community. Feedback is always welcome and encouraged!

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NebulaCraft – Season 3 & 1/2 ¦ 20w14infinite; Vanilla; SMP


We’re a Minecraft Java server with a great community and lots of plugins to make the perfect experience! As well as this we pride ourselves on our unique custom generation that makes the game far more interesting… We would love to see you here.

– Plenty of QOL Datapacks to keep the vanilla experience.
– A cheap store to support us and get amazing rewards!
– Lots of giveaways at regular goals.
– A friendly, growing community with nearly 300 people.
– Quality hardware to hold many people without any lag!
– 2,147,483,645 new dimensions!

Server Info:
Server Address:

Season 1:
Start – 4th March 2021
End – 9th June 2021

Season 2:
Start – 26th June 2021
End – 21st July 2021

Season 3:
Start – 26th July 2021
End – 22nd October 2021
Season 3.5:
Start – 6th November 2021

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A Minecraft Survival server based entirely around equestrianism.

Growing community, custom plugins, custom texture pack and more!

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Minecraft: The Maze Runner (CakeCraft Network)


Welcome to the Glade, Greenie! We are friendly Gladers who are always busy with our jobs. Please play nice and be respectful of those around you.

There is only one way to escape the maze, and that is to collect all eight keys from the different sections of the maze. But make sure to be careful, there are things in the maze that will stop at no cost to ensure your death!

The rules are simple:

  • Everyone has their own job in the Glade, no slacking!
  • Never hurt another Glader, if you want to survive you need to trust one another.
  • Never enter the maze unless you’re a runner. (This rule is just for RP purposes, anyone can enter the maze, however, it’s recommended to go in with a group!)
  • Anyone who breaks the above rules will be punished. You will have to spend one night in the put with no dinner. (Takes about ten minutes.)

    Make sure that if you’re in the maze to get back before nightfall! Otherwise, the gates will close, and you will be stuck in the maze overnight!

    WARNING: Our custom-made Grievers are hard to kill! One should never enter the maze alone!

    The usual rules for any server also apply here, no cheating, exploits, or any type of mod that may give you an unfair advantage in the Glade or maze. This server is very strict on curse words of any kind, DO NOT SWEAR! Punishment for the breaking of any rules will be decided by the staff member who is currently on the server. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a staff member or message our Discord!

    Thank you for choosing Cake Craft as your RPG server for The Maze Runner, and have fun playing! ~MrDramaLlama

    PS: We are currently working on building a brand-new version of the Glade and maze. We hope you look forwards to the challenges and fun we have in store!

    About the creators:

    Myself and a few other friends are a group of people who have thrown together a network, called cakecraft. We are fans of The Maze Runner series and decided to make a server to roleplay and have fun with based on the books/ movies. The building of the server took about 2-3 months to complete, however, the server isn’t done yet! We would love to hear suggestions about the server from you, and ideas will be taken into consideration for future updates. As long as they are within reason, of course. The server is currently running on version 1.15.2

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    Compbuild REDUX >> Freebuild and Creative Server

    > Freebuild and Creative Server” title=”Compbuild REDUX >> Freebuild and Creative Server”>

    Compbuild is Freebuild and Creative server with ambitious projects and with a creative mindset.

    Unlike other Creative servers, we offer many tools that other servers do not. We give access to Full WorldEdit and VoxelSniper, many servers do not do that. But here, we do. We have multiple creative environments that you can choose from, such as. Flaetea, our Flat map. We also have TWO plot worlds for you to choose from, one is public. The other is for experienced players who want to start huge projects such as cities, towns, etc.

    Come and join us today! See what masterpiece you can create on our server!

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    One Peace

    What is One Peace
    One Peace is a community survival with all the same things you love about any other community survival servers, but more to spice up your in-game experience! We have special events, custom items, and even CUSTOM MOBS!

    You have custom mobs!!
    Yes we do! From giraffes, elephants, and rhinos in the Savannah biome, to the whales and sharks in the ocean, all our custom mobs are designed by our amazing staff team to make the world more beautiful and the gameplay more involved! You can see all of our amazing custom mobs by clicking the following link!

    What about the custom items
    Our custom items are super cool! Some of them even have special enchants that can heal you or give you more health! Over the course of our long history we have added many new items like LIGHT SABERS, CUPID BOWS, and EVEN AMIIBOS!!!

    Events You said something about events… right
    Yes I sure did! We have many events that bring our community together! You can get cool spawners and items from winning events like HotFoot, Mike Myers, and even special One Peace Sports! Soccer and EVEN GOLF!

    Special versions of sports!!!
    Yes! Our Knockback Ball game especially designed for our server resembles soccer and Rocket League, but for Minecraft! We also have an 18 hole golf course and special clubs to buy for One Peace Golf! You can enjoy these sports and many more only on One Peace!

    What can I do when there is no event
    Well, we have pvp arenas to play on with others, some are keep inventory and some are lose inventory, depending on which ones you like. You can also collect player heads from pvp and make a cool collection! There are also collectible event heads, which are special heads that you can use for decoration! 37 unique heads come out EVERY MONTH, so don’t wait!

    Voting is also a very good way to earn rewards! You can vote for one peace on the website and you’ll receive voting keys which then can be used in game at spawn at the voting crate to earn prizes!

    Cool, but is griefing allowed on this server, I’m afraid of griefers!
    Absolutely not! We have plugins to combat your fear! Our Lands plugin is properly configured to protect your base from griefers, you can do /kit lands to get more info or always can ask staff for help! We also have LWC to make sure no one can take your diamonds from your chests!

    But what if a griefer still manages to grief something with protection on
    Not to fear! Coreprotect allows staff members to roll back any grief that is done anywhere! Just ask a staff member to help when you get griefed.

    What other things do you have to offer
    We definitely have many other things to offer! The McMMO plugin gives you many nice perks to work for like doubling ores and negating fall damage! The jobs plugin aides you in making money from regular tasks! To make even more money, you can set up a shop with ChestShop plugin! There’s many other cool plugins on the server, and if you want more information on any plugins in-game you can always ask our staff!

    Do you wanna be staff?
    We are always on the look for active participants of our community for possible candidates for staff and build team members. You can apply on the forums for staff and/or build team at

    Wow! This server sounds great! Where do I join
    Sweet! Come join us at and chat with us in Discord! You can find the discord link on the website Also check out our websites for updates at!

    Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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