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DarkRoleplay [1.13.2]



Dark Roleplay is a whitelist-only designed around a small knit community dedicated to creating a world of its own to explore and participate in.

Set in a town called Kamurocho, Japan, in 1994, you arrive at a town divided by two rival Yakuza gangs. Will you make enemies or allies choose to climb the ranks of power among the infamous gangs, or seek a humble stay in Kamurocho? Here.. your story begins.DarkRP is a serious roleplay server, aiming to provide a platform for people to create stories and develop characters in a fun/interesting way.
To join, head over to our forums and get yourself white-listed. The process is simple and there should be no reason for you to be denied. We’ll see you in Kamurocho.


In case of any questions, refer to Cain#9837.

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TalvorGames [NON-CRACKED]


A City Roleplay experience.
Jobs: mailman, lumberjack, police officer
Buildings: houses, the park, the sawmill, the McDonalds, the Bank, the Town Hall, the Post Office, the WALMART, the Police Office and more upcoming!
A very, very realistic supermarket system!
Take what you want and pay at the cash register.
Do not pay at the risk to get caught by police!

Version: 1.16.2

Cityroleplay Cityrp Cops Drugs Economy Government Guns Lookingforbuilders Lookingforstaff New Newest Newserver Police Politics Roleplay Rpg


Currently looking for builders for our City Roleplay Server! Unique/Custom Plugins | This is a huge project so we need a decent amount of builders! Join Today! All Minecraft Versions are supported 1.8 – 1.16.1

Drugs Economy Faction Factions Mcmmo Police

Retro Factions

Retro Factions has always been a dream of mine to start up.
This is the Grand Opening of Retro Factions equipped with many popular plugins
like McMMO, Factions, Crazy Crates, Drugfun, simple police, and many more!!
Our staff are devoted to making the server more fun than a normal one would be.
If you are still reading you may seem interested, why not give us a shot?


116anarchy 116survival 4chad 4chan Alpha Alt Right America American Anarchy Anarchysurvival Beta Boyz Communism Communist Communities Community Communitybased Democracy Democrat Democratic Freedom Freeroam Geopolitical Geopolitics Girls Maturecommunity Meme Memes Police Politcal Political Politics Republican Voteranks Votereward Voterewards

The Hidden Alt Right Minecraft Server

Kawaii Gang live

Some people can’t meme and don’t like freedom of speech and freedom of pepes, which is why they want to shut down any club that promotes one. The only thing that stands in their way is a powerful black male full of testosterone.

The Donald Minecraft Server Mascot

Let’s start by looking at his body. His body is large. His domineering size makes his presence known without him even needing to point himself out. He is muscular, as a result of his high levels of testosterone. This gives him the appearance of health and strength.

Thankfully clan of katana wielding girls are not scared of anyone.

Minecraft is a bastion of free speech in an industry increasingly populated by micromanagement and censure. The free distribution of creative creation means that anyone can create whatever they want, make it available to all the world. You can even install a texture pack that adds burgers to Minecraft, it’s really crazy what you can do.

Girl eating a burger in Minecraft.

In Minecraft you can do anything you want to do – you can farm, build, find trade routes, set up roads and farmlands and so on. You can even mine through the Nether and build a castle or a bunker in the sky above it. You can do all that with gold from piglins and with whatever resources you are willing to use in the vastness of space.

Just remember to stay on guard and watch out for surprise attacks.

Minecraft waifu PvP mid in air.

Alternatively you can even try to find a hot pvp waifu in Minecraft. This is important since traditionally marriages are difficult to come by in Minecraft’s harsh universe and an all female clan is a great way to get some.

Awsome Boats Cars Casino City Cityrp Craft Fun Government Gta Gta4 Gta5 Gtainminecraft Gtamc Gtaminecraft Gtaminecraftpolice Gtav Horses Law Minecraft Newyork Newyorkcity Planes Players Playing Police Race Raceing Rcg Realism Realistic Reallife Roleplay Shop Skyscraper Subway Survival Tower Updated Vindex

VindexCraft [CityRP] [Jobs] [Custom Vehicles] [Economy]


FOUNDED 9/9/2012


Website :

VindexCraft has been up for a long time now so whatever you build is here to stay, VindexCraft was founded in 2012 and has since changed a lot. VindexCraft is a City RolePlay server, you start out in Vindex City (The City above) and you can get / earn several jobs, buy homes and apartments, buy cars and more! With all of our many many CUSTOM plugins and years of experience in the server world, we strive to make this blocky world more and more like real life every day.
want to have an even better experience? get a cool shader pack and really make the world come to life. (as seen above)

-=- Current Cities -=-
– Vindex City (spawn, uptown and downtown)
– SeaWall City
– WestHedge
– Dorean
– Port Gallifrey
– Addersfield

-=- Jobs Avaliable -=-
– Police Officer
– Lawyer
– Farmer
– Politician
– Doctor
– Citizen
– Soldier
– Business
– CoastGuard
– Chef
– Detective
– Rebel
– RealEstateAgt
– FireFighter
– Employee
– Hobo
– AND SOOOOO MUCH MORE!!! I would rather not spend 3 hours listing jobs 😛

-=- Vehicles -=-
– Police Sedan (holds 4 people)
– Black Sedan (holds 4 people)
– Taxi Cab (holds 4 people)
– Black SUV (holds 5 people)
– MotorBike (holds 1 driver)
– SpeedCar (holds 4 people *fastest car*)
– FireTruck (holds 4 people)

I just added like 50 more cars to the server, and I am lazy. Therefore I’m not gunna list them all….

more comming soon!

Additional Notes
Vindex Craft, 24/7, Realistic, Life, Fun, jobs, CityRP, city role play.

City Gang Gta Gtainminecraft Gtaminecraft Guns Houses Life Missions Police Politics Prison Pvp Real


We are a new take on minecraft GTA!
There are so many ways to live life in MadCity from being a hobo bum to being the biggest CEO in the city!
Own cell-phone carrier and make $$ every-time someone sends a text or a call.
Own a plot at the farmers market and sell goods!
Own a real business!
Own and rent out housing!
Join/Start a Gang!
Accept missions from citizens!
And so much more.
Join us today to become part of our community, its more than a server.


Alcohol Drugs Economy Gangs Griefing Police Pve Pve Economy Pvp Raiding Ranks Rankup

Brewery MC

-=[ BREWERY MC ]=-
Brewery MC is a survival economy server centered around creating and selling alcohol, also known as brews. In addition, Brewery MC features player auctioning and custom mob spawners as other means of making money.

If you’re looking for more excitement, Brewery MC has the full array of player bounty features such as setting, claiming, and tracking bounties. This allows you to make direct money by PvPing other players with bounties on their heads.

Money you earn on the server can be used to buy items or rankup. Ranking up unlocks new features and
prefix in the chat.

On Brewery MC, we love to see teamwork, which is why we also include gangs. Gangs allow you to
team up with other players and become an unstoppable force on the server! However, you must be
careful as there are no rules against raiding, griefing, and scamming!

So what are you waiting for, join Brewery MC now and have a great time trying the exciting features and chatting with the community!

Adventure Bountyhunter City Cityroleplay Criminals Cyberpunk Eurasia Eurasiarp Police Politics Roleplay Scavenger Scifi Scifiroleplay Slums

R E S U R G E N C E: Cyberpunk Roleplay

IP –
Fill out a character application on our forums to get a character name. We hope to see you on!


Immerse yourself in the most realistic minecraft roleplaying experience yet!
So, you’re interested in Eurasia RESURGENCE? Well, This might be your only chance to get an excellent tour of District 01. District 01 is much like the old New York City, a city that never sleeps. Lawless slums, where it’s never quiet, ruled by crime and gangs. Drug dealers and ripper docs, try selling you their latest wares. But it’s a different world outside of the slums. On one side, Highrises and corporate boredom, on the other, a port taking in interstellar travelers. You might be mistaken to think even in your cramped apartment you would get peace; around you, you hear police completing raids and the screams of those in peril. Outside, the slums tower highrises outside of the slums filled with crooked corporate slaves and people who will sell their souls to keep from getting stuck in the slums. However, do not let all the negatives dampen your sense of adventure. Maybe one day, you too will make it out of the slum, or perhaps you might even become the one who rallies it together. When you play RESURGENCE, you don’t play with a set goal in mind. The game is what you and you alone make of it. There is no goal in mind like total conquest of the lands, no ending the infection, no endgame that makes the admins declare you the winner. You can play as anyone or anything on this server. You can be a scraper, bounty hunter, corp slave, thief, raider, soldier, police, etc. Get a wife or husband, have kids, run a successful business or enlist in the military, and fight enemies with many different firearms to destroy them! Be either a career criminal and put high-stakes to make it big or be the ambassador for Justice. Take it to the skies and fight each other for dominance of trading routes as a sky pirate or a merchant. And sometimes, someone wants someone gone. Be a bounty hunter or an assassin and fill in the grey zone between legality and illegality. This setting is a dystopia. But it all lies in your hands. Choose wisely, my friends; I’ll be seeing you again.

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Unknownville Roleplay

Welcome to Unknownville!

$20,000 Referral Bonus in game! As well as first time join bonus!

New city! So fresh builds!!

Explore the huge city, buy plots finished or empty build a house, tower, shop or anything you want!
pick a job, become a cop arrest criminals or be a criminal and rob the bank! or become a simple farmer!
Drugs, guns, cars and much more!!
so many plugins! Mini games!

Lots more added everyday

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