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Welcome to KrabbyMC, the ultimate SpongeBob-themed Minecraft server! As soon as you join, you’ll find yourself spawning inside the iconic Krusty Krab, home of the world-famous Krabby Patty. But don’t worry – you’re not stuck there forever! With the click of a button, you can teleport to our exciting SpongeBob-themed KitPvP arena, accessible through the SpongeKits NPC.
We’ve recently released our KitPvP arena, so all kits are normal, but we’re always working on new and exciting features to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. In the meantime, feel free to explore the Krusty Krab and all its nooks and crannies, from the kitchen to Mr. Krabs’ office. Who knows what secrets you might uncover?
At KrabbyMC, we strive to create a fun and friendly community for players of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft veteran or a newcomer to the game, you’ll find something to love on our server. So why wait? Join us today at and discover the wonders of SpongeBob’s underwater world!

Economy Factions Kitpvp Lands Mini Games Mug Pvp Pvp Server Raiding Replica Skep Skeppy Skeppys Smug Tried


Smuggler is a KitPvP server based off of PvPLands was Skeppys event server and old KitPvP server. We here at Smuggler tried to replicate the KitPvP gamemode.

Badboyhalo Bald Baldboyhalo Him Invade Invaded Invadedlands Invadedslands Skep Skeppy Skeppyfanserver Skeppyserver Skeps Survival Suvival

Invadeds Lands

skeppy online sub to him

made by skeppy buy merch

you are pro if you join lol

Badboyhalo Bbh Dnf Dream Dreamsmp Dsmp Faction Factions George Georgenotfound Gnf Lore Nation Nations Roleplay Skeppy Smp Squidgame Survival Tommy Tommyinnit War Wars

The GlorySMP [ SMP with wars and nations AND SquidGame events! ]

The GlorySMP is a survival server with wars, nations, towns, markets and more! We have a friendly and welcoming community that would love to be friends with you! We even have a upcoming SQUIDGAME EVENT! 😀

Bed Bedwar Bedwars Dev Development Events High Invadedlands Kitpvp Lands Outvadedlands Pvp Skeppy Skeppyserver Skyblock

Outvaded Lands

outvaded lands minecraft server in high development, skyblock – kitpvp – events – bedwars

Chill Duck Duel Duels Ffa Hill Minecraft Pvp Pot Pot Pvp Pvp Skep Skeppy Soup Sumo Uhc

Duck Lands PvP And Pro Building – (NOT A SKEPPY FAN SERVER) Chill Server

Chill Minecraft PVP and Build, soup PvP, pot PvP, UHC FFA, Sumo, Duels

2020 Aternos Create Ert Invade Invaded Invadedlands Kitpvp Kits Minecraft 1.8 Pire Skep Skeppy These Vanilla


Welcome To TheKitServerTime an KitPVP Server Created in 2020 (Inspired by Invadedlands A.k.a Skeppy)
for minecraft 1.8

Deo Derp Erp Factions Ideo Maybe Mini Games Mission Pmc Pvp Server Ip Skep Skeppy Video Videos


This is a faction server, play with other players, get friends, maybe even play with the owner, we will do videos on this server later so get ready to be in, If you wanna see the rest come join!
The verison is 1.15.2
Server IP:
my new username is SkeppyDerpy
And I am not the owner of this server the owner gave me permission to make this.

1.16.1 Beast Hosting Kitpvp Mc Server Mini Games Mrbeast Pvp Skep Skeppy Survival Uber Upcoming Youtuber Youtubers


RaveMC Server Network – 1.16.1 JAVA
We have KitPVP, Survival, and other upcoming gamemodes!
New server based off of my youtube community. Youtubers welcome! Will be hosting events like Skeppy, MrBeast, etc!

Needing Staff soon!

Anti Aternos Bus Dev Developed Economy Esp Hank Mean Pvp Skep Skeppy Skyblock Sleep Sleeping


Hello Welcome To ErisiumPvp. ErisiumPvp 1.8 skyblock server and is being developed and is looking for staff. If you are wanting to play Dm me on my discord server and ping me. if i don’t respond that means im sleeping/busy
Thank you,
if your skeppy don’t worry you already have OP