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The Daily Grind Skyblock | 1.17.1 | bosses | resource world | minions |

Welcome to the Daily Grind skyblock! Join for a unique style of play, totally free. We offer : bosses that can spawn pretty much anywhere (even on your island!), upgradable miner minions, ranks, silk touch/nosilk spawners, crate prizes, a resetting resource world, kill mobs for $$$, a parkour game (win diamonds and crate keys) you can even activate spawners up to 50 blocks away (pretty dope, right?) and probably a lot more that i forgot. Sound like fun? Join in and start grinding.

**Please Note: this is an aternos server, so active players keep the server on.***

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LunaSkyblock | 1.17.1 | Custom Mobs | Custom Bossfights | Custom Gear | Dungeons

LunaSkyblock | 1.17.1 | Custom Mobs | Custom Bossfights | Custom Gear | Dungeons Minecraft Server

Server IP:

Lunacraft Skyblock is a brand new Skyblock server just entering our open beta phase. We’re looking to shake up the Skyblock genre by throwing in tons of custom mobs, bosses, weapons, skills, abilities and more.

We’ve spent a countless number of hours putting together a completely new experience that we hope players will love.

Custom Mobs

Our world is filled with custom mobs like you’ve never seen in vanilla Minecraft before.
You’ll have to check your client version to remind yourself you aren’t playing on a modded server.
Breathtaking Boss Fights

Face challenging PVE boss fights alongside everyone on the server. Stand
strong against an array of deadly skills and claim the boss crate as a reward for your victory.
Massive, Handcrafted Dungeons

We currently have 4 dungeons, each with their own theme, biome and set of
challenging custom mobs. Each floor increases in difficulty, and yields better and better rewards.
Custom Weapons, Tools & Armor

Conquer LunaSkyblock’s bosses, or dive deep into the dungeon to collect unique
armor sets and weapons, each with their own statistics, custom appearances, and active abilities.
Your Home In The Sky

After a long day of dungeon diving and boss slaying, retire to your island and use your spoils to turn your mound of flying dirt into a booming economic empire. Employ droids to work for you, even while you are offline.

Now is a great time to join our community. During this 30 day beta phase, we are making critical decisions that will shape our server forever. We’re inviting you to come be a part of our development process and help create a server that you can call home.

Join us today using IP:

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Greedy NetWork

Hello. Are you looking for unique experiences with great players? The AVARUS community can give you the best sensations! This community was opened a few days ago, so we are still at the beginning of the road. Join us and you will not regret it! Available sections: GREEN SURVIVAL 1.17, BLUE SURVIVAL 1.17, PRISON and SKYBLOCK CUSTOM

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HollowCraft Survival Server [1.16+]

Enter a new world of adventure to discover the wonders and treasures that this server holds. Go on epic journeys, have the adventure of a lifetime and discover a whole new world! Create a place that feels like home and make new memories with friends!

Come join us on HollowCraft!



Buy Keys to unlock Crates and get custom items, spawners and keys to unlock higher tier crates. We offer 4 crates; Gaia, Tempest, Aquanaut & Inferno.

Supply Drops

Every 3 hours, 10 Supply Drops will fall from the sky into Spawn. Players will have 10 minutes to explore the area to try and find the supplies. There are 3 tiers of Supply Drops and they all have different tiers of rewards. If you are near a Supply Drop you will be able to see or hear fireworks in spawn.

Hollow Craft Supply Drops

Hollow Super Store

Buy furniture and decorations at the Hollow Super Store. We offer a wide arrangement of chairs, tables, appliances and other decorations to bring your indoor and outdoor builds to life.

Hollow Super Store


Choose from a selection of /warps for you to use to travel around the spawn faster and efficiently!

Resource World

Running low on materials for your recipes or builds? Why not gather what you need in the Recourse World? You can access the resource world by typing in chat /rw tp.

World Resets

We reset the Resource World every 14 days while the End and Nether reset every 28 days. There is a countdown timer in the tab menu to see when resets take place.

Fishing Areas

Visit one of two fishing areas for your chance to win reward pearls that can be exchanged for in-game money.

Hollow Craft Fishing


Pick from our large variety of pets to have roaming the server with you as you work your way to the top! You can purchase multiple pets on our server and choose one to have with you while you explore the wild. Pets can be mounted or used as a hat. Adopt today at the pet shop located in Spawn behind the cosmetics shop.

Art Gallery

At the Hollow Art Gallery, you can buy paintings uploaded by the server or view local players’ work. If you would like to buy a painting simply click on Bob Ross and he will help you find your pick. If you have map art you would like to display, drop it off in the drop box and a staff member will put it on display for others to see.


To vote for the server type in chat /vote, proceed to the links provided in GUI and vote for HollowCraft. By voting, you win a Vote key which u can trade in at the vote NPC in spawn for cosmetic items or a chance at winning an Aquanaut key.

Vote For Hollow Craft

For more information on our server, please visit

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A Towny pvp server with jobs and Mcmmo . Build a town and protect yourself or Roam the wilds Griefing and fighting your way to the top.We have something for all players.

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(Hiring) AnCraft 1.15.2 – Anarcho-Capitalist Survival Minecraft – No P2W – Plots, Eco, Guns, Drugs, Bounty, shops, Jobs, and More.

  • No Rules (but no exploiting or hacking)
  • No Ranks
  • No Pay to Win or Pay to Play
  • Plots / Private Property
  • Economy
  • Auction House
  • Player Shops
  • Resource World w/pvp
  • Companies
  • Company shops
  • Bitcoin w/ Live Values
  • Guns
  • Drugs
  • Anticheat
  • Tutorial
  • Lottery
  • Bounties
  • Jobs
  • Playerwarps
  • Categories
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    XCraft Survival

    XCraft Survival seeks to create and form new experiences for fans of old-school Minecraft. Our mission is to bring Minecraft servers back to their roots, with the classic Survival Gamemode. We strive to create an open and welcoming community so that all members can have an enjoyable experience. Many things are familiar, including McMMO, Economy, and Land Claiming; however, we have implemented brand new content that we like to call Vanilla+. Vanilla+ introduces Custom Dungeons, Enchantments, Utility Items, as well as a few quality of life changes!

    Join our Discord for updates!:

    Artmap Communitydriven Hardmode Pve Pvp Resourceworld Semivanilla Survival Vanilla

    🌎 MC-TVE 1.15.2 – No Whitelist! 🌎 McMMO 🎨ArtMap🎨 Land Claim 🐴More Heads🐴 Mature 💤Better Sleep💤

    Economy Elevators Enchantsplus Interactionsvisualizers Jobs Mcmmo Mobarena Parkour Ranks Resourceworld Spleef Survival Towny Voteparty


    We are a Minecraft server with a variety of plugins to make the Towny experience more enjoyable. The idea behind TownyWorld was to have a server we ourselves as staff would want to play on that has a mixture of all the fun and exciting features we’ve experienced. A lot of time and passion went into this so please join us to check out everything we have to offer! We look forward to meeting you and playing together.

    Towny- The Towny you know but with an easy to use GUI to help set up and manage your town.

    Economy- Our server shop sells you common building items while the player market is open for players to sell and buy anything you want.

    Jobs- Select from a number of jobs to get paid for game actions.

    Bank- A place to store your money and exp.

    Casino- Take your chance at the casino and you could just win big! Winner winner chicken dinner!!

    Headshop- A GUI headshop with thousands of heads for purchase to help put a more personal touch on your town or just to wear.

    Free and paid ranks- A number of unique ranks that offer benefits you can either earn by completing certain tasks or buy to skip the requirements.

    McMMO- Custom adjusted rates from the original creator for a balanced enjoyable experience.

    Custom Enchants- Enchants Plus helps make enchanting a diverse unique experience.

    Mob Arena- An arena with custom classes to choose from and groups of mobs that attack in waves to truly test your skills.

    Spleef- Up to 8 players on the field battling to see who will be the ultimate Spleef champion!

    Parkour- AJParkour allows you to enjoy a new parkour experience above spawn that rewards you for getting higher scores.

    Resource World- The resource world will reset every month to make sure you can always find resources you need without having to ruin your towns and beautiful builds.

    Vote Party- When enough people vote, everyone online gets rewarded!

    Elevators- Use diamond blocks as elevators by jumping or crouching on them to add an easier way to get around.

    Armored Elytra- Use an anvil to combine chest plates with elytra to add all the benefits of that armor to an elytra. No more feeling unprotected wearing one.

    Interaction Visualizer- Visualization enhancements for crafting, cooking, enchanting, and more!

    Autotorch Backpack Coop Discord Dynmap Elevators Elytra Friendly Homes Mentions New Nogrief Redstone Resourceworld Small Sorting Survival Timber Tweaks Veinminer

    Sandpaper Velvet – that one place to settle in

    You can see the maps from

    the server is small and the players are only a few, but we take good care of the maintenance and uptime.

    maybe take a look, you might like it?