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Pappas Hermits

Pappa’s Hermits is starting up now – I started on April 19th – and the current world will be up for a while, until I have found a group of capable and trustworhty hermits to start over with, or until I decide to start over – probably in 6-12 months.

The server is a whitelist vanilla Minecraft survival server with a few tweaks and quality of life improvements, intended for a Hermitcraft-like experience – ie. think big, make it look nice, and help eachother.

If you want to become one of Pappa’s Hermits you must be mature and trustworthy. Mature is not about age – you can be 10, 20, 40 or 80 years old – being mature is about showing consideration, planning, being meticulous in your builds and caring for how this Minecraft world looks.

I expect you to
– play on the server at least 2 times a week (exceptions for vacation og announced passive periods)
– be an experienced builder and strive to make your builds and surroundings look nice
– build the farms you need and gather the resources you need to build what you plan to build, instead of just hoarding resources
– do what you can to reduce lag on the server (reduce entities ie. limit number of armour stands, item frames, mobs and other entities, limit number of open and active hoppers, only have minecarts rolling and redstone contraptions active when you are actually using them, and not leaving boats and other stuff all around the server)

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