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Phoenix MODDED server! Forge! Brand new server! Looking for Mods/Staff

Brand New server! started mere hours ago! Brand new mods! Our Modded minecraft server is a custom blend of mods found from curseforge website. 100% safe jar files. Easy to connect once u learn how to install mods and forge, straightforward. Game version is 16.3 !!! Mods include new biomes, hundreds of new light sources! over a thousand new blocks, armour and weapons stronger than netherite! coffee ingredients that u can farm/grow yourself that provide OP buffs! Furniture, seats, and any other recommendations since this is a community and we all have a say in how the server progresses and grows.

Here is the modpack!!!! unzip it to your mods folder, minecraft scans them all before opening. We use FORGE

dm me, or join our discord for the modpack! as well as instructions and help needed to join the server.

Economy Free Friendly Fun Grief Marriage Prevention Pvp Social Survival

Lectron Minecraft


Lectron was created with one thing in mind – relaxing. For the players that are looking for a server that has custom features with classic old school feel, this server is definitely for you! Our goal is to keep a tight-knit and simple community for those that just want to play Minecraft with friends. So, here’s what we offer:

– Survival with natural mob spawning. Level Up with mcMMO and Jobs
– Our vibrant economy is stable with /Shop, /Trade, /Auction, and /Jobs
– Jobs | Make money doing what you love, even by exploring and walking around!
– Warps | Once you have enough money, you can create a warp
– User-Friendly Land Claiming | Protect your property with ease
– Rank promotions for playing on the server | Each Rank has it’s own upgrades
– Pets | Every player is able to tame their own pet by killing any animal with a lead
– Creative Mode for Grandmasters (no exploit)
– Roleplaying with /Marry
Friendly Community | Although we are a new server, we encourage our future players to be mature, respectful, and friendly!


Video trailer:

Owner livestream:

Player Reviews

Low latency from around the world!
Check ping test:


Simply REPLY to this topic and introduce yourself and we will give you fly ability!


Lectron Minecraft is a popular and long-standing Minecraft survival multiplayer server. Find out what marks us out from the rest!

Lectron Minecraft started out as a combination of old servers that Viet York, the owner made since 2012. Those includes Waffle Minecraft, Sexycraft, asdfcraft, Minecraftly and Molly Town. Lectron Minecraft was established in 2019 with the old data from Minecraftly server. The initial aim of the server was to create a classic and timeless experience for players just as it was back in 2011.

The very first server that inspired Lectron Minecraft was Waffle Minecraft, the first creation of the founder of this server, Viet York. Started out with only $5 at that time, the server became a success with millions of players a day and 800 players online at the same time. The motivation and the success of the previous servers took us to the place we are now building a long lasting server with unlimited world and even more amount of players.

Enhanced survival feel

Everything you see in Lectron Minecraft has been built by hand, from legitimately harvested materials. We’re sure you’ll agree, this makes the epic structures here all the more impressive.

Massive, long-established world

Lectron Minecraft has one of the largest truly public map of any Minecraft Survival Multiplayer (SMP) servers. It has grown to terabytes in disk storage space, and has been explored and built in by millions of unique players.


This server has an extended history of modification, and most of its software is bespoke.

  • Keep Inventory on
  • Work your way though custom ranks, gaining extra perks as you go
  • Battle your way to the top of the MCMMO rankings
  • Earn money while mining, hunting farming and many other activities through /jobs
  • Create shops for players to /trade with you while you’re offline
  • Buy and sell with others on the public /auction house
  • Comprehensive grief alert system in place, with server logging.
  • Destructive mobs and natural events (fire, tnt, lava) nerfed.
  • A vast array of social features, including reputation and friends lists.
  • Effective in-game mail and parcel system.
  • Website control panel and player statistics on this site.
  • Hourly random free gifts for all players!
  • World backups are taken twice daily, and kept in duplicate off-site for additional security.
  • Paid offerings are cosmetic bonuses and help support the server…
  • Please click the following options:

  • VOTE: Vote for some Diamonds, some Emeralds, some XP Bottles and some in game money. Simply type /vote on the server
  • RANKS: If you love the server and would like to have more fun exploring more commands and permissions in the server, you can purchase ranks to have fun and support the server.
  • Links:

  • Discord Community
  • Dynamic Map
  • Server Statistics
  • Owner:

  • Minecraft in-game name
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • In Game Photos:








    Community Friendly Smp Social Survival Vanilla

    Vanilla Survival SMP Server 1.16.3 Whitelist

    A Vanilla Minecraft server. The only non-vanilla addition are player heads.
    Server is located in Australia however the server is open to anyone around the globe.
    TeeSMP always has the latest updates in Minecraft available.

    – No UNNECESSARY GRIEFING (Unless you have a war with someone)
    – Any form of hacks/cheats are NOT ALLOWED

    To get whitelisted please message me on either
    – Reddit = u/TeeSMP
    – Discord = tee#2888
    – Planetmc = Tee1403

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    McCaverns Network [Java & Bedrock!] [1.16]

    1. Survival
    2. 200+ Custom Enchants
    3. Custom Mobs
    4. Custom Weapons / Items
    5. Pvp
    6. Land Claiming
    7. Bank System
    8. Crates
    And much more!

    Hope to see you all there!

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    Something kinda familiar but a little different. I hope you enjoy!

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    EmoteVille is a custom survival server built on top of Mojang’s latest update inspired by various other sub-cultures. We aim to create a self moderated, creative, educational, social space for those who just want to chill with their friends or meet new people with similar interests.

    Some of the things we focus on;

  • Gangs (Manage chunks by claiming them and defining permissions, organising your team, protect your chunks.)
  • Affiliate (Our own currency integrated throughout the server that can be paid out into real currency from contributing to the community.)
  • Modes (Customize your gameplay and how you interface with the server/community.)- Villages (A dedicated area on the server which typically houses extra functionality of the server.)
  • Awards (Our own implementation of titles built around social status and rewarding contributions/achievements.)
  • Infinite World (Splitting a world across multiple instances across multiple servers to seamlessly expand our world, remaining up-to date)
  • We are a relatively new server and because of this we are starting on a basic level to prevent things becoming overly daunting to potential players that might want to get involved in this project, once we feel this is understood, we will begin to add additional functionality.

    We hope to see you in-game soon! 🙂

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    Mythiclands ◼ Prison

    | Mythiclands |

    Mythiclands is a prison server with

    custom items, dueling, and more.

    Don’t forget to vote for useful rewards!

    Coming Soon (WHITELISTED)!



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    UG Network

    Welcome to the world of Minecraft Gaming!
    We (aka me) are hosting a Network of servers including Survival, Creative and Skyblock
    Though we are in a state where people can find us, we find it hard to convince people to stay with us.
    We offer McMMO on Survival, Free worldedit on Creative and an easy island management plug-in in Skyblock
    Servers in progress are Factions, Prison and Modded servers
    You have to join through port 25577 or else you get insta-kicked

    I post a lot of updates on my Discord Server

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    eboyindia SMP

    eboyindia SMP is a small and simple minecraft survival server. We aim to stray away from the increasing trend of custom plugins and pay-to-win servers by being a simple, active, and engaging server rather than one filled to the brim with content. We hold events every week and always have a 24/7 uptime. Our staff is active nearly all day and we have a discord integrated into the server so people can connect and find friends. More than being a good minecraft server, we care about creating a good community. We hope to see you there!

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