Fabric Hermitcraft Papermc Semivanilla Survival Whitelist

Paradigm Legends SMP

Welcome to The Paradigm Legends SMP page! We are a Hermitcraft-style server looking to recruit new active members. The server is run on PaperMC with minimal plugins to still have a mostly vanilla experience while adding a few quality of life enhancements. This server is also a cross platform server so Bedrock players can also join. There is also Disocrd chat integration as well. The server is set on hard to offer a bit of a challenge. Some of the plugins we use are Simple Voice Chat, Single Player sleep, EssentialsX(mainly for the ability to set homes an TP to friends), and a realistic tree chopping mod. We do allow client-side mods to an extent. The main ones that most people use are Fabric based, such as Tweakeroo, Litematica, etc. If you have a question about what client-side mods are allowed don’t hesitate to ask.
We are a tight knit group of friends looking to make that group a little bit bigger. Also, this is an all ages server so please be aware that chat should be kept to PG/PG-13. This is a whitelisted server so there will be some screening questions that will be asked of you before you are admitted. The list of questions are as follows:

1. Minecraft name and real name(first name only)
2. Age
3. Occupation
4. How would you describe your personality?
5. Why do you want to join our server?
6. How long have you been playing Minecraft?
7. Are you an aesthetic builder or a redstoner? Or both?
8. Who is your favorite Hermit and why?
9. What is your favorite episode of Hermitcraft?
10. Describe your experience on public Minecraft servers. Please include a positive experience as well as a negative one.
11. If you could build anything in Minecraft, what would it be?
12. Our server is populated by people who know each other and are friends. How does that make you feel?
13. Have you ever been banned from a server, and if so, why?
14. Have you ever been accused of cheating? What was the outcome?
15. What do you think would be an appropriate punishment for cheating?

To apply for access to this server please answer all questions and send your answers to Taggart (GMT-7)#3019 on Discord.

Thank you for taking the time to view this page and we look forward to hearing from you!

Australia Australian Dungeons Papermc Pvp Smp Spigot Survival

TektaCraft | Realistic SMP

The server is played in survival mode and have been tweaked to really stimulate REAL LIFE survival situations, this was all made possible by a plugin called MCRealistic because survival mode realistically mimics what would happen if you were dropped into a wild area with nothing; it forces players to have to rely on their own wits and skills in order to survive, forcing them to think critically about how they’re going to gather resources and build their camp. You can’t just run out into the wilderness with a pickaxe and expect to come back later with a stack of diamonds or an overflowing chest of gold.


MCRealistic ( Thirst, Broken Bones, Fatigue and much more )
Clans ( Create a CLAN, conquer and strive together )
HealthBar ( Health displayed just under mob and player names )
HuskHomes ( Max homes of 2 and TPA )
Terra ( A more realistic, beautifully, massively map for SMP )

117server 118server 119server Cityscape Community Discordsrv Minecraft Minecraftbuild Minecraftbuildings Minecraftcities Minecraftcity Minecraftcityliferoleplay Minecraftcityserver Minecraftroleplay Minecraftserver Minecrafttransitrailway Nochatreports Papermc Railway Roleplay Skyscraper Trains

Sunrise City Server

Welcome to Sunrise City Server!

Anyone is welcome! We are a small community that would like to expand. We are currently in development, so we are not complete as of yet. We have a kind and sociable community which would love to have new people! We are looking for Citizens, Builders, and more!

We are currently in the works of making a new, more beautiful and organised world, called New Sunrisia. This world will be releasing on December 16th 2022.

Whether you are a transport fanatic, or a city role-play fan, or all of the above, this server is for you! We have working 3D trains and buses, without mods. We also have a functioning economy in our server, so you can own your very own shop and start a business!

We also have a discord server which you can access after completing the citizen application in game. When joining the server, use the buttons at spawn to complete the Citizen Application, which will grant you access to the discord, as well as being able to create shops in the city!

Join today for endless fun and beautiful cityscapes!

Versions: 1.17.1 – 1.19.2 (Main version is 1.17.1)

119smp Clans Kingdoms Niceowners Oldguns Papermc Survival


on this server you can pick to join one of the three main kingdoms:
the neutral kingdom
the miner kingdom
the farmer kingdom
to conquer an enemy land you must steal or destroy their bases special item
the pvp options include normal pvp,guns such as revolver and muskets and some other weapons
you can also create your own clans as well

if you have any problems just contact one of the staff when a staff member is on or just contact the owner on discord(only text)
this is the discord link for the server so when you join your not clueless

im new at making a server so if you feel angry remember that im new

Papermc Public Publicserver Smp Spartan Streamerfriendly Survival Vanilla


Version: PaperMC 1.19

A multiplayer SMP with decent backups and anticheat. Mods (and goddess) try to be active whenever and we’d love to get more people in. While the server is using PaperMC to run, everything else is pretty vanilla. Mods who play with players won’t use their powers to cheat, and the “goddess” we have might give you a cookie once and a while. We have a Discord we’d prefer players to join for text and voice chat, especially since mods can see private messages in chat so if you’re planning on doing a raid or coup against one of us, or just wanna be able to privately chat in general, it’d be a good idea to join. 😅

We do a lot of petty trash talk but we refuse to tolerate actual toxic players. If you can’t control your behavior and not be a garbage person, don’t join.

Server Rules:
– Do not ask for free stuff or beg for items from admins
– Do not hack or cheat to gain an advantage that would not normally be available in regular gameplay.
– Do not build any type of farm with the purpose to overwhelm or cause a negative impact on the server.
– Modifications that control your player or automate actions are prohibited.
– If you disagree with another player or are uncomfortable with their messages, please notify a staff member.
– Please use English in public chat.
– Impersonating staff members is not allowed
– Advertising of other servers in public and private chat is prohibited.
– Never share your account’s information with anyone.
– Do not attempt to use our server for the purpose of scamming other players. (xdPurge)
– Any threat or attempt to DOX/DDoS/SWAT another player or server will result in a permanent ban.
– Do not send any link that is deemed inappropriate or malicious.
– Do not send the same message in quick succession in public chat.
– If you encounter any disrespectful players, please report them to a staff member.
– If you are not sure if something is against the rules, please ask a staff member.
– Discrimination is prohibited in public chat.
– Keep the chat civil and appropriate for everyone.
– Do not talk or joke about inappropriate subjects.
– Being rude or arguing with other players in a hostile manner is not allowed.
– Being excessively rude or abusive towards another player is not allowed.
– Do not make any type of serious threat towards another player.
– Inappropriate builds are not allowed.
– Abusing a bug or a glitch in the server to gain an unfair advantage is prohibited.
– Using an alternate account to bypass a ban is not allowed.
– Do not use any form of automated programs or scripts.
– You are not allowed to advertise anything that is not related to the server.
– Discussing anything inappropriate in public chat is not allowed.
– Do not repeatedly ask or beg for mod status.
– Do not encourage other players to break rules.
– Do not argue or harass staff members.
– Please keep the chat friendly for all ages.
***If you break any of these rules, you could get a warning, temp ban, or perma ban depending on what you did. Best thing to is just follow the rules***

Java Minecraft Papermc Server Survival

The Cities SMP

Welcome to the CitiesSMP. Hope you have a good time in the server below is the server info



SERVER IP: CitiesSMP.mcalias



Optional Server stuff



1. No types of grief this will be strictly enforced even from the smallest types of things
-This includes breaking blocks, placing blocks, harming animals, and destroying their area.

2. No spam killing, no afk killing, and no killing before players even load

3. No asking for personal information and do not give away your personal information

4. Do not abuse glitches in the game unless Sp1d3x allows them make sure to ask him
-This excludes sand/gravel dupers, tnt dupers, and a few more.

5. Do not modify your game to get an advantage there are a few exceptions for example full bright and mini maps.

6.NSFW topics are allowed just make sure nobody feels uncomfortable and do not go into detail

7. No excessive swearing allowed you can swear here and there but do not spam it


9. Listen to other players and the staff team if they want you gone from their base then leave if they do not give you permission then don’t do it

10. Do not threaten or harass other players don’t even promote it

11. No faking to be staff or other members of the server

12. No stealing from things that can hold peoples items you are allowed to kill them and take their inventory.

These are may change in the future

Paper Papermc Simple Smp Spigot Survival

ShibylCraft (13+)

Welcome to ShibylCraft!

ShibylCraft is a simple SMP server by me, YoShibyl (please call me “Yoshi” for short). The server runs on Paper and has some plugins to enhance the experience. Currently, this server features:

  • Per-player PVP toggle : Type /pvptoggle to enable or disable the ability to fight with other players. Both players must have it enabled to inflict damage to each other.
  • A Discord server to chat with people about the server, share memes, etc.
  • And other cool stuff, like these spawnable NPC things: (I might offer them as buyable spawn eggs soon™)
  • Fake player NPC things


  • You must be 13 years or older to play on this server. This is because the server chat may contain profanity (not safe for young children)
  • No griefing or stealing. Will result in restoration of stolen/griefed property and temporary or permanent ban.
  • No using hacks or game-breaking exploits to gain an unfair advantage or to duplicate items.
  • Absolutely no racism or any kind of hate speech. Will likely result in a permaban.
  • No spammy messages in chat. Will result in warning, mute, or ban.
  • Don’t ask admins or others for free stuff. Basically, no begging or annoying others.
  • No scams of any kind. Real-world scams will result in a permaban.
  • No advertising other Minecraft or Discord servers.
  • If you see anyone or anything violating the rules, let me know in the #violation-reports channel on the Discord server!

    Custom Customitems Custommobs Dungeons Familyfriendly Magic New Paper Papermc Pve Pvp Small Smp Structures Survival Tech

    Lycanth (Paper 1.18.2)(Survival)(Magic)(Pets)(Terralith world gen)(DNL)

    Just a small family friendly Paper survival server with ~

    -Terralith terrain
    -Better villages/outposts

    All ages welcome

    No tolerance for griefing you will be banned no warnings.

    Server located in US west

    Paper Papermc Pve Pvesurvival Survival Survivalserver Vanilla

    Davos Network

    Davos Network is a private Minecraft community comprised of friends all over the world and we are looking to grow and add more to the bunch. If you’re interested, please fill out the application attached and I hope I’ll see you on the server!

    Blu <3

    Creative Developer Linux Papermc Ubuntu

    Ruds’s Linux Community MC Server

    This is a creative MC server using a Cloudron package/Docker container which I’ve made for PaperMC, a popular Minecraft server implementation. It’s only a creative server right now, but we’re planning to add more minigames. It works on all versions of Minecraft.