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Sunrise City Server

Welcome to Sunrise City Server!

Anyone is welcome! We are a small community that would like to expand. We are currently in development, so we are not complete as of yet. We have a kind and sociable community which would love to have new people! We are looking for Citizens, Builders, and more!

We are currently in the works of making a new, more beautiful and organised world, called New Sunrisia. This world will be releasing on December 16th 2022.

Whether you are a transport fanatic, or a city role-play fan, or all of the above, this server is for you! We have working 3D trains and buses, without mods. We also have a functioning economy in our server, so you can own your very own shop and start a business!

We also have a discord server which you can access after completing the citizen application in game. When joining the server, use the buttons at spawn to complete the Citizen Application, which will grant you access to the discord, as well as being able to create shops in the city!

Join today for endless fun and beautiful cityscapes!

Versions: 1.17.1 – 1.19.2 (Main version is 1.17.1)

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Empty Ego || Simple Community Freedom

Empty Ego || Simple Community Freedom Minecraft Server
Empty Ego is a community based on creative freedom…WebsiteDiscordPatreon




The journey you are about to embark on will bring new friends, adventures, and more.
You may experience great achievements, or suffer through immense peril.
Choose your path, and become whoever you desire to be.
Start PvE towns with public shops, or become the leader of merciless bounty hunters in search of glory.What you do is up to you; Let the sky be your limit!

When building the server we put time into keeping things simple.

Although this may seem counterintuitive, we promise it’s not.

Many servers offer tons of plugins, mods, add-ons, and more.

We believe this takes away from the natural creative freedoms of Minecraft.

Because of this, we thought deeply about what plugins would make for a well handled community that offers personal growth and development.

TownyAdvanced – Allows players to claim land, protect it, wage war, and build the history of our community.
EssentialsX – hosts our integrated Towny economy with Vault.
DiscordSRV – Allows you to link your Discord and Minecraft accounts, plus, access our Proximity Voice!
Vault – Connects the dots between economy functionality.
DecentHolograms – Helps us make the server more informative in a simple way.
InsaneAnnouncer – Offers a framework for chat announcements/notifications.
LuckPerms – The basis of our rank/group and permission system.

With Towny at our core, an Economy is essential – All money can be earned by with /Sell.

Gold, Copper, and Emeralds can be sold in ANY FORM (Nuggets, Ingots, Blocks, etc.).
Selling items as Blocks earns 10% MORE than Ingots, and Ingots earn 10% MORE than Nuggets.

By default, you are a Nomad looking to Claim land to start your Town, or Join others.
ALL TOWNS HAVE RENT! Rent is based on Town Size and can be paid with your Bank by using /Towny Deposit.
This is where starting a Shop and Mining for currency becomes important.

If you don’t pay your Rent for a few days, That’s OK! All towns have a small Debt Limit, for safety reasons.
If you hit your Debt Cap, your town will be Deleted, leaving your base open to Attack!
Be sure to always have money in your town bank, so that you can feel safe when logging off!

If a Town gets large enough, it can chose to become a Nation.

Nations host Towns within their Regions, and can develop much more In-Depth Ecosystems.

The map is 50,000×50,000 blocks
The Inner 500×500 Blocks is a Community Zone (Shops, Public Towns, Safezone Building)
We do have ranks/perks available to our community as a whole (Discord, Minecraft, etc.)WebsiteDiscordPatreon




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Reality³ – [1.19.2] Survival | McMMO & Jobs

Reality³ - [1.19.2] Survival | McMMO & Jobs Minecraft Server

Welcome to Reality³ Survival Server!

We’re playing 1.19.2

This Paper Survival server has been open since 2014. We are a community-based server with a variety of ranks and constant updates in-game. We also allow bedrock players to join!


Server IP:
Bedrock IP Adress:

Our Homepage: Engine
Our Facebook: Facebook
Our Instagram: Instagram
Discord server: Discord

Our server has an active discord with game chat directly in discord. Join the discord: Here

Plugins You Can Enjoy!

  ⬥ McMMO
  ⬥ Jobs
  ⬥ UltimateCatcher
  ⬥ Chairs
  ⬥ SimpleblackJack
  ⬥ MarriageMaster
  ⬥ Time Vote & Weather Vote
  ⬥ Emotes
  ⬥ Vehicles
  ⬥ Brewery
  ⬥ Casino
⬥ GriefDefender
  ⬥ Lockette Pro
  ⬥ Areashop

*Plugins get added and updated all the time, there are a lot more than what’s on this list!


What if I want to make an automatic farm and go AFK?
• Go for it!

Do you want to play on your own and not feel obligated to talk to anyone?
• No problem! We respect your rights as a human to privacy.

Did you find an abandoned place and want to make it yours?
• We have protection in place to claim your land so if its unclaimed, then its free for anyone.

Are you new to Minecraft but are too scared to ask for basic game help?
• Don’t worry. We all have been there. It is an honour for us to be part of you gaining your skills.

Do I have to donate to the server? (Short answer is no.)

We do accept donations, but if you can’t afford it or don’t want to, there is a way to get everything you need by playing (all ranks are timed except for Elite VIP.) Loyal players that reach Elder get the same permissions. Voting for the server is a fantastic way to help our server grow even more. one of the owners has a well-paying job and is happy to keep the server running (since 2014) without donations.

The owners do have full-time jobs but are masters at working both the server and real-life work at the same time. We take your suggestions with priority, and we work FOR the guests in the game as well as working hard to manage/fix and resolve anything that comes up in an impressively short time. Our discord server is the gateway to contacting the owners and our door is always open for anyone!

We look forward to seeing you come play!
This server has multiple worlds including a flatland. It’s simple to claim land and just as easy to get in game money to buy land to keep your builds safe. Oh, by the way… no map resets!

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Custom World, End And The Nether

Custom Structures Like Ice Igloos And Better Pilliger Towers
Land Claims
Claim The Land Your Lovely Creations And Pets Are On To Preserve Them From Others
Player Login
To Allow Cracked And Premium Players To Play Together
/login (example)
Buy More Claim Blocks
Buy Guns (Soon To Come If There Not Too Op)

When You Die A Grave Will Be Placed So You Don’t Loose Your Items To Despawn

Graves Last 3 Hours

Skin Restorer
Lets You Change Skins While Playing On The Server (Does Not Affect Your Skin Out Side Of The Server)
Lets You Earn Money By Mining Blocks Farming And More
Lets You Message Players On Our Discord Server While Your In Game And They Can Talk To You If There Willing Too

More To Come

(More Players , More motivated I Be To Update And Add More In)

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Zelkyn MC

1.7.0 – 1.19.2
+Bedrock Support

Custom Survival – beta*
Vanilla Survival – beta*

Years of minecraft server hosting experience and many hours of care are going into the creation of your new go to Minecraft server!
We are now in open beta and are looking for new players to try out our server and join our new and budding community.
For more info feel free to join our server any time or come chat with us on our discord server.

*Beta world/player data will be wiped apon leaving beta

Crossplatform Crossplay Discordsrv Friendly Geyser Hermitcraft Hermitcraftstyle Private Semivanilla Smp Survival Whitelisted

Hat Gang Whitelisted Middle School

Welcome to the Hat Gang SMP!

We are a small, whitelisted survival server that offers a friendly semi-vanilla experience that is inspired by popular communities like HermitCraft and Empires SMP!
While being whitelisted may seem intimidating, you can join Hat Gang by filling an application. Application review usually takes a day at most, so we promise not to leave you hanging for too long 🙂

Join our discord for important server announcements and chit chat!
–> <--
Before filling out an application, you can get to know more about how we play here!
On our server, we want to deliver the cozy experience of a group of friends playing the game together. This is also why our server is whitelisted, because everything is better when you can build a bond of trust with other players, and have fun without having to worry about griefing, theft, cheating or aggression.
Hat Gang is currently on Season 3!
From what first started as a casual group of friends trying to host a small server that they can enjoy for a little while, we eventually upgraded our server and more people joined, and now in the early third season we’ve decided to open up for new player applications from the public! You can find screenshots of creations from Season 1 in the images list at the top of the page, but we don’t talk about Season 2…
What plugins/additional features do we have on Hat Gang?
We like keeping our server similar to the Vanilla Minecraft experience, so we don’t have any plugins that are over-the-top or too different to how you normally play the game. However, we do have a few changes on our server from the Vanilla features. For example, you can build freely shaped nether portals, use wood in stonecutters and craft paper from bamboo, as well as a togglable Treefeller plugin that makes trees break completely when you break one of the logs.
We also have a Creative Mode universe for building/testing with WorldEdit and creative mode whenever you feel like it using a command to go from/to the Survival mode worlds. This command also saves your last position on both universes so you can continue where you left off, as well as separate inventories for each universe!
And last but not least, we also have a plugin that connects our server chat to our Discord Server! So you can chat with players on discord while playing even when they aren’t online on the minecraft server, as well as Geyser, which allows crossplay between Minecraft Java and Bedrock edition users on our server, with support for linking accounts!

[​Hats are not 100% guaranteed]

Bedrockjavacrossplay Discordsrv Familyfriendly Minigames Rpgsurvival Skyblock Survival

Kencrafters Community

Do you want a fun, safe and amazing community server to play on? What about family friendly? Well my friend, this is your chance! Come join us! We do constant community events, Nonstop survival challenges, and best of all, a fun loving community accepting of all ages!

It’s also Bedrock edition compadible!

Joining discord and accepting some roles is one of the only ways you’ll be able to get ONTO the server, but it’s a precautionary measure to keep away trolls and griefers. Just follow the rules and your stay in the community is going to be an amazing one!

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Aztec Empire

Aztec Empire MCVerse

An RPG experience unlike other! This server presents as a hybrid rpg with a complex campaign, a Free Forge SMP and Multiple mini games.

The server has officially gone through the next iteration with a hard reboot. A lot of the maps have been scraped and is being re done and released to the public over time. I have finally found someone who is able to create custom plugins for the server and most of them are being coded at this moment. Please let staff know if you experience any bugs! I still need someone who is able to create a custom resource pack, Please DM me on Discord if you are able to do so.

SHORT Progress notes:
The list below details All of the things that have been completed, in progress or planed for the server Please see the official discord for the most up to date Patch notes and announcements

Campaign City/location list (planned)

Aztec Empire MCVerse OST (compositions planned & or in progress)
– Overture [​main menu theme]
– The City of Gold
– A Dark Path
– Salvation
– The Great Sacrifice
– Betrayal
– Twisted Fate
– The Unknown
– Resistance
– Unwanted truce
– Revelation
– Wilderness
– Sanctuary
– Epilogue
I Twitch stream this server occasionally, make sure to follow if you would like to see how I build on my server:

Aztec Empire Minecraft Server

Any exciting Ideas that would improve this server? please state and explain in the comment section below 😉

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DanilDrem3 SMP Private server without wipes (Bedrock support)

Bedrock address:

Hello! Our server has been running for a whole year since version 1.16.3. We have a pretty active community of players building big projects.

Most importantly, our server is almost completely vanilla, there are no TPs or privates, but there are exceptions in the form of cosmetic chips. There are no wipes on the server, as well as world boundaries, and administrators always try to update as quickly as possible to the new version of minecraft.

To get on the minecraft server, you need to go to our discord and talk to the admins about access to the server. There are no privates or restrictions on the server, but it is forbidden to interfere with anyone or use cheats.

We are waiting for you if you want to play quietly on our small and cozy server!


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CitronPvP [BETA] [1.18.2] Help Wanted! [Plugin phase] [] [KitPVP w/ Old Combat Mechanics!]

Welcome to CITRONPVP!
Dedicated to Kit PvP

We focus all of our resources on bringing you the most fun and epic kits we can think of! Have a suggestion? Don’t forget to join our public discord server to share your ideas and bring a little bit of yourself into CitronPvP! Want some extra help? You can vote for our server and earn rewards for your loyalty and dedication. Remember, we do not offer any sort of “pay to win” kits, items, etc; we believe in fairness and equality for all.Help Wanted

Help wanted! [ We are looking for players to help us test out the features in our new KitPvP server! You will unlock special ranks and kits for your dedication and assistance in helping us. Please be aware we are a BIG work in progress and cannot do this without you! For more information, please join our community discord server! ] Our server is brand new and we are currently working on the plugin side of things! If you have experience with plugins and commands, let us know!

Ranks Coming Soon

We are currently in beta, therefore, we do not have any current premium ranks available. If you would like to fund this server, please know that donations are non-refundable (pending exceptions.) For more information, please join our discord server for further assistance.
Custom Map

Want to hang with friends for a while before getting into the fight? Our custom-made spawn has glass floors for you to view the battle scene! Join and fight in our epic Skull Island arena! Just be careful not to fall into the pool of lava…
Join our Discord

Do you live stream or create other forms of content? Share your work with us on our discord server!

itsLemonzest [​aka Lemonzestboy]
You can find my socials here:
Twitter: @itsLemonzest
Discord: itsLemonzest#1220
Twitch: itsLemonzest