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Velvet | Survival | MCMMO | Veinminer | SlimeFun | ChestShop

Welcome to Velvet!
Make sure you join our discord so we can give you some extra perks!

Velvet is a small, survival multiplayer server run by the Velvet Community, bringing new, exciting, and interesting gameplay mechanics to the realm of Minecraft! We have additions like vein miner, custom cave generation, MCMMO (an RPG leveling system!), and more!

We change what it means to be a Minecraft server, beware of the trees, make lots of friends, and have fun in our small and friendly community!

✨ Heads up!
We are currently undergoing a name change from our old name, CookieMC to Velvet!
Expect some information about the server to not match the name for the time being.

Auction Auctionhouse Claims Crates Discord Discordsrv Economy Griefprevention Griefprotection Keepinventory Kits Pvptoggle Ranks Shop Survival Tpa


This is a survival smp with many great features. There are claims, tpa, pvptoggle, crates, kits, ranks and more! There is also a discord server if you need any support or if you want to chat with other gamers. The discord link is . To support us please vote for us and we will continue to make Amazing content for you!

Claimedland Datapacks Discord Discordsrv Homes Nogrief Playershops Semianarchy Slimefun4 Smp Survival


RustyWorld a Chill SMP with DataPacks and some Plugins

Join our discord all the information will be on there or make a ticket if you need any help staff will be glad to help!

When you log in the first time you’ll have to register bc we support cracked players just type in game
/register Password Password
when you log in next time all you gotta do is
/ login YourPassword

Hope to see y’all on🙏🏽📈

Discordsrv Halloween Lifesteal Powerranks Proximitychat Survival

The meme SMP

The meme SMP Season 3: The Spooky Update!

Join The meme SMP with your friends to experience something never experienced before!

– Powerranks
– DiscordSRV with porximity chat
– LifestealSMP
– Some spooky stuff!!!


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Hexed | Vanilla Survival Server 1.17


Welcome to Hexed! This is a Vanilla style Minecraft server. We will provide grief rollback, and friendly users! The server is brand new, so it has a map with plenty to explore! Chunks are being pre-loaded, so you won’t have to deal with lag!

Why Hexed?
– Discord Server with DiscordSRV
– Grief rollback
– BetterSleep
– Hex colored nicknames
– Very close to Vanilla survival experience, with some plugins to make playing more enjoyable
– No “pay to win”
– Protected /afk
If you come across and issue or have suggestions, please DM me here, or /mail Vepii, or DM me on the Discord server!

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EnlightenCraft | Semi-Vanilla | SMP | 1.17 | No P2W | Discord | SlimeFun | +MORE!


Welcome to 𝔼𝕟𝕝𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥𝕖𝕟ℂ𝕣𝕒𝕗𝕥!

We are a small, semi-vanilla Survival Multi-player with plugins that make the game better.

chat Discord!
We have a discord server! JOIN HERE

  It’s getting harder and harder every day to find good, loving, caring, and joyful Minecraft servers. Each one is more toxic than the other. Here at EnlightenCraft, we have a wonderful, helpful community that loves new people and loves helping out and assisting players.

Mobs have random health amounts, making them harder to kill.

Stop pesky griefers. Gain claim blocks by voting!

Set up to 12 homes, allowing you to go back to any of them with unlimited uses!

Play on the server, get cool rank rewards!

Use the /menu to get detailed, but brief overview of the server features.

Make shops for players to buy and sell stuff from!

Works great with chest shops, allowing you to make warps to your shops.

Make really cool and useful machines and items!

Get cool upgrades on just about anything!

Sync your In-Game rank with Discord using the command /discord link in-game!

More info on the Website Below!

See you there!
  -EnlightenCraft Team

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[1.17.1] Lutton-Bourne – Survival


version: 1.17.1 or newest bedrock version
Port: Default (Java 25565 / Bedrock 19132)

Welcome to our survival server, here’s a list of features:

  • Earn money from mob kills
  • Earnable ranks you can get for playtime, money, and a few other pre-requisites
  • No pay to win aspects ((Packages are cosmetic, or everyone gets an equal benefit)
  • Auction House to sell items to other people
  • /warp shops for a central place to sell bulk items to players
  • Discord server for communication –
  • Chests for your items when you die
  • Land claims to protect your builds
  • McMMO and Jobs so you can hone your skills and earn money
  • Safari Nets so you can capture your favorite mobs to make a zoo
  • Custom dungeons throughout the world
  • Custom crafting recipes
  • Chest shop for you to sell to other players
  • Crates for free stuff (including things you can’t normally get in survival)
  • Movie night every Saturday between 9PM and 12AM EDT.
    Come join the party in our Discord.

    For consoles:
    World Map:
    Emote craft support:
    Beenfo support:


    18plus Adultonly Advancedachievements Advancedenchantments Adventure Chestsort Citizens Crates Customenchants Customitems Discord Discordsrv Dynmap Economy Goldencrates Griefprevention Jobsreborn Lgbt Lgbtfriendly Lgbtq Lgbtqfriendly Mcmmo Nogrief Npc Playershops Pve Economy Quests Rpg Shopkeepers Slimefun Survival Transgender

    Unicornia PvE Middle School +18

    Unicornia is an LGBTQ+ focused and strictly +18 server.
    The server is heavily modified and only PvE.
    We have custom items, achievements, enchantments, jobs, mcmmo, slimefun, pets, and much more!
    You can join the server with version 1.9 and above.
    In order to play on the server, you will have to join our discord and link your account first.

    Discord Discordsrv Friendly Pvp Smp Survival

    unknown smp (bedrock crossplay compatible)

    join unknown smp today!
    we are an active server with a friendly commuity we also have a minigames server!
    we have a friendly staff team too!

    the unknown smp staff team

    bedrock edition port: 8079

    Aesthetics Bettersleep Customworldgenerator Discordsrv Friends Gravestones Leveledmobs Leveledtools Moreenchantments Playervaults Rewardedachievements Salvagesmelter Seasons Slimefun4 Survival Twerkingcrops

    Starch Survival { 1.17.1 } Looking for New Friends | Aesthetics ★ Diverse Custom Biomes ★ Seasons & Weather ★ RPG Elements ★ Whitelist

    Who Are We?

    Our story begins with you, the adventurer, beginning the first chapter named Soul. Starting the lore anew from one server to the next to eventually us, and awakening to a fresh scent of features possibly never seen before. We want to share what was meant to be a community for friends is now a community for the public. For now we grow with you to be limited and starting a meager introduction to this competitive environment but we’d hope for your understanding that features will not be fully polished and complete. If you’d like to grow with us, then by all means please give us a visit and let us know what you think.

    Note that we force Discord verification to join the server is as a form of whitelisting. This is for mitigating bots and nurturing true stories from the members joining (possibly) each day, but that’s not the only reasons either. The creativity and explosive ideas we once had from playing together on other SMP plugin-modified servers were crazy to have nearly manifest them into a living Minecraft server project with high goals and dreams of venturing with you personally in-game because we want more friends to share these ideas and simply enjoy them. Eventually the server will be fully open-open, no Discord verification but still be there if players desire it, but a basic process of click to join and you resume where you left your pen at.

    Age or gender does not matter. What matters to us is that you really feel like you’re enjoying our presence, feeling true to yourself, giving the feedback you need, and also replying in return what could be fixed or thought about to improve ourselves as a server, community, and person.

    How the Real Story Begins…

    As the realm grows, adventurers survive in the desolate worlds, learning new advancements in skills and technology to endure their surroundings and adapt. Furthermore, NPCs attempts to prosper are futile by the aggression near them, and the land’s soulless empathy ravages the plane to only unleash fury upon its inhabitants…

    Survivors who experience defeat and share stories of their journey with fellow kin are candidates to be entrusted with a grand title. A title bestowed only on those who have toiled endlessly and devoted their lifetimes to grasping the stars. These traits are found to gain wealth in the shape of a divine, drifting estate and fame from the mystical lore of books.

    Our Server Features

    ★ Beautiful, Diverse Custom Biomes w/ Seasons and Weather.
    ★ RPG elements such as Leveled Mobs based on Player power, Tools, Damage Indicators, Duel Wielding, and more unique Enchantments.
    ★ Quality of Life plugins that enhance Visual Mechanics.
    ★ Slime4fun, but imo, any server could host SF and be called “unique”.
    ★ Join the server from any version on 1.14.4+ but we recommend 1.16.1 at least.
    ★ Other plugins like GriefPrevention claims, PlayerVaults, crates (not p2w), Jobs, or Graves.
    ★ And even more features that I can’t think of right now!

    * Showcase screenshots are from all in-game with shaders pack “BSL” and definitely more biomes than those.

    Our Discord | Add me on Discord Spud#0222

    * Spawn (first image) built by Xayden @ *

    Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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