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Crunchy Cookie

Minecraft version: 1.15.2-1.17snapshot


Crunchy Cookie Randomizer è il progetto che riguarda ail nostro server di Minecraft dove ciclicamente, in base al numero di giocatori, ogni due settimane cambiamo i minigiochi del server. Ovviamente ogni volta che alcuni server andranno offline per fare spazio ad altri le classifiche ed i punteggi rimarranno nel nostro database. Inoltre se una determinata settimana non vi dovesse piacere il minigioco a voi sottoposto potete votare affinchè quest’ultimo venga cambiato il prima possibile.


Crunchy Cookie Randomizer is the project that concerns our Minecraft server where cyclically, based on the number of players, every two weeks we change the server mini-games. Obviously whenever some servers go offline to make room for others the rankings and scores will remain in our database. In addition, if you do not like the mini-game you are interested in, you can vote for the game to be changed as soon as possible.

Arctic Discord Minecraft Pvp Survival Winter

Minefox Arctic Survival

MineFox Arctic Survival is a minecraft server based upon the popular and amazing game: The Long Dark, in which you have to survive in a cold-only (no temperate biomes) world while trying to stave of hypothermia and other afflictions, protecting yourself from the hungry Bears, and vicious wolves, whilst making friends along the way, and surviving.

We also support Bedrock Edition! Play on our server on java or bedrock!

We also have a discord community you can join!

You can also check out our forums:

No pay2win, you can earn ranks ingame

UPDATE: Added Discord link

UPDATE: Fixed discord link

UPDATE: Added Forum Link

UPDATE: Added Bedrock Support, and other items

Building Community Season Snow Staff Staffneeded Survival Winter Xmas | SURVIVAL | 1.7 – 1.15.2 | VOTECRATES | LAND CLAIMS AND MUCH MORE | Looking for builders!

McM is a new minecraft survival server with absolutely ZERO pay to win aspects attached to it at all. No items nor commands in the game are purchasable neither are any commands!

Help us form the server to your liking, we are still in development adding new feautures constantly. 

Still looking for Builders and staff!