1.16.3 Anarchy Apex Car Chaos Dan Dank Dont Factions Hate Heres Hey Survival They Vanilla

they are anarchy

server on 1.16.3
new anarchy server so theres no rules
so why not hop on with your friends and make chaos, or do whatever you want, we really dont care

1.16.3 100 100% 116server 2b2t Anarchy Anarchysurvival Dank Improv Nline Norules Queue Survival Tir Vanilla

danku anarchy (new + improved

tired of waiting for queue on 2b2t? well why not try a new server? this server was just started today and has no rules, so come join and have some fun the server is on version 1.16.3 and is 100% vanilla. while i did have a previous server under the same name, this one is online 24/7 unlike the others so feel free to join any time

1.16.3 Anarchy Hank Hanks Make Nks Player Players Pretty Rule Sun Survival Thanks Une Vanilla

thanks anarchy

pretty much no rules, do what you want, the server is on 1.16.3
had to make a new server so all new players are appreciated

1.16.3 Arenas Developed Developer Developers Fun Gadgets Horizon Oli Parkour Pol Pvp Survival Survive Tram

OltraHorizon [1.8-1.16.3] Minecraft server

OltraHorizon server developers have developed a good Survival server. Here you can survive, go to the PvP arena, arrange weddings, create clans, just have fun.

the server contains:






King of the hill

2 Pvp arenas

2 Views of parkour

And much more

1.16.3 Almost Cities Dream Fight Fly Fun Hey Kind Money Place Playing Survival Tir Vanilla

FinePlace server Minecraft


Do you dream of playing on a Minecraft server with a kind and responsive administration? Tired of servers with / gm, / fly? Then come to us! Almost vanilla survival. Fight, earn money, build cities, fight other players. We will be glad to see you!

IP: | Version: 1.16.3

1.12.2 1.16.3 Anarchy Awa Award Bee Big Bot Call East Everything Future Hey Let's Vis

SeyCraft [1.12.2 – 1.16.3] Minecraft server

Hello, dear friend! Let’s not be modest, but if you started reading the description, then the server attracted you with something. I would like to tell you about our server. ▶ The SeyCraft server is varied, on it you can find both GRIF and ANARCHY, and in the future we will add MODES that have never been anywhere else! I advise you to at least go to the server and see what we have, I hope you enjoy it.

◆ So far, we are not such a big project, and we cannot provide the players with everything they need, but if you help us, you just have to go to the server and see what’s there. Well, if you stay, or call a friend, we have a list of individual awards for that!

◉ All the best, SeyCraft.

1.16.3 Auction Buy Change Development Economy Emerald Emeralds Exchange Hulk Merchant Minecraft Servers Sell Shulk Shulker

FenixWorld | Shulker Server | 1.16.3 Minecraft server

FenixWorld is a start-up project based on the development of Minecraft servers.

Shulker is a grief server running version 1.16.3. The server has a unique economy based on emeralds. With their help, you can sell / buy things to merchants on the spawn, as well as exchange for $, which you can spend at the auction.

1.16.3 1.8 1.8.9 Challenge Challenges Classic Economy Eng Len Pvp Roleplay Skyblock Survival Welcome Wit

TrukoCraft Skyblock

Welcome To TrukoCraft!
1.8.9 – 1.16.3
TrukoCraft is a classic skyblock server with challenges!

1.16.3 Ations Cities Clans Full Gar Griefers Hate Ios Kind Modifications Mods States Tat Vanilla

MIO SMP server Minecraft

#MIO – Vanilla + server where you can play version 1.16.3 with your friends! Here you can do whatever you want, build cities, create clans and states! Responsive and kind administration represented by one person, no griefers, adequate players! Also, some modifications were included in the game, the full list of which is here –

We are waiting for you!

Best regards, #MIO Administration!

1.16.3 Arena Clans Dupe Dupes Mad No Dupes Park Parkour Primecraft Pvp Pvp Arena Rime Survival Vanilla

PrimeCraft – Made with love Minecraft server

PrimeCraft – made with love. Clans, vanilla survival, PVP arena, parkour, no dupes! Version: 1.16.3.