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Two Islands SMP

Hello and welcome to Two Islands SMP.

We are a tight knit Australian group of about 10-20 players who have played together for about a year and are looking to grow our community. We have just recently started a new season, so if your looking to get in on the ground floor of a server now is the time to do it.

This server focuses on remaining vanilla whilst using Fabric to boost performance and add some community interactions into the game.

The only mod that is required to join this server is the Fabric API, however we do have some optional but recommended mods (like Simple Voice Chat and EmoteCraft) listed on our discord.

To join this server come and check out our Discord first, where you can see our features and recommended mods in the #info channel, as well as find our IP. We also have a website with some screenshots and more info.

• No command teleporting, no /rtp, no /spawn, no /home
• Proximity Voice Chat
  - Walk up to people to say hi and start chatting!
  - Upload your own mp3 files to the server for use on music disk or goat horns
  - Audio applied to music disks will play when inside a juke box
  - Audio applied to goat horns will play at the range of a goat horn (great for long distance memes or jump scares)
  - No datapacks or resource packs required. Everyone can hear your music without having to download it themselves
• Custom Animations – ONLY WORKS IF YOU HAVE EmoteCraft INSTALLED
  - Create your own emotes in Blender, or use ones other players have created
  - Everyone with the mod can see your animations (as long as they are present on the server)

• Fabric API (So you can join the server) –

• Indium (Performance mod) –
• Lithium (Performance mod) –
• ModMenu (For changing options in your mods) –
• Sodium (Performance mod) –
• Starlight (Performance mod) –
• VoiceChat Fabric (So you can participate in proximity voice chat) –
• EmoteCraft (So you can see any custom emotes players have made) –

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Natural Minecraft

Welcome to Natural Minecraft

We’re a friendly community server offering multiple gamemodes on the same server, for a real community feel!

Our server offers:

Semi-Vanilla Survival
The survival server features a player run economy and some quality of life plugins to make life easier! With only building items being offered for sale at the in-game server shop and likewise, only certain items can be sold to the server, this keeps the economy fair and competitive!

If you prefer building with unlimited resources and space, then the creative world is for you! We use the latest PlotSquared plugin to ensure a smooth operation!

Currently in development, our parkour maps are fun and challenging! With no checkpoints to help you out, this will test you skills to the maximum! More maps are added periodically!

Our community has been grown from a small group of friends to a large network of people who just enjoy chatting and playing Minecraft! Come and join us!

If you’re looking for a friendly community and enjoy just playing Minecraft, then come and check out our server today, we’d love to show you around

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– And More…

Chatting City Cross-Play Design Earth Honey Ign New Smp Roleplay Sign Survival Survival Games Towny Vanilla Vibe

Honey Network SMP

Welcome to VIBE CITY a chatting server designed with the purpose to make it easier to connect with new people and friends!!! Also Play on our Brand New SMP

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XYZZY SlimeFun

XYZZY SlimeFun is a small global community based server. Our goal isn’t to be huge, we just want to be a fun close knit community of like minded players.
A group of players who enjoy exploring, building and chatting.
Solo bases, towns, large community projects, friends from around the world.
We’ve played various modpacks in the past but decided to go with a plugin pack this time to open up the opportunity for folks who just want to use the vanilla MC client.

SlimeFun adds lots of the fun elements of mods like; machines, power generation, magic staves, altars, etc. but all while using just a normal Minecraft client.
We have land claims so your buildings and resources are protected from griefing.
We have a portal system throughout the server that consists of in-world portals to take you specific biomes, towns, etc. As well, all players have the ability to teleport to friends, spawn and back home at any time.
We are open to everyone, no whitelist. Our Discord is Our server address is

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MothMC KitPvP

While making the server, the goal was always to make a unique casual pvp experience. A mostly flat map leaves lots of space for fights on fair ground, and random buildings built by staff can make any fight more interesting, or just provide a nice spot to hang out with your friends!

We also support the Simple Voice Chat mod, if you want to have an easier time chatting with friends and foes alike. Taunt your opponent and such. or don’t. idk have fun with it

Server is still new and has much room for growth! New features and plugins are planned, as well as a lot of community involvement with maps and events!

Come and join us, hang out, or casually kill each other! In Minecraft! We don’t condone murder!!!

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Welcome to WWillzySMP!
We are a Minecraft SMP
We also do
Discord server rules
– Treat all members of the Discord Server with respect.
– NSFW content is prohibited.
– Light-swearing is allowed, but heavy profanity will not be tolerated.
– Don’t use unpingable/inappropriate nicknames.
– Report any issues to a Moderator or Admin.
– Keep all chatting to English-only.
– No spamming/advertising outside designated channels.
– Don’t talk about private information or sensitive conversations.
– Use common sense.

Server Rules – ensure you also follow Discord Rules in the server too.

– Be Respectful (towards ALL players).
– No Random PvP without other player’s permission.
– No Griefing.
– No Advertising.
– Keep swearing to an absolute minimum.
– Keep all chatting to English-only.
– No VPNs.
– No claiming land that isn’t yours.
– No scamming.
– No NSFW (incl. builds, chat, etc)
– Keep the surrounding spawn area clean. Don’t place random blocks or towers or make random holes.
– No exploits.

These rules are subject to change at a later date. We will announce in announcements │announcements if a rule is ever changed.
We also do partnerships
here is the requied
Partnership Requirements

You MUST have over 50 members and also MUST have activity throughout the community and kind staff. No 18+ servers or any toxic communities will be able to partner, in some cases we will deny your partnership request due to pure reasons that management have discussed, dm @Headstaff or above to partner.
Please make a ticket (edited)
You will get @partner rank on our Minecraft and discord server!
We have so much more that you can find out by playing we are going to do a release later this year we hope to see you there

We will see you there!

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Revive Network

Hey everyone!

🧑‍🔧 Revive Network is a world class network with tons of action packed fun features!
We provide all the amenities necessary, with lots more to come soon!

What’s on our Network?:

⛏️ | A Vanilla Experience

🏅 | Fun Events

🫂 | Active Members

🤯 | Action packed network

😆 | Multiple enjoyable Servers to play on (Soon!)

👫 | Friendly Community

👮‍♂️ | Convivial Staff

Network Info:

👑 | Network IP –

📱 | Port – 25574 (For Bedrock)

💻 | A Seamless and Lag-Free Experience

💎 | Upcoming New Servers

📌 | Java Edition and Bedrock Edition (Latest Versions)

🎮 | Discord –

🚧 | Banner –

Chatting Computer Creative Demo Demon Entertainment Growth Hide and Seek Mini Games Parkour Pve Ritual Spirit Spiritual Survival

Computer gaming leveraged to create spiritual growth, video entertainment, online parties/calling/chatting for self and community entertainment, self governance, self sufficiency, rites re-establishment, the general saving the world.
Mini Games – Spectre & Hide and Seek – more soon.

Backpacks Chatting Economy Enchanted Lgbt Lgbtq Lgbtqa Mcmmo My Minecraft Server Pve Selection Spawn All Survival Unlocks Vanilla is home to a 1.18.2 SMP Economy Minecraft server. We’re trying to build a small community of chill people to play with! We’re LGBTQA+ friendly, so everyone can feel at home here! You can select your preferred pronouns in both our Discord and Minecraft server.

Upon logging into our Minecraft server, players will be greeted with a beautifully hand built spawn! Our admin and player shops are located within the spawn area for easy access. The Minecraft server has been public for about three weeks as of 4/17/22. The world is progenerated to our current world border to ensure the best performance possible. We will double the world border when 1.19 drops. We have several plugins on this server to enhance the gameplay experience such as Lands, mcMMO, Epic Backpacks, and more!

The economy system on our server revolves around three core features; admin shops, player shops, and player ranks. The admin shops have a selection of blocks and items, but do not contain every item in the game. The player shops at spawn allow players to buy and sell any item imaginable! There are currently six player ranks that players will be challenged to progress through. To rank up, players must complete increasingly challenging mcMMO, money, and stat requirements. As players rank up, they gain access to additional homes, lands, and useful commands. More in-depth information about each rank can be found in the #rank-info channel on the Discord server. Each rank unlocks a kit that players can choose to purchase. These kits contain powerful enchanted tools and armor as well as useful equipment.

We hope that you will join our community and find a home here with us! We look forward to playing and chatting with you!

Discord invite:

Server IP: