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Pigeon SMP [White Listed, Applications Open]

Pigeon SMP is a brand new minecraft survival server. At its core, Pigeon is a vanilla plus experience with a few datapacks thrown in for good measure. The server runs on forge with two mods, the proximity voice chat mod and alex’s mobs. We are welcoming of all identities (I, the owner, am a trans lesbian) and persons and are looking for new members! If you think you’d be interested shoot me a dm on discord
(*please note all applicants must be 18+)

My Discord: SatansGaySister#8117

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Hello and welcome!

This is Ophelia, a survival minecraft server, brought to you by the admins of the rebel penguin server from all the way back in 2012? 2013? 2017? It was some time a good few years back!!!

So we have some basic plugins that you can choose to use! Don’t wanna use tpa? Don’t have to! Wanna give yourself a cool new hat? DO it! (This is one of the perks for donators though)

This server is still in beta mode so it’s still getting some new commands etc, we will also be adding a shop, and some cool minigames super soon!! Please bare with us. <3 So we have a few ranks: OWNER Moderator Donator Player Newbie Your owners are: MandaisAwkward and K1UnderDog Your moderators are: ThatDaveCarter and Senithsensiya Why not join our discord?!

Have fun! We look forward to seeing you on the server <3 I’d say we’re family friendly, but I have the mouth of a sailor. So we’re not. If you dont mind your kids reading some bad language then this is the place!

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PerditionPVP 1.15.2 (looking for developers)

Hey my name is Pit and I’ve been working on this server for a couple of weeks now.

The server is in beta and anyone that is interested can play on it normally but we lack a few things.
Don’t complain as I’ve stated what were missing and whats not working, be patient.

All the basic plugins that I have installed for our factions server are listed below.

– SaberFactions
– EssentialsX and any surrounding plugins
– ClearLagg
– Votifier (not configured)
– Vault
– GuiShop
– CombatLog
– Wild
– SilkSpawners
– LuckPerms

  I’ve properly configured a bunch of things but there’s still some extra things I’d like to work on, get installed or configured.

Some things I’d like to install:
– Crates
– Envoys
– Donation Ranks (w/ website and an immediate response system to ensure players that they will receive items even if staff is offline.)
– Exact world borders for specific areas (Overworld, Nether and End)
– Private Vaults (/pv 1, pv 2 etc)
– duels (for people that want to fight without losing their items)
– rankup for specific ranks

  There’s more but I can’t think of any at the moment.

Some things I’d like to get configured properly:
– CombatLog (attacking any mob will give you combatlog)
– Disable Factions shop as we already have a normal shop
– adding links to Votifier’s config
– number of homes is limited to 1 even though the config has other ranks set with higher #’s of homes.
– Silkspawners plugin (normal players cant place anything other than pig spawners

  There’s more but I can’t think of any at the moment.

– At least 2 years of experience with plugins
– At least 2 years of experience with factions
– Know your way around server files
– Have a discord account for back and forth contacting
– Above the age of 17

  If you are interested email me or add me on discord

  Email: [email protected]
  Discord: soundcloud rapper boy#8162

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MoaCraft 1.6.1 Latest Version Aether Survival 24/7 Server

Are you a fan of TobyGames playthrough of the Aether? Look no further.

MoaCraft is Unique, How? This server is the only server to host a 24/7 Aether Survival Server with custom plugins and grief protection.

We also support the Latest Minecraft version (1.16.1) with the new nether update – a fresh untouched Nether!

Server is hosted with 10GB of RAM on a dedicated NVME SSD drive for lag-free super-smooth gameplay.

Bored of regular Minecraft? Join this server for an entirely new experience.

A few plugins we use include: MCMMO, Essentials, ShopGui+, GreifPrevention and many more custom plugins.