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SpasboyMC – {Earth SMP} {Lifesteal Dupe} {Duels} {Partnered SMP’s} {Manhunt} {UHC} {More In Future!}

Server IP:

You can Grind With The Economy Or Grind Using Normal Minecraft Mining! You Can Also Become The Most Powerful With The Most Land On The Server! You May Also Play Duels On The Same Network! What Are You Waiting For Come Join!!

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Komplx Network
A 1.8-1.19 Minecraft Java Edition Network (2022)

Here, we provide the following games:

– SkyBlock: We offer two exclusive profiles for every player with this game.
– Profile 1: Easy navigation, features & tools, simple starter islands + more!
– Profile 2: A more challenging environment! Stone island & lava, with limited resources & features, fun to try with friends!

– Opponents: Battle players, advanced bots, parties, and more! With many difficulties, maps, modes, kits & more!

Server IP:
Discord Server:

Bridges Hcf Kitpvp Practice Pvp


Want to experience the best in Practice, KitPvP, HCF & more? Well come check out ProjectAS! We are dedicated to bringing the best experiences for everyone!


1v1 1v1bedwars 2v2 2v2bedwars Bed Bedwars Brasil Cosmeticos Cosmetics Fullpvp Gadgets Hub Kitpvp Lobby Network Networks Pirata Pirataeoriginal Practice Pvp Rankup Server Servidor Servidores Spawn Survival Trio

GladMC Minecraft Server

Minecraft Server GladMC – Server Brazil
BedWars, Full PvP, RankUP, Practice …

Server IP:

The best minecraft server in Brazil, invite your friends and meet new people, have fun in our mini games.

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Komplx PvP

Komplx PvP (2022)

Despite the name, we are not a complicated server at all.
We understand what it’s like to be confused and frustrated when joining a network, so we have our build and development team constantly working together to ensure the network is easy to navigate.
And with over 5 years of experience from us and our team, there has been 12+ prototypes of networks before Komplx. We have been through countless errors, countless successes, watching other networks slowly dying, and watching other networks become popular. All of this experience and knowledge has led us to this point, and is why we are launching the first version of Komplx PvP Network.

All of our builds are all made by not just paid builders, but people and staff members that have seen every other version of networks leading up to Komplx. We don’t just make the games, we play them. Us and our teams get to know the game, and experience the game for our self, modifying, changing, and developing it as we go along, experiencing things that annoy us, experiencing things that we enjoy, so you’re experience is comfortable.

Our goal is not to make money, but to create an experience for others. We relate to playing on servers in our free time, and miss out on all the cool perks, or even basic features everyone should get to enjoy, simply because I didn’t want to spend my money, and the truth is, it’s simply not worth the money! When you join, you don’t need to pay to play, everything is free! Here on Komplx, there are no extra perks, ranks, or levels you have to pay for, all the perks are there for you! Rather than pay out of your wallet, enjoy the game, and unlock cool features along the way for free!

We include games such as:
1. Komplx Practice – BOT DUELS, PLAYER DUELS, & MORE!
Practice is a game known mainly for duelling other bots! Rather than playing with other players when you don’t want to, you can select a difficulty, and practice your skills on a robot!
Skyblock is a very known game where you spawn on an island, and have various resources to create farms, build a house, and create your own little world. You can also do this with your friends simply by adding them to your island.!

Now of course we aren’t a super popular server with massive builds swarms of players and 20 games, but joining a small community can be nice!
You get to enjoy games made by a team that has the time to personally play on it very often, talk and play with our fellow staff, not worrying about lag caused by 5000 other players sharing the game with you, and enjoy some alone time, or even time with just you and your friend!

This network is constantly being updated and changed every single day (without affecting you playing), so we would love to hear input from everyone so we can incorporate it into what we do. (CONTACT US ON OUR DISCORD SERVER) ­čÖé

Thank you for reading, we hope you get to know our server more.

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FallenAngle Is A Minecraft Server Made By A Three Developing Teams

We Tried To Make The Ultimate Server

FallenAngle Consist Of



10+ Minigames


It Is A Remake Of Hypixel Skyblock By Freepixel Mc Dev Team
Has Most Of Hypixel Features


It Is A Factional Survival By Artic Empire Mc Dev Team
Has Crates Pets Auction House Quests Grief Prevention And More


It Is A Remake Of Hypixel Bedwars By Smallpixel Mc Dev Team

Has solo duo triple and squad modes and best maps

It Is a Practice Server By Smallpixel Mc Dev Team

Where You Can Practice 10+ Gamemodes


It Is Ultimate OneBlock Server By Artic Empire Mc Dev Team
Its OneBlock But Next Level With Crates Stats portal parkour dp and more

Credits ´╗┐

Newaccount aka Owner of Freepixel
Nikilyt aka Owner Of Smallpixel
Mumbo_jumbo aka Owner Of Artic Empire



Awesome Botpvp Duel Ffa Practice Pvp

ArrowCraft Practice

Server IP –

Release – April 7th 7PM GMT +5:30

Welcome to ArrowCraft Practice! Here you get to practice PvP with more than 30 Kits! You also get to PvP bots and have FFA fights whenever you’re tired of 1v1s.

Also the best part is its located in India, Asia which brings a great opportunity for Asian players!

Version – 1.8-1.17+
Discord –
Website –

Cusotm Custom Customenchants Discord Faction Factions Factionspvp Kitpvp Needstaff New Practice Prison Pve Pvp Skyblock Souppvp

GodX | 1.8 – 1.18 | FACTIONS |

we are a small community of players its playable right now but were just adding updates and other cool stuff everyday our community thinks we can make it far we are a week old and we are already adding some pretty amazing things with only 1 developer on our team its a slow grind but our dedication is amazing and we will keep providing bug fixes help and updates every week to keep your experience better

a custom factions server with potential to grow custom plugins like envoy koths and outposts and much more

Bridge Bridges Clans Duels Kitpvp Practice Pvp Survival Wars

Terrarealm Network


We are a medium sized community of around 25 players on peak, we pride in
quality and work to achive the best possible quality we can
get by focusing on details, we have a range of modes planned. As KitPvP
Survival, Bedwars, Practice & more

What do we have at this very moment?
At this moment we currently have one of the best survival experiences you can find
in the minecraft community, and also over 30 modes in our own custom made Practice
server with custom built map made for our server!

´╗┐Hope you might join and and make this community larger!

Customenchants Custommobs Faction Pvp Factionpvp Factions Factionserver Hungergames Kitpvp Kitpvpserver Koths Outpost Practice Prison Prisonserver Raiding Skyblock Survival

GodX Factions NEED STAFF! 1.8 – 1.18.2, Custom Enchants, Bosses, Koths, Envoys, Outposts, Missions

Crate Key All At 20 Players
OP Koth At 30 Players
Monthly Crate All 40 players