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RareFeline’s Easy Going Survival Server.

RareFeline’s Survival Server:
We are looking for player’s to come have a fun but relaxed time on our server. It’s a small community but we are all pretty close.
We are always open for suggestions from everybody and like to help out with everything we can.

A vanilla survival server running on 1.16.4 Java Edition of Minecraft.
No mods are added but there are some basic plugins such as anti grief/land claim and /sethome.
Nether and The End are reset frequently (we usually work together to defeat the Ender Dragon)

No heavy rules implied (hence the ‘easy going’)
Do not grief other people’s work or creations
Be respectful to other players. No racism, homophobia, name calling etc. etc.
PVP is allowed but it will not work on claimed land
No game breaking mechanics
No spamming chat
No harassing or griefing new players whether it be constantly killing them, give them a chance to get settled.


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The Corvaria Network

This server can be whatever you make it! We have an almost modded experience with no downloads required! Custom items, machines, guns, laws, etc… We are also adding new features everyday!

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The Squirtle Squad – Vanilla Survival

Welcome to the Squirtle Squad, we are a small group of players that run a Hermitcraft-like server and are looking for mature dedicated players who are interested in joining!

The server is pure vanilla with the exception of a few Vanilla Tweaks datapacks such as multiplayer sleep, crafting tweaks etc. as well as some additional advancements for players to work towards!

If you’re interested in applying please visit the discord server!

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Hive Mind SMP [{Vanilla1.16.3 + Datapacks}{Discord}{Scicraft-like}{MATURE}]

Welcome to the Hive Mind SMP!

We are a small vanilla Minecraft server running on the latest version of Minecraft (PaperSpigot 1.16.3) with some datapacks to enhance our experience. Our goal as a server is to stick together to work together to build big farms, gather resources, and share the game and our talent together. You can always go build somewhere across the infinite map, that is totally fine, but don’t be a hermit!

We share resources other than diamonds and Netherrite, and all farms are community farms. If you need resources for a build you want to do, take some from our storage! But please be considerate of the group effort. This is not a Hermitcraft clone, I want us to stick together and work together!

We will be launching the server starting in a couple weeks at most, maybe sooner. It’s just me and my 2 admins right now, so I want to get a good amount of players before we start!

We are looking for mature players with all ranges of experience to join us in our server, please have screenshots and/or videos of your accomplishments in Minecraft for us to see!

Server Rules

#1: No harassment, hate speech, racism, sexism, or hateful/discriminatory language of any kind. This will result in a ban.

#2: No griefing. We are all working together to progress, and some, if not all of us, will be building our own bases from the resources we collect. Griefing will result in a ban.

#3: No cheating, hacks, duping etc. We will allow carpet, rail, and tnt duping only. Again, we’re all working together, so there’s no reason to cheat.

#4: No PVP outside of dedicated PVP events/areas without consent, this is supposed to be a peaceful server.

#5: Don’t be a hermit. We want to work together on big projects, although you can go far out to work on a build, just please do not disappear forever.

#6: Keep political talk out of chat. You can have your ideas and theories, just keep them to yourself.

#7: No inappropriate builds, pixel art, etc.

#8: This is a mature server, therefore profanity is allowed. Do not abuse this permission or you will receive a warning, as we have members under 18 on our server.

#9: Report all rule violations and general questions/concerns to admin or owner in the form of a DM.

How to Join

Follow this link to join our discord, and fill out an application on the applications channel. An admin or owner will DM you to let you know if you’ve been accepted!

Feel free to DM me or comment with any questions you might have. Thanks for reading!

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The UnderRealms

Just a simple mostly SMP server, looking for players who are extremely community oriented, or even willing to be. The idea is to have a similar environment as the HermitCraft SMP server, but I really have no major inspiration from that other than community oriented building and interacting. If this sounds like your cup of tea, JOIN THIS DISCORD ( AND TYPE %APPLY. Before any player will be allowed to join, they will need to have their application reviewed by my staff but that doesn’t take very long at all if you are accepted. 🙂 Other than that, you will have free survival reign over the world as you would in a single player world. Just BE COURTEOUS TO OTHER PLAYERS ALWAYS and TRY TO MAKE THINGS LOOK GOOD; THE BEST YOU CAN. Also, part of the server was done in creative for new player ease and all member updates are on my Discord channel.

The Previous Season is Always Hosted As A Creative Test World For Builds 🙂


PC Only. We are based in Java Edition

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EnderSMP [Whitelisted] (Ages 15+) [1.16.1] [Fabric] [Carpet]

What is EnderSMP?

EnderSMP is a community-focused technical Minecraft server for 1.16.1. The main goal of the server is to create a safe environment where we can create massive community projects and farms while maintaining a high level of aesthetics. EnderSMP needs technical players and great builders like you so we can create an expansive technical community!

How do I join? To join EnderSMP you need to fill out a simple application to join. You can find the application on the discord. This server is for Minecraft Java Edition.


What to expect: Awesome technical community projects like perimeters, a custom end island (maybe Star Wars / space-themed?), and much more! The world was started about a week ago and will never reset, so now is the perfect time to join!

Mods the server uses: Lithium, Phosphor, Carpet, Carpet Extra, I-am-very-smart, Servux

Vanilla Tweak Data Packs: Double Shulker Shells, Custom Nether Portals, Dropper to Dispenser, No Enderman Grief, Silence Mobs

Enabled Carpet Settings: stackableShulkerBoxes, shulkerSpawningInEndCities, renewableBlackstone, combineXPOrbs, onePlayerSleeping, missingTools, defaultLoggers (mobcaps, tps), ctrlQCraftingFix, lagFreeSpawning

Recommended Client Mods (optional): Carpet, Carpet Extra, Sodium, Logical Zoom, Tweakaroo, Minihud, ItemScroller, Litematica

Mods and data packs are subject to change. For more information about the server, join the discord.

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This is RoepertMC, a community survival server! Join now and be one of the first!

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Z0mcraft: Towny Mcmmo Small Community Survival Server with Terraforged map gen! 1.15.2

Welcome to Z0mcraft!

Finally after 6 years of waiting, Z0mcraft is back and running! If you want a solid towny server experience, this is the the server you’ve been looking for! Our server uses all the classic plugins you’d expect from a towny server and more! Our new map is custom generated using the terraforge terrian generation mod ( to give a realistic feeling map!

I like to think of Z0mcraft as offering an enhanced survival experience! We are using traditional plugins like Jobs and Mcmmo but also have custom ones including our custom plugin Z0mcraft Plugone!

We have a tutorial for beginners and a massive spawn that holds community events, markets and more! Z0mcraft is always updating so even more features are planned to come including a dedicated PVP and Minigames Map!

Z0mcraft also features a ranking system based on play time and achievement that offers players with a variety of new commands and functions. the system is as follows: Newcomer, Member, Squire, Knight, Explorer, Champion!

our website ( is where most of the community lives and I’d recommend creating an account there to get the full Z0mcraft experience. We also have a discord available. For more information check out!

Our staff and server are super friendly and we’ll be happy to help anytime! Hope to see you there! – z0m

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🥩 BeefMC 🥩 [1.15.2 – Small Community | 16+ Server] [Semi-Vanilla] [Whitelisted]

Here is some information on our server:

  • Canadian Host Flag: Canada on Twitter Twemoji 13.0
  • Primarily American Playerbase Flag: United States on Twitter Twemoji 1.0
  • 24/7 Hosting (Yes that’s right all the way past your bedtime!) ⏰
  • Massive diverse community and players from all ages and across the world 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏽
  • Dedicated staff team and constantly updating with new content 👷
  • Hub server, room to expand.
  • Survival:

    – 1.15.2 java edition (Soon to be 1.16)

    – Player shops / Player run economy with diamond shops at spawn (Start your monopoly)

    – GriefPrevention

    – Pets & Trails

    – Server dynmap

    – 30k by 30k map

    – Ranks with very unique rewards

    – Timed rank system.

    – Hard Mode (For real gamers only!)

    – Massive server and community projects

    – Active and kind playerbase


    – 1.15.2 java edition (Soon to be 1.16)

    – 1.8 PvP Mechanics

    – Gapple & EPearl Cooldowns

    – 1.7 Cannon Mechanics

    – Revamped Crates

    – New Spawn

    – New Ranks and Perks

    – Improved performance

    – supply and Loot drops

    – Risk = Reward

    :o How to join:

    Discord -> 🔗

    Server IP:

    Server IP:

    Server IP:


    Small History – ForgeMC was named due to two separate communities uniting together and forging. So we thought ForgeMC was a fitting name. We believe that everyone has a place on our server since we have so much diversity!

    Like our server, leave a nice comment and or share it with your friends! :D

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    NetherianMC is a whitelisted survival server! With a tight-knit community, conventional survival, and friendly staff, Netherian is a great server for anyone looking for a traditional Minecraft experience. Click here to apply today!

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