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SuperSid & MAKROFREEK’s Awesome Adventure’s!

SuperSid & MAKROFREEK’s awesome adventures.
Multiple gamemodes including
★ Survival ★ Creative ★ Hardcore ★ PVP ★ with minigames ★
★ Java 1.19.4 ★ paperMC ★ Multiverse ★ GriefPrevention ★ Vanilla+ ★ Looking for staff ★
Many ranks ★ Player Rewards ★ Voting ★Server is mostly based around Survival– however we offer other game modes through spawn for a mixed variety.PvP arenas currently under development. Like a ma and pop shop of minecraft servers.
Have a good time!

Air Crystal Crystalpvp Currency Duel Duels Fair Kills Kitpvp Pot Pvp Rmc Skills Survival Vanilla


FairPvP is a thrilling Minecraft server that offers players the chance to bet in-game currency on duels with other players. The server features a variety of game modes, including CrystalPvP, NethPot, OP and more for players to enjoy. Join the community and put your PvP skills to the test!

Ayo Bedwars Crack Cracké Cracked Dates Kitpvp Minecraft Servers Parkour Pvp Rmc Skywars Survival Towny Updates


Hello! We are AyorMC community and we provide you one of the best cracked minecraft servers to enjoy! Join our discord server for more updates.

Drop Duel Duels Kill Kitpvp Lifesteal Mcmmo Needed Pvp Rmc Survival Tour Tournament Tournaments Upcoming


WagerMC is a new and upcoming Minecraft server that is based on PVP.
In WagerMC there are many things to do such as, Duels, Tournaments, Events and many more!
This server is mainly just a KitPvP server where you just drop down and try and kill as many people as possible! We also have a very good staff team that are online a ton and will be there to help you if needed.

Ats Comunity Earth Economy Explore Hats Lore Ops Pvp Relax Rmc Shops Survival Towny Towny Server


ChiliTowny is a new Towny server for people who want to relax and play a towny world! We are planning on adding plugings for shops and more. We want the comunity to decide which plugins to add, thats why you will be able to vote on our discord server!
The server has a 1:750 map of the earth to explore!

Blocks Crates Freeranks Keys Loot Lootboxes Monthlts Monthly Opskyblock Rewards Rmc Skyblock Skyblocks Stand Summer



Summermc has many features that make us stand out from other servers the up and coming of a new skyblocks server!

– Free Ranks
– Free Crates
– Lootboxes
– Monthlys
– Island
– Spawn

Join us today!

Feat Ger German Grief Hack Hacking Lifesteal People Rmc Rules Things Tool Tools Tsm Use


A German smp with no rules except hacking where you can use tools and many other things as well as grief, the server is very new, so most people won’t have much fun

Enjoyable Enviro Environment Fort Fur Homes Iron Light Rmc Safe Smp Minecraft Starlight Team Pvp Tebex Tpa


Are you looking for a public PvP/SMP Minecraft server?
Well look no further because we at StarlightPvP are here to provide a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable environment for all our players!
We also offer our players ranks you can buy, homes, tpa, and much more coming up!
You can join our discord at:
Our store:

Block.. Development Elf Ender Friendship Gamemode Going Lab Mom Opm Power Rmc Running Ship Skyblock


LavenderMC is going to be THE most fun Minecraft Server ever to be created for GameModes that aren’t MiniGames. LavenderMC is going to have SkyBlock, Survival, Creative, Factions, Prison, you name it!
It is currently in Development, so the only gamemode available at the moment is SkyBlock.. but hopefully with the power of friendship LavenderMC will hopefully be running by itself in no time! 🙂

Awa Away Cheap Cross-Play Economy Giveaway Lifesteal Pvp Rmc Sell Survival Tool Tools Water Week


Why you will play on our server?
1. We provides 24/7 help in Discord
2. We sell cheap ranks [Like water]

3. We sell cheap Staffs
4. We do giveaway every week
5. Our server has custom tools
And Many More