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Moljas Better Survival Server

Welcome to Purpleninja951s better survival server
Our server now includes magic and tech

Players will choose to build freely in survival mode (with the option of land claims) or players can live in the city and utilize existing shops/homes
We have added a progression system (slimefun) to help add more exciting features

We are always looking for builders to develop more land and moderators to help watch over the server
for applications email [email protected] and tell purpleninja951 why you are a good choice

Join our discord at Ninjas Better Discord

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WarpedRealm – Custom Survival Server with Custom Mobs, Bosses, Items and more!

Warped Realm, released 18th December 2021, is a distinctively unique Minecraft server which aims to create entertaining gameplay for all to enjoy! With such a wide range of amazing features, dimensions to explore, custom-made plugins and a lot more, your stay will never get boring.

  • Custom mobs
  • Jobs
  • Playerdriven Economy
  • Not P2W
  • Upgradable Spawners
  • Land Claiming preventing griefing
  • 32+ Ranks to rank up to
  • Custom Bosses
  • Custom Items including Staffs, Tomes, Hammers and more!
  • Custom Dimensions
  • Daily and Weekly Quests
  • Friendly Community
  • Consistent Weekly Updates
  • Good Vote Rewards
  • Store:

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    [1.17.1] AnarchyCraft | PvP | Custom Weapons | Guilds | Events | Enhanced Vanilla

    [1.17.1]  AnarchyCraft | PvP | Custom Weapons | Guilds | Events | Enhanced Vanilla Minecraft Server——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

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    Classic Survival

    Maybe you are tired of running into all these crazy overdone minecraft servers… But its never too late to enjoy your stay in and adventure the classic enhanced survival I put together. Minecraft itself is meant to be a survival game and that is why most of you have purchased this game, for the classic survival feel. Xidscraft does much more than bring the classic feelling of survival but allows you to expierence this adventure with your friends and gives you goals apon goals with as much competiton that you want!! Brutal gear can be unlocked and upgraded with our enhanced enchants !

    And Astria Astriamc Astriaonline Astriaserver Bleeding Bosses Chestshop Claim Content Custom Customcontent Customitems Custommonsters Custompve Custompvp Dedicated Economy Enhanced Enhancedsurvival Griefprevention Items Landclaim Money Moneydrop Moneysteel Monsters Nline Oins Pvp Rewards Small Survival Ustomboss Ustombosses Ustoms Vote Voterewards Votifier Xpdrop

    Astria – Enhanced Survival [1.15.2]

    A small enhanced Survival server

    Main Features:

  • Enhanced PvP and PvE
  • Custom Monsters
  • Custom Items
  • Bleeding
  • Steel money from Players you Kill
  • Crops grow slower and die
  • Breeding has a chance to fail
  • Land Protection
  • Custom Bosses
  • Welcome to Astria a small 1.15.2 enhanced survival server

    The focus of Astria is enhanced survival and custom content. The server’s difficulty is hard.
    At spawn their are many attractions such as the server shop, Nether Portal, End Portal, and jump area.

    Players start with a few basic items: Torches, a small amount of food, Grief Prevention items and 100 coins (the server currency)
    Astria does not have kits. You must exit spawn or use /rtp to make your start in this world. You can visit the server shop or shops of other player’s to buy goods to aid your start or go of into the wilderness on your own.

    The monsters of Astria range in difficulty with a few being able to two or three shot unarmored players.

    Please read the rules before playing on the server. If you have questions about the rules you can ask staff.
    Do “/rules” to view basic rules and a link to the full rules web page.
    Do “/sites” to see a list of Websites, web pages, and other online platforms Astria Has.

    Forms: [
    [/url]Custom Items:
    Ban Appeals: (Will need Forms Account)

    This is a survival server and creative mode will NOT be given out to ANYONE.
    Hacking is not allowed!

    Quick Peak
    Here is a quick peak at some of the custom items on the server

    Daggers: when held in the off hand they increase overall damage.
    Walking Staff: increases movement speed by 20% when held in main or off hand.
    Diamond Life Armor: Diamond armor that provides 20 health when a full set is equipped.
    Mining Potion: Move and Mine faster with some side effects.
    Fighting Potion: Gain attack power to aid in crushing your opponents.
    Life Force Potion: Increase maximum health for a few minutes.
    Giants Heart: Mine up an entire chunk of Ores for a cost of 40 Levels.

    Want to know how to craft them or see a full list of custom items? do “/encyclopedia help” in game!