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Munity – 1.19.1 Anarchy

Hello everyone,

Mutiny is an anarchy server created on the very basis of preserving the authentic vanilla experience with exception of minor plugins (not available to players) to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience without disruption. We value the importance of community and our obligation to form a welcoming environment for players who desire a true vanilla experience. The world launched 5/8/2022, leaving a small fraction of the world touched and many resources, biomes, and achievements yet to be explored in the newest update yet.

The following are not permitted:

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  • Server Information:

    Version: 1.19.1

    Difficulty: Easy

    Discord: Coming Soon..

    How to play?:

    Simply hop on the server and do whatever you want.

    Economy Factions Factionspvp Griefing Griefingallowed Mcmmo Mcmmofactions Mcmmopvp Raiding Raidingallowed Survival Survivalpvp


    Palmetto-MC is a new Minecraft server that is hosted on a dedicated server with 100% uptime.

    This server is a Factions, PVP, Raiding, Griefing, McMMO, Economy, and more server.

    The server is completely free-to-play; NO PAY2WIN.

    Website, discord server, and more are coming soon!

    — Also, we have positions open for some moderators and staff, please apply within the server.

    Bedrockandjava Cracked Crackedserver Crossplay Crossplaybedrock Customitem Griefingallowed Semianarchy Survival Survivalserver Vanilla


    Welcome to ForceSMP! This server is a Semi-Anarchy server. So Griefing, Robbing and Stealing are all allowed. The server includes many unique features Like CustomPvP Arenas, Customized shops with custom items. And custom dungeons all made by the server’s admins. This Server is a Cross-Play one, So bedrock and java can play on the same server. If you have any questions Pay our discord a visit. Otherwise, Join the server. Enjoy your stay! And give us a feedback on it. Good Luck!

    *Side Notes:-

    – This server has online mode Off. That means that cracked players are able to join.

    – This server isn’t family friendly. So swearing isn’t punishable. So we hope not to find any players that are below 13 y/o!

    – Being annoying to the staff team is Highly Punishable. That includes Begging for unbans/ranks and pinging the staff team for fun.

    – Visit Our Discord! As it’s very important to do so. All of the announcements/polls will be there, Discord Link:

    Cosmetics Crates Discord Economy Griefingallowed Hardmode Mcmmo New Recentlyreset Recentlyupdated Rtp Shop Skyblock Survival Vanilla


    Hello and welcome to UniPlex!

    Description will be updated!
    Our Server consists of a couple different game modes!

    * Survival
    * Skyblock
    * Griefing is allowed!
    * Anti-Cheats
    * MCMMO
    * /RTP
    * CRATES


    Awesome Faction Faction Pvp Factions Factionserver Factionsurvival Griefing Griefingallowed Gta Guns Plugins Pvp Raiding Raidingallowed Server

    Callatos Guns Factions


    Hello there! Thanks for clicking on our server ad! Callatos Guns Faction is a unique twist on your typical Factions server. We have unique guns such as deagles, sawed off shotguns, pistols, machine guns and more. From day one, our mission has been to create a fun new experience for all! All ages are welcome to join the server. Join our discord here.


    ▶ About Us


    Nerdbirdd is a college student looking to play with new people! I am a Computer Science major and love to build anything in Minecraft, and just generally love hanging out and relaxing with some games and working out. Callatos guns factions encourage all playstyles and loves to see the chaos in battles. Our goal is to not only create an active Minecraft server, but an active community and group of friends as well. While our community has a solid base, we are always looking to expand our group and we’d love to get to know you!


    We seriously value input from all our applicants and members, so if you have any suggestions at all we’d love to hear them! Feel free to message us on Discord or Reddit with any questions you may have.

    We hope you consider spending your time on our server!

    Join now at: and or Join Our Discord.


    Anarchy Anarchypvp Anarchysmp Anarchysurvival Anarchysurvivalminecraft Community Eam Giefing Griefingallowed Guilds Guns Modded Moddedpvp Shooting Smp Survival Teams Zombies

    Destruction Anarchy Survival

    Hello! So, you are probably wondering what this server is about. Let me explain
    This server is an aternos-based anarchist survival pvp server. Killing and griefing are encouraged!
    This server is based around the Crafting Dead mod for 1.18.2! This mod adds a range of guns, grenades and other weapons, along with a few other cool things.
    Download link ==> you will need curseforge and minecraft java edition to play! This server is NOT cracked. This server has teams/factions! optionally, you can join the discord and ask to be assigned a team. This is not compulsory.
    DM me on discord if you have any questions! ravenouspotato#5112
    My ign is Cult1st

    Building Civilization Claims Dynmap Events Griefing Griefingallowed Needstaff New Newworld Pvp Pvpserver Pvpsurvival Sieges Spawn Stealing Survival Towny

    Civilization Server | TheOmni.World


    Join Omni World.

    We Have:
    • Towns
    • Auto Resources
    • Teleport
    • Death Compass
    • Claims
    • Sieges

    • PvP is ON
    • Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Loot
    • Keep Inventory is OFF
    • Exploded Blocks Regenerate
    • Nether Roof Blindness
    • Bedrock Currency

    Server Rules:
    • No Hacks
    • No Exploits

    Omni World Started:
    March 18 2022

    Discord: Link
    Dynmap: Link

    Server IP:

    3rulesmp Fun Getgood Griefingallowed Killing Madcuzbad Smp Smppvp Stealing Survival Survivalserver Toxic Wars

    3 Rule Smp No Escape

    This server Only has 3 Rules you can do anything if it doesn’t break the rules

    Discord Server

    1. Do not use any client with side modifications that give you an advantage against another. ( For example x-ray)

    2. Any discrimination is prohibited (racism, homophobia, ableism, etc…)

    3. Do not intentionally lag the server or DDoS/Doxx anyone.

    The server has a few plugins nothing too crazy the first tps 4k blocks away from spawn when you join and sets your spawn there so you don’t get spawn killed and if you still get spawn killed even after that’s your problem the second plugin makes it so you cant log out when your fighting you have to 15 seconds after fighting to logout ok

    Have fun and don’t start crying if you die and lose your stuff because that’s annoying

    Anarchy Anarchysurvival Griefing Griefingallowed Raiding Survival Vanilla

    Landonia Anarchy Network

    Landonia is a vanilla anarchy server with very minimal rules. While hacking and cheating is not allowed, griefing, raiding and pvp is completely allowed on the server. Landonia also has freedom of speech and expression unlike many other survival servers. We have no game altering plugins or mods that change the vanilla game. We have a large and thriving playerbase with events, griefs and bases being made on our server. Join for a true vanilla anarchy experience!

    Fun Griefing Griefingallowed Killing Normalsurvival Normalsurvivalworld Smp Smppvp Stealing Stupid Survival Survivalserver Vanilla Vanillasurvival Wars

    3 Rule Smp

    Where back This SMP only has 3 Rules 1. Don’t Hack that includes X-ray 2. Don’t Do Any form of discrimination (racism, homophobia, ableism, etc.) 3. Don’t lag the server intentionally
    follow these 3 rules and you won’t get a ban on mute you can do whatever you want if it’s not one of the 3 rules you need to follow grief steal kill players start wars you can do anything you want coming join unless you’re too scared