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Mochi SMP

A minecraft server, This is a public cracked lifesteal smp/survival server it is known to have alot of players and yeah It has many features such as Lifesteal, Clearlagg, worldedit, tpa and ETC this cracked public server is very loved by alot of players it is very cool to play on 24/7 and no lag!

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The Outpost 👌 | 1.18.1 | OP Survival | Creative | Weekly Events


Survival > Creative > Weekly Events
⭐Survival: SEASON 4⭐
>>> NEW! CUSTOM TERRAIN, QUESTS, CUSTOM MECHANICS AND MORE! <<<>>> Custom Items, Skills, Effects & More! <<<

• Loot Crates
• Custom Words
• Custom Plugins
• Easy GUI for Commands
• Buy Perks with In-Game Money
• Inventory Insurance
• No Grief
• Free WorldEdit
Custom Bedwars and maps
• Unlock Free Ranks with Playtime

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The Daily Grind Skyblock | 1.17.1 | bosses | resource world | minions |

Welcome to the Daily Grind skyblock! Join for a unique style of play, totally free. We offer : bosses that can spawn pretty much anywhere (even on your island!), upgradable miner minions, ranks, silk touch/nosilk spawners, crate prizes, a resetting resource world, kill mobs for $$$, a parkour game (win diamonds and crate keys) you can even activate spawners up to 50 blocks away (pretty dope, right?) and probably a lot more that i forgot. Sound like fun? Join in and start grinding.

**Please Note: this is an aternos server, so active players keep the server on.***

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XanoCraft [ FR ]

XanoCraft [ FR ]:

– XanoCraft is a Minecraft Faction server offering a different experience from others, in terms of its gameplay.

– Factions Vanilla 1.17.1 ( Extra ),
– Kits at your disposal,
– An active community,
– Good Machine, limited slots for optimization,
– Obsidian which explodes after a few explosions,
– un Shop, Market, Grades, etc…

– Then join us!

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[1.17.1] AnarchyCraft | PvP | Custom Weapons | Guilds | Events | Enhanced Vanilla

[1.17.1]  AnarchyCraft | PvP | Custom Weapons | Guilds | Events | Enhanced Vanilla Minecraft Server——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

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[NEW!] [1.17.1] [Hermitcraft-like] ZappyMC

Welcome to ZappyMC! We are a completely free to play, no p2w, fun server! With a dev who works for free, there’s always new changes and fun things be added in the server. Of course, our outstanding community contributes to that aswell. We are a semi-vanilla, hermitcraft-like, whitelisted server! We have a few fun datapacks to spice up the gameplay like armor statues, more mob heads, and other fun things! Our community is highly active, we have an amazing town hall as well as other great creations. Whether you’re a redstone engineer, or maybe more into the architectural side of Minecraft, or even just starting out. We guarantee there’ll be entertainment for all types of players! Join our discord and apply today!

Discord link:

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Simply Survival SMP



Craft, build, survive, vanilla.
A fresh and simple semi-vanilla survival experience with teleportation, grief prevention, trading, and shops!
Come meet our community, and start your adventure!


Player Warps | Set your very own warps that others can visit!
Vanilla Economy | There is no virtual currency, just like vanilla minecraft!
Teleportation | Easily teleport to other players around the world! No more coordinates!
Traders | Trade emeralds with merchants for various items!
Grief Prevention | Protect your builds from other players!
Smith Shop | Combine rare items to create powerful tools & armors!

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new smp on java!

just a random smp on minehut! to start up the server (if it isnt already up) All you have to do is join the Minehut lobby ( and do /join . If the server is online, it will automatically start it. Then do the command again in a few minutes leaving time for it to start. 1.17 or 1.17.1, both work. might make a discord if there ends up being a bunch of people. no rules except just being nice and dont random greif. feel free to join! (if you have any questions, dm me! Flak#7976)

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Welcome to Hylianmc!
Hylianmc is a minecraft SMP server based Hermitcraft (a minecraft serie).
The server is on version 1.17.1! and is 24/7 Online!
We have public farms, nether tunnels, mega bases, a shopping district where players can sell/buy items for diamonds and much more.
We also have 1.18 caves [​minecraft datapack] this includes a higher build-limit and bigger caves.
We have over 25 plugins,…
We work with seasons, we are currently on season2 .
The Operator, mod, helper are always ready to help!
for ranks visit our patreon site
Do you love to build creative minecraft builds, an awsome community?
Then this server is definitely recommended!Don’t forget to join our discord server: site

Hope to see you soon!

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⭐⭐ Minecraft Server

⭐⭐ Minecraft Server

  • Server is 1.17.1 (1.16.5 support soon!)
  • Gold ingots/gold blocks are the currency.
  • Obsidian can be broken after 13 nearby explosions. Netherite blocks are the only blocks safe from destruction.
  • Chests inside faction territory are unprotected.
  • factions64 is a faction server with a few quality of life plugins, here is a list of the most notable:

  • TheNewEconomy
  • SilkTouchSpawner
  • PlayerKits
  • OldCombatMechanics
  • & more…
  • ⭐⭐ Minecraft Server

    – No macros unless approved by an admin.
    – No AI-driven gameplay unless approved by an administrator. (i.e. building a shrine schematic)
    – No cheating of any sort.
    – No begging staff
    – No trying to push the “No cheating of any sort” rule.

    Commands you initially will have access to:

    ➥ Used to create & join various factions.

    ➥ Used to buy and sell items in a similar fashion to the stock market.

    ➥ Return to spawn.

    ➥ Various warps.

    ➥ All default players have one personal sethome available.

    ➥ Return to your home.

    /trade (player)
    ➥ Send a trade request to a specific player.