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Welcome to SimplicitySMP, we are a relatively new Minecraft semi-vanilla server. You may be asking, however, “how are we different?” and why should SimplicitySMP be your new home?

We have a few key differences, Mainly community focused. Most servers are “community-focused” but they are not taken to their full potential. Another factor is a more vanilla style of gameplay, this server has taken steps to backtrack a bit more to the original gameplay without losing some fundamental add-ons everyone loves.

The biggest thing, however, is we have a charity based donation system, what this means is we take 80% of the profit we make each month and put it to good use by donating to charities around the world. We will let players get involved and this way we can have a fun time playing but also by playing for a good cause.

Every single aspect of the server has been carefully planned and meticulously implemented to provide the best quality server experience out there.

  • 1.16.4 java edition
  • Player shops / Player run economy with diamond shops at spawn
  • Pets & Trails
  • Server dynmap
  • 69k by 69k map
  • Ranks with unique rewards
  • Timed rank system.
  • Hard Mode (real gamers only!)
  • Community projects
  • Active and kind playerbase
  • Tight-Knit Community
  • Whitelisted Community (SMP)
  • Teleportation:

    Teleportation on SimplicitySMP is handled a bit differently than most servers, instead of setting homes we use a form of craftable warps. As I am sure we all have seen, most servers utilize the home setting feature in essentials or bed homes. We love this method however it’s too easy and sometimes makes the game not challenging. The Scroll Warp plugin we use makes players craft scrolls and set up waypoints around the world. Not only does this make teleporting more difficult but also challenges players to be more conservative with their warps.




    In addition to our teleportation system, we have also revised the default minecart system. To make minecart more relevant we have added a feature that speeds up minecarts around the server.


    For more server info click on the spoiler button.

    More Server Info
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    How to Join:

    Our server is whitelisted and to join you must fit two requirements. You must be at least 15 or older. You need to be willing to have a great time and be a part of a community.

    To apply please copy the following format, fill it out and reply with the application in the comments section on this thread.

    Application format:
    1. IGN?:
    2. Age?:
    3. Discord ID (ex:Beef#1234):
    4. Why do you want to be apart of our community?:
    5. Do you have any experience with Minecraft communities?:

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    🔥 LlamaMC 1.16.3 🔥 Survival 1.16.3 🔥

    LlamaMC is a 1.16.3 Economy Survival server, made just to chill and have fun!

    ┌────────────── Features ───────────────┐

    ➤ Keep Inventory
    ➤ mcMMO
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    ➤ Player Shops / Player Warps
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    ➤ And much more!

    Keep inventory is enabled

    Make sure you join our discord:

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    Welcome to our semi vanilla survival.

    This is a new server project so we are open to changes.

    Come join us and have fun!

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    We are currently looking for players to help evolve our community and give us feedback so we can provide the best possible experience.

    Come join us now and become an OG member!

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    We’re a server that aims to do a few things, create a challenge for our community when it comes to gameplay and makes sure to create a nice community around that. However, with that being said – performance is one of our top priorities which will be reflected once you decide to give this server a try.

    If you’re looking for a friendly server which doesn’t allow griefing, keeping community and performance in mind then this is the place for you.

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    Inverno’s is a chill community Minecraft server that strives to offer the experience of a close-knit community. Semi-survival, /tpa, pvp arena, economy–all are offered!

    Full disclaimer, we are a bit new at this—and we’re hoping that you’d be willing to help foster a new Minecraft community with us!

    Join our discord—or come on and say hello!

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    This server is whitelisted . its a semi survival server the discord to join here is

    Catgirl Catgirls Cute Grief Griefing Hentai Interesting Neko Pvp Raid Raiding Raids Raidserver Semisurvival Server Sexy

    Hentai Catgirls Server

    Despite what you may have thought, catgirls are really good at PvP and griefing in Minecraft. Most of the time catgirls are really nice and like when you treat them well. They ask for your help, always thinking you’re a friend and want to know what’s going on. Some have a sweet side that makes you want to play with them a lot.

    There are many different catgirls, but in the end they all focus on beauty and their own uniqueness. If you take a look at most catgirls and see their appealing features, you will find that most of them have interesting personalities as well as just being amazing and really fun to play Minecraft with.

    Minecraft catgirl with amazing personality charging forward to PvP in the wild against Steve.

    There are times after successful raid when catgirls show up with food, tea, and more, and as you wait, it becomes kind of hard to talk to catgirls for longer than a few minutes, because you don’t want to offend them.

    Sure they come out of a raid all scratched and bruised but they still look cute styling black colors. It’s very important to remember to band aid your catgirls when you can. A healthy catgirl will not only be able to show you her ways, but also speak your language. And in order to properly greet her, she needs to be assured that she has your full support.

    Catgirl healing after wild battle using mending items.

    Sending catgirls to solo raid may be dangerous, always bring a full group of catgirls ready to fight.

    We’ve already seen this scenario play out during the Great White Raids but with regular cats. It was a massacre and should never happen again, that’s where catgirls come on.

    Catgirls being sent into a Raid is definitely on the rise. It’s happened just before the great catgirl uprising and is likely to happen more often in the future, although it should always be noted that these catgirls will probably have to return to the secret base in the nether world before they can visit their master stash room. We’ve even heard of a guy sending his catgirls to a raid that was literally impossible. So they became catgirl angels.

    Heavenly catgirl waiting to respawn after being defeated in spawn.
    Adminshop Artmap Coreinspect Mcmmo Mobarena Pve Pve Economy Pvp Semisurvival Survival

    Elijah’s Kingdom


    Elijah’s Kingdom Is a simple Minecraft server providing some additional features to a traditional vanilla experience. We keep things pretty basic here. Trying to aim for a more traditional feeling server in where players can build in a mature environment.
    Here are some of the things we offer:

    – Adminshop
    – Basic Essentials Economy (earn money thru voting, REACT, and selling)
    – Crates
    – Useful warps (for enchanting, brewing, portals, etc.)
    – Voter Ranks
    – Mcmmo
    – Access to core inspect to track griefs. (Open to our lowest rank)
    – WildTp- Custom Crafting recipes
    – 12k radius world border for main world. 6k for both the Nether and the End
    – armor stand editor

    Hope to see you there,
    – Elijah

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